Weekend at Bernie's

Weekend at Bernie's

Two friends are invited for a weekend to a luxury island with their boss. The boss gets shot and nobody seems to notice, except for the two friends. In order not to become suspects of murder they treat the body as a puppet and make people believe he's still alive. The killer wants to do his job so when he is informed that the stiff is still alive he's got to shoot him again, and again, and again.

A pair of losers try to pretend that their murdered employer is really alive, but the murderer is out to "finish him off." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan R (jp) wrote: One star for effort. Honestly, this film is awfully boring. On a technical aspect, Ken Burns did a horrendous job. The lighting is awful in almost every scene. Scenes are over and underexposed with little consistency. The white balance is off in almost every scene, theres even a scene where it's on auto white balance and you can see the shift of colors. The cameras are never on tripods so prepare yourself for a headache after 90 minutes of handheld motions. In terms of story, the film tries to document a large amount of students attempting to learn the Gettysburg Address. As a viewer you don't get enough time to know all the students and are confused about who is who. When the film ends you don't even care who is who. With so much time focused on the address you begin to question if the school even teaches the students anything besides the Address. There is so much garbage footage and unrelated b-roll thrown in to ease the pain of hearing the address that you almost don't care about it. This film barely covers the civil war, lincoln and fails to mention and describe what the address means such as understanding what the word "consecrate" means instead of concentrate.It's dull crap like this that gives PBS a bad name. Ken Burns could have at least used some more upbeat music. It feels like these kids are going to their grave with the sadness and pain of going through this experience of learning this speech. As a filmmaker I'm not impressed and I wouldn't advise anyone to ever watch this.

David B (au) wrote: It is hard to believe that the same people that made The Castle made this film. It is not humourous, they actors are not engaging and there is no real connection between the lead actors, which is not good for a Rom-com.

Ben L (jp) wrote: I'll hand it to Felicity Huffman, she delivers a remarkable performance in Transamerica. I can only imagine all the work that went into the role. The problem is, she was basically the only thing I liked about this movie. First of all, I was not a fan of Kevin Zegers performance. He added so little to the character, so I kept wishing he would leave the film (which is a problem since he's one of the leads.) Then they make a trip to visit Bree's family and I was just pulling my hair out. All the stereotypes were there, and it started to feel very much like an after-school special or something. It's so much family drama, and I hate that kind of stuff. I didn't sense any levity or lightness in the story, and all the bickering was making me cringe. By the end I was delighted that it was all over, which is never a good way to feel after a movie. However, there were aspects of Bree's story that were actually handled well. So I see the redeeming qualities in the film, and I appreciate what it's trying to do, but Transamerica is simply not my type of movie. I have enough stress with my own family, I don't need to watch a movie that takes all of that and turns it up to 11.

Dawid P (ru) wrote: przyzwoity, nawet zabawny i ciekawy

Alexander C (de) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Alex D (gb) wrote: this movie is a guilty pleasure of mine

Candie T (fr) wrote: Good story: the fact that every woman is or passes in the life of another is well done. It makes me think about life and people we know or we only meet once and has an impact on our own life... Great actresses (Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart and Holly Hunter).

Brutus B (it) wrote: mmmmm halle berry mmmm

Scott C (nl) wrote: I'm really surprised that Philip Kaufman was able to make such a boring film.

Paul G (it) wrote: Amazing. Possibly the best action film of all time...and that's just the trailer.

pedro t (fr) wrote: The dark, oligenous, bloated underbelly of the New York celebrity gossip column is exposed here in all its noir loveliness. Its a deeply cynical outlook from start to finish, and little or nothing has changed in the industry to prove it otherwise. Tony Curtis is the stand out performer here, although Lancaster is imposing as the megalomaniac J.J. Hunsecker.

Daniel P (us) wrote: Not as good as the other two MacLean movies I've seen, it suffered from a mediocre director. Bronson made a fine hero though.

Russell H (it) wrote: slightly over the top with the unrealistic action but I the video game was the same so no big deal. Entertaining enough.