A San Quentin inmate, sentenced to life without parole, writes a play that catches the interest of a reporter.

A San Quentin inmate, sentenced to life without paroll, writes a play that catches the interest of a reporter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Scott C (de) wrote: Sounds great, but it ain't.

Patrick M (de) wrote: uh... this is of the finest quality. disturbing. uncomfortable. confrontational. realistic. introspective. but most of all: hopeful and encouraging. td jakes has some serious riches awaiting him in heaven.

Peter H (mx) wrote: Emotional and melancholic drama about forbidden love in Sweden during war time. Great performances by both lead and supporting actors.

Becky T (us) wrote: Totally a goofball comedy, but fun to watch.

Cody L (au) wrote: Hilarious dark comedy with Kathleen Turner's best performance.

Kelli B (mx) wrote: I finally watched this all the way through after only seeing parts long ago. My mind was ready to think it was just odd crap but I ended up liking it more than expected.

Cherie L (nl) wrote: This one is just cute. I found it in my quest to collect all Gene Kelly movies. Shirley and her amazing wardrobe, those long legs. Love her dance number with GK. Waited a LONG time to get it on DVD.

Tim V (us) wrote: This would have been the first docudrama I would have given $12 to see. It captures a lot of the Hartnell you see in those original episodes and drops in brief vignettes of the technical and artistic elements that the show was responsible for developing. The impact of the show on society it's impression on children and the emotional impact on the actors is well displayed.

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Caan and Cage are a blast to watch, both vying for the affections of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Nik M (es) wrote: Mad Max benefits from Miller's stellar directing with action scenes that far outlast its dated editing style and occasional scriptural hiccups. The brilliance in the film is how well it captures a setting by entirely focusing it into its cinematography.

aiyana l (nl) wrote: I wannansee this movie solo bad

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