Weekend at Bernie's II

Weekend at Bernie's II

Everybody's favorite stiff is back! Working fools Larry Wilson and Richard Parker have uncovered a dirty, little secret: Their former boss, Bernie Lomax, embezzled $2 million and placed it in a safe deposit box in the Caribbean. Now, the boys are ready to go after the loot, but they can't do it alone -- they need poor Bernie's help. Can the buddies give their ex-boss new life?

Larry and Richard use a voodoo revived corpse to track down hidden money to clear their names. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (ru) wrote: Not Up The Standard O Expect Of Woody. It Becomes Farcical, But Not In Any Entertainingly Funny Way. The Focus Shifts & Turns Without Any Style & Most 'Comic' Situations Do Not Come-Off At All As Funny. The Only Thi.g Going For It Is The Nice Locations, which Appeared Far More Stylistic.

Matt C (us) wrote: Generic crap, has its moments though

Larry W (mx) wrote: I thought it was cool. Suzuki always brings something creative.

Sharon A (au) wrote: nice characters with an authentic spanish atmosphere

Matty S (us) wrote: From the daughter of David Lynch comes this dark, disturbing, twisted, subversive and creepy suspense thriller. Despite the gore and transgression, Jennifer Chambers Lynch creates a very dark cinematic horror ride that is so oddly interesting I found it impossible to jump the cart before the movie descends at incredible speed down the rusty tracks. This movie is more than a little sick, but is vastly entertaining and held my attention from start to end. Julia Ormond and Bill Pullman pull out all the stops in their respective performances. The use of sound and image propels the pace of the film that seems to take more twists and turns than one can imagine. Interestingly and off-beat original, the movie packs a wallop. It is impossible to deny the craft and talent behind this mind twist of a movie. But, be warned -- take this ride at your own risk. Extra bonus points for exceptional use of "Add It Up" by The Violent Femmes. Sick, wrong and fun to watch.

Brock R (it) wrote: Von Trier follows up Dogville with another incisive look at the flaws of human nature and our ability to be our own undoing. Howard brings a more histrionic feel to Grace's character, just as Dafoe's father character is a different cunningly exasperated character. On the whole, it is wider reaching, and less effective than its predecessor, but this is all von Trier relative, so still amazing.

Marissa E (au) wrote: I love this movie!!!!

Phil H (fr) wrote: In all honesty this movie looked very much like a 'Major League' clone judging by the title and poster, hell they even cast Dennis Haysbert who played the menacing Pedro Cerrano in that movie. So is this a crazy kamikaze comedy with over the top characters, wacky situations and foul language? well no actually.Believe it or not this is actually a sensible light-hearted romcom which showcases the cultural differences between Japan and their baseball traditions, and America and their baseball traditions.Tom Selleck plays the obligatory aged fading baseball star who is transferred to Japan to play professional baseball whilst also becoming the clubs poster boy. Naturally Selleck's character is against this move and has a hard time getting to grips with the cultural differences both on and off the ballpark. Spoiler alert (as if you need it)...eventually he comes around with the help of his new love interest and helps the team...well I'm sure you can guess.Yes the tale is a predictable one that has been covered by virtually every sports flick ever, but that's not the point of the movie. The main point here is providing an insight into Japanese culture and how they play and watch the game of baseball, its like the sport version of 'Lost in Translation'...almost. Just like that film this story delves deep into the Japanese traditions, routines and rituals that make up their sport, how the Japanese made baseball their own. This naturally provides many giggles with Selleck's big bold brash arrogant cowboy-like character stepping on many toes and accidentally insulting everyone or harking bad luck. Its not all giggles though as we see much of Nagoya and its surrounding areas, how Japanese people live in parts and indeed how they watch baseball...munching on bowls of noodle meals with lots of colourful fanfare mainly. Its actually very interesting and I enjoyed watching these segments, being interested in Japan helps I guess.For me the one thing I didn't really like was Selleck's character. I realise this guy is suppose to be a cocky hotshot star player and the whole point of the movie is to have him be a jackass...but boy is he an unlikable jackass! He obviously doesn't take the Japanese game seriously and treats the players, staff, media and coach with disrespect, this of course sets up the plot twist midway through. But generally I found his character to be whiny, rude and obnoxious, he never even gives the Japanese culture a chance, he constantly takes the piss and ignores the rules. Now lets be serious here, I know this is just a movie but I think even the most arrogant player/person wouldn't really act like this from day one. Sure over time people could lose their rag under strange circumstances, under stress with different cultures in a foreign land, but I think most would give it a shot and at least be polite to a degree to start with sheesh!The fact that he doesn't like anything about Japan and constantly moans about how he hates it even though he's a popular sports icon earning money just makes him unlikable in my book. Sure its a come down for this character but he's still treated like a star and everything is provided for him, not too shabby really. Anywho apart from the bitchy Jack Elliot (Selleck) the other cast members are very good and add much gravitas to this soppy tale. The best of these easily being Ken Takakura as the cliched hard nosed team coach who must put up with Elliot's sulky behaviour. Think of this guy as a Mr. Miyagi type character, he doesn't say much, grunts a lot, looks very serious and stern all the time, hides a few tricks and in the end wins your heart (much more so than Selleck's character). The film isn't as cliched as you'd think at times, there is the slimy ponytailed agent of Elliot who you'd swear blind will turn out to be the bad guy and somehow screw Elliot over...well you'd be wrong.Its definitely a solid movie and its nice to see baseball through the eyes of another country even though there aren't too many outside of the US to choose from. The baseball sequences are visually pleasing and realistic whilst the action is as you would expect with lows followed by a training montage and then highs. The final scene gives you a reasonable adrenaline boost as the entirely predictable plot unravels before your eyes. Relaxing fun from the land of the rising sun, its just a shame about the main character being a complete douche.

Roy C (ag) wrote: Terminator meets Superman meets Ghostbusters. 'Are you a birthing member of the human race?'

joe b (us) wrote: hehe once again your mind goes there...watch it....if sick and twisted offend you ...if the thought of control dictates disturbs you...dont watch hehehe if it brings an evil smirk to your face ..then hehehe by all means pop the popcorn loosen your belt and sit back hit play hehehehe

Josh D (au) wrote: popcorn & laser beams...that's all you need to know.

Nathan A (au) wrote: Takes a simple and upbeat childrens book and makes it into a sentimental film only adults will understand.

Thomas M (fr) wrote: Liposuct all pretensions of glory and honor from war, inject all of the humanity and desperation that was more likely the reality, and you have a WW2 movie that doesn't negotiate shocking moments for sudden rescues. Feels like "Waiting For Godot" at points, with defeated soldiers waiting for death in some form to take them, whether from the US, nature, or each other.

Barbara G (br) wrote: Dvd contains a good docummentary on Max Ophuls.

Konrad A (es) wrote: This was a good movie but a bit inappropriate but it is a funny movie my favorite character was Chubs. Chubs was funny with his wooden hand and how his wooden hand would brake and he would have to glue his wooden fingers back. All so shooter was funny he made a good villain. This movie is good but has inappropriate behavior

Kenny N (br) wrote: Irishman Colin Farrell manages the perfect Noo Yawk accent. This one goes by fast (ironic, since it takes place in real time), but it's a great argument for always keeping a strong personal moral character. You never know who might be watching.

Phillie E (kr) wrote: Definitely delves into the "So bad it's good" genre. What a great stinker!