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Priscilla Williams is a young girl traveling with her mother, Joyce, to join her paternal grandfather, a British army colonel, at the post he commands in northern India. Upon arrival, they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Alex P (us) wrote: Funny..nut not as funny as part 1 (esp. if u are seeing both back to back)...guess the director did not have a french movie to copy from... :)

Bernard T (br) wrote: Bonne comedie tres borderline dans le contenu

Michael F (ag) wrote: Chicky Flicky, get the chocolate

Corey S (au) wrote: Filled to the brim with juvenile toilet humor and non-stop gross-out moments, Strange Wilderness caters to the least intelligent of filmgoing audiences.

Lia S (au) wrote: I used to absolutely love this movie.

ganesh s (nl) wrote: a really great movie to watch the screenplay was great and uuhhhhhhh!!!!!! everything was just perfect in this movie

Joey S (au) wrote: Wonderful tribute to the original movie.

Alex B (it) wrote: A brilliant, wonderfully surreal anti-capitalist/anti-globalization satire.

Richard H (au) wrote: Saved by a whacky, pregnant Carol Kane and the race to the hospital in the third act.

Damien K (de) wrote: So I can't say a whole lot of great things about Paul Morrissey, but with Joe Dallesandro, who needs to? He's also not the greatest actor, but then again he doesn't have to, because he's Joe Dallesandro. He's old enough to be my father but I don't care, he was the best looking actor EVER.

Andrew L (gb) wrote: Bad film. Stupid film.

Rhonda L (mx) wrote: Fairly good action packed TV movie with unexpected twists and turns, about Armored Truck Guards trying to steal a high value money haul.

Scott C (de) wrote: OMG this is forgettable.

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