A male prison escapee heads for his hidden loot electronically attached to a female prisoner.

A male prison escapee heads for his hidden loot electronically attached to a female prisoner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave W (mx) wrote: Stylish and paced well. What starts out like a typical Vamp flick becomes something more than advertised. Basically the if the Lost Girls got made this would be the end result. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Justin R (es) wrote: A romantic and melancholic tale about love and loss. This poetic foreign film tells the tragic story of a suicidal musician, but in the end, this film is about much more than a broken violin.

Pauline H (mx) wrote: Well, I don't know what to say about this film, it's more or less like the Serbian Jackass but with more plot. However the plot is not intriguing enough that you feel attached to the characters. It is a movie simply about teenagers sensitive relationship and ways they let their rages out.

Sidnei P (mx) wrote: Vampiro vc nao me convenceu nao, fico com o Garcia Lorca mesmo rsrs

Tyler D (us) wrote: demetri martin has ruined all other stand up comedians for me. after watching/listening to so much of his stuff, i have lost interest in the obnoxious, dumb, yelling comedians out there. demetri martin doesn't need to swear constantly, yell, be rude, or talk about sterotypical stand up routine topics. he has a great style and is hilarious.

Alex Z (ca) wrote: One of the best comedies releases during the oughts. I loved this film in almost every way.

George M (kr) wrote: Cool premise ruined by a shitty storyline. It was over before it even began.

Matthew R (nl) wrote: Imagine facing a choice that could release you from the struggles of being poor. Would you take that risk if it meant ruining your life or the lives of family and friends around you? There are many people who are faced with that problem every day. The fact that people are willing to subject themselves to smuggle drugs in their own bodies for money really indicates the state of desperation in poor countries. This film gives us insight into the life of a 17 year-old girl, about the choices she's faced with. I think watching this film might give you a sympathetic understanding of the impoverished and a greater appreciation, it did for me. Catalino Sandino Moreno gives an outstanding performance. Maria Full of Grace is a serious but engaging film that shows the endless world struggle of the poor who want and try to get out of their desperate and imprisoning lives. Story: A Acting: A Direction: A Visuals: A Overall: A **** out of 4 stars

Anna B (us) wrote: I still think it's bizarre that Greenaway assumes that Vivian Wu can pass as a Japanese woman, but whatever. Actually, my only problems with this film were Wu related (it took me until about the second act to start enjoying it, but that's probably more my problem than the film's), in that I don't find her particularly attractive, and I find her English speaking voice extremely irritating (a problem considering she narrates half the damn thing). Anyway, it gets better as it moves along, as Greenaways often do, and it had me by the end.

Lee H (au) wrote: I liked this movie. Great performance by JT. To appreciate this movie you must appreciate the true and tragic story behind it. Well worth watching.

Skai K (de) wrote: i died of laugh at the first time and the second time i had a chance to admire the details i wish i could be part of the staff

Masorad (au) wrote: Alt-universe fluff of the sort if Mormons ruled Hollywood. (Although we gotta give props to "Cipher in the Snow"). Very nearly sci-fi. Hermetically sealed and sanitized for your protection.