Weedsowers in Fableland

Weedsowers in Fableland

All the animals are off on their annual picnic, except for Bor the Wolf. Just then an army of termites invades the peaceful forest.

All the animals are off on their annual picnic, except for Bor the Wolf. Just then an army of termites invades the peaceful forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Weedsowers in Fableland torrent reviews

Craig F (gb) wrote: Sloppy action and a poor premise, saved by good performances.

Mallory A (ag) wrote: well its... not exactly uplifting nor deep

Dave C (es) wrote: It was'nt that bad ?

Jocelyn L (br) wrote: Wow. Shane West as Darby Crash? I mean, seriously, SHANE WEST?! Weird casting choices aside, this is a pretty underwhelming biopic that seems to have been made to appeal to kids who spend all their allowance at Hot Topic.

Robert I (us) wrote: One of Phil Hartman's best. Plus Steve Martin is rather funny.

Susan E (kr) wrote: Christpher walken dramatic alien encounter scenes-enuf saidWe hate the earth & destroy itWe hate people fight & killYet y r we so reluctant to other life forms who actually may b able to help us?

Jen P (kr) wrote: Walter "Chekov" Koenig and Bruce "Ash" Campbell in the same bad sci-fi movie about killer robots on the moon. How could it be any less than entertaining? Koenig gets to say things like "the final frontier" and Campbell has great lines like "we don't take shit from a machine." What a find!

Jamey P (br) wrote: Revisited this in 2015 after not seeing it since I was 13. For adults it doesn't hold up real well but it's watchable. It still was a nice spooky movie intro for our younger kids (8 and 10) and that's what we wanted it for. If you liked the idea of this but are disappointed by it try Lady in White, which is pretty fantastic and nails the genera pretty spot on.

Peter F (es) wrote: I've heard from some people that Ralph Bakshi did a lot of good stuff early in his animated film career, but after viewing this and Cool World I think I've seen enough Bakshi for a good long time. Inspired by the works of Tolkien, this sci-fi and fantasy hybrid aspires for great things but never truly gets there. Annoying comic-relief, villains that are more cartoonish than threatening and an incredibly stupid ending makes this film a failure in most regards. It's gained a cult following over the years probably due to its unique animation and the fact that Mark Hammil does voice work for it. These are probably the only reasons it's still remembered.

Dan D (ag) wrote: There needs to be a 0 star rating for bullshit like this.

Jamison R (br) wrote: This came out right after the end of WWII and was a bit of a propaganda device in a way to show how the Allies won the war. It begins as sort of a documentary feel and they sprinkle that in throughout. James Cagney plays a head of the counterintelligence unit who trains spies and ultimately must track down a double agent. He's an interesting choice to play a man who is supposed to speak 5 languages and be one of America's greatest athletes. No matter what country he's in he still speaks with his famous rat-a-tat delivery and thick American accent.Overall this was a fairly entertaining film and featured some fine performances. Not one of Cagneys best but not bad.

David E (us) wrote: "American History X" is a very emotional, important drama film detailing a man - who was a skinhead racist - as he desperately tries to prevent his young brother from following the same path. Everything about the film was powerful: the acting & characters (Edward Norton was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar), the direction by Tony Kaye, & the story; the film techniques were also striking by setting the past & present events of the characters. "American History X" is a must-see film in order to inform people that we should NEVER hate - we must treat others with love, respect, & peace.

Robby B (ag) wrote: I hate the film's title. But I liked the film. It does a decent job of getting inside the heads of muslim men struggling with the injustices they perceive. It has a few good twists as well. Sean Bean is my guy and he carries his role as a wounded, conflicted agent with conviction. Cleanskin does clunk around at times, but it has some good action and totally believable characters.