Documentary about marijuana use, culture and law enforcement by future porn superstar director Alex de Renzy.

Documentary about the prevalence and popularity of marijuana in the early 1970's. Featuring interviews with customs agents, a drug dealer, a law professor, and marijuana smokers, such ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin S (kr) wrote: The more I see of John Wayne, the more I like him.

Marta R (fr) wrote: Five minutes into this, it seemed like a comedy.... but soon afterwards took a darker tone. A bit emotional, but in the right places. Made me think of all that can happen, so quickly, to our brothers and sisters in blue...

Shekina s (br) wrote: awesome movie ever!!!!!!!!!

John B (au) wrote: Decent British comedy, don't expect Monty Python though. I never realized Robbie (Hagrid) Coltrane was this funny!

Jessica H (nl) wrote: The comic is far more interesting, than this film. It's also not something I would call kid friendly.

Jonny B (ca) wrote: This movie is to sexist to be for girls, and to feminine for the average male. Not only is it aweful, its offensive.

Jack S (ag) wrote: Really good. I think everyone should see this

Joseph H (jp) wrote: I dont care to watch.