Week-End Marriage

Week-End Marriage

In this comedy, a hard-working husband loses his job and his wife becomes the bread winner. The husband feels demeaned by his new role and takes a mistress to regain his lost manhood. The chastened wife eventually returns to the daily drudgery of home so her hubby can feel important and manly again. Marital bliss ensues.

In this comedy, a hard-working husband loses his job and his wife becomes the bread winner. The husband feels demeaned by his new role and takes a mistress to regain his lost manhood. The chastened wife eventually returns to the daily drudgery of home so her hubby can feel important and manly again. Marital bliss ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike K (de) wrote: It seem like a copy of the Little Rascals movie from the 90s. It could have a better plot than this. I now know why it was a straight to DVD movie.

Jacob B (jp) wrote: It cleverly satirizes the "found footage" genre, even if it does get a little juvenile for its own good.

Gobinath M (gb) wrote: "Executive Decision" in indian styleDirector RadhaMohan have done a wonderful jobWelcome change in Tamil movieTop 10 reasons to go for this movie1) no hero introduction scene / song2) no songs specially no kuthu song3) no double meaning comedy4) no Aruva / kathi5) no pouch dialogue6) no heroism7) no skin show(glamour/valgur)8) big action hero under played9) share dialogues10) beautiful camera/thrilling background score & mind-blowing art direction/brilliant directionHats off to the team who brought such a nice feature film on Tamil screen's

Harsh V (au) wrote: its really nice movie

Monique F (kr) wrote: One of my fav, most passionate doco's

Mikey O (es) wrote: James Franco is just brilliant. A great actor with a few questionable career choices (General Hospital *for God's sake!*, Your Highness, anyone?), but a great talent. This desperate "art house" film does not serve him well. He wrote & directed this one as well. That being said, his characters are somewhat flat, a bit cliched and the story serves nothing new. I found his directing style overeager and was disappointed by the finale. Come on, Mr. Franco. We've seen your talent. You're an Oscar nominee for goodness sake! Give us more "127 Hours" & "Milk", and a little less "this". Your potential is amazing! YOU could be the next household heartthrob with trophies to back your talent up!

MF J (ru) wrote: This film is interesting because critics went down on it badly but having seen it many times i still wonder why? It's a good film, the story is well written, the cast is great, it's dark, tensed and intriguing.

Emrah G (ag) wrote: Best short films I've ever watched on what life would look like with robots around. May Asimov's bones jingle in joy.

Zachary N (es) wrote: While the premise is certainly original, and, of course, it's worth watching for a perfect Whitaker performance, it's unfairly hampered down by a disappointing plot that neither makes use of the movie's originality nor does it try to mesh samurai/gangster conventions organically. As a character mood piece, it gets the job done.

Lady D (br) wrote: Straight from the off this film begins with a natural, well acted plot, with a good role played by Alex Dimitriades. The realisticness of the film, does make it feel a little slow moving, but remains an enjoyable watch throughout. In his duel cultural background, the character struggles to please his family and struggles to hide his sexuality of which he, himself finds is also finding hard to accept. Drug fuelled binges provides him with escapism, whilst denying himself the one thing that could make him happy.

Tamatai N (jp) wrote: Considering this film's reputation, this felt like a bit of a disappointment. I wasn't really sure exactly what to expect from it, but to be honest, it's pretty ridiculous. That doesn't mean to say it's not enjoyable. It's quite clever in places and the overall concept is incredibly disturbing. Worth watching if you're a fan of 'shock' cinema...just don't believe too much of the hype.

Carol H (es) wrote: Yet another example of a movie I liked as a kid but wouldn't like as an adult.

Maineutral R (ru) wrote: While it can be repetitive on some standing still scenes, Quest for Fire correctly portrays the early human race in its unexpected next step to evolve as a society. I'm going to be a bit too deep on why this works, because a film with practically no legible language surely requires some deep analysis.Quest for Fire works because it does put on screen how the primitive human race started to learn, adapt, think and even communicate via signs, facial expressions and mimics, way before we learn to have actual dialogue. It puts also how important the fire was for the world, and it's even put correctly on the first text of the movie: having fire meant having life. Through the movie, we see how some tribes relentlessly killed for this element, how much they risked to get such element, how far they needed to go, and we even get to see how our main characters learn to produce fire instead of having to go to the other side of the earth to get it. This movie also subtly puts how important women are in our evolution and develop as a race: one of them teaches our main character to be loved and even how to make love...that's weird but adequate, somehow. Also, she teaches the main character's tribe to produce fire, so, mission accomplished. Overall, Quest for Fire is an analysis on the mind of the early human.It also has some funny stuff there, never too slapstick to feel like a comedy. A film without legible dialogue sure is hard to make, but director Jean-Jacques Annaud nailed it with this movie's crispt direction, pacing, humor and good execution. An entertaining film about the origins of communication.

Dee L (nl) wrote: This movie is so bad with so many actors in it in "red face" that it's hilarious. Normally seeing western Europeans dress and play Indian is really offensive but this film might be the exception because of how bad it is. A really dated must see film based on an equally horrible book. If you really want to laugh your ass off watch this train wreck.

Karsh D (ag) wrote: Beauty contest to find Miss Fircombe is hijacked by the local womens lib movement led by Augusta Prodworthy - Sid, Babs and the gang give another wonderful slice of seaside humour

Cara D (ag) wrote: Part two, a bit more far fetched but with even more imaginative sets.

Pravin A (ru) wrote: Brilliant Mexican film about a noble priest who tries to follow the path of Christ, only to be harassed by the society, authorities and his own superiors.

Josh F (fr) wrote: Good remake, desecent acting. Plot very pretable and over all bland movie.