Week-End Marriage

In this comedy, a hard-working husband loses his job and his wife becomes the bread winner

Marital bliss ensues. The chastened wife eventually returns to the daily drudgery of home so her hubby can feel important and manly again. The husband feels demeaned by his new role and takes a mistress to regain his lost manhood. In this comedy, a hard-working husband loses his job and his wife becomes the bread winner

Week-End Marriage is the best funny movie of Alexa. The released year of this movie is 1932. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, such as Loretta Young, Norman Foster, Aline MacMahon, George Brent, Grant Mitchell, Vivienne Osborne, Sheila Terry, J. Farrell MacDonald, Louise Carter, Roscoe Karns. Movie' genres are Comedy. The rating is 5.8 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Cara D (ag)

Part two, a bit more far fetched but with even more imaginative sets

Carol H (es)

Yet another example of a movie I liked as a kid but wouldn't like as an adult

Dee L (nl)

If you really want to laugh your ass off watch this train wreck. A really dated must see film based on an equally horrible book. Normally seeing western Europeans dress and play Indian is really offensive but this film might be the exception because of how bad it is. This movie is so bad with so many actors in it in "red face" that it's hilarious

Emrah G (ag)

May Asimov's bones jingle in joy. Best short films I've ever watched on what life would look like with robots around

Gobinath M (gb)

"Executive Decision" in indian styleDirector RadhaMohan have done a wonderful jobWelcome change in Tamil movieTop 10 reasons to go for this movie1) no hero introduction scene / song2) no songs specially no kuthu song3) no double meaning comedy4) no Aruva / kathi5) no pouch dialogue6) no heroism7) no skin show(glamour/valgur)8) big action hero under played9) share dialogues10) beautiful camera/thrilling background score & mind-blowing art direction/brilliant directionHats off to the team who brought such a nice feature film on Tamil screen's

Harsh V (au)

its really nice movie

Jacob B (jp)

It cleverly satirizes the "found footage" genre, even if it does get a little juvenile for its own good

Josh F (fr)

Plot very pretable and over all bland movie. Good remake, desecent acting

Karsh D (ag)

Beauty contest to find Miss Fircombe is hijacked by the local womens lib movement led by Augusta Prodworthy - Sid, Babs and the gang give another wonderful slice of seaside humour

Lady D (br)

Drug fuelled binges provides him with escapism, whilst denying himself the one thing that could make him happy. In his duel cultural background, the character struggles to please his family and struggles to hide his sexuality of which he, himself finds is also finding hard to accept. The realisticness of the film, does make it feel a little slow moving, but remains an enjoyable watch throughout. Straight from the off this film begins with a natural, well acted plot, with a good role played by Alex Dimitriades