Weekend at the Cabin

Weekend at the Cabin

Going to for a weekend at the cabin could be deadly.

Going to for a weekend at the cabin could be deadly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrea F (nl) wrote: This is a joke, right? Right?... No...?

Wayne G (mx) wrote: Overall, this presents a much fairer portrayal of migrant workers than our local and regional press tends to give. The friendship which developed between Bruno and Ignacio was real for me, and totally believable.Moments had me on the edge of my seat, others had me trying not to cry. And there were a few when I wished something bad would befall certain characters.Definitely worth watching!

Preston B (de) wrote: Where's Simon Belmont when you need him?

Benton P (ru) wrote: Every Korean and supporter of Korean culture needs to see this film.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: Silly but fun with a surprisingly enthusiastic performance from Jessica Alba. Full review later.

Eric C (mx) wrote: BEETLEJUICE RULES ALL! It's rare that an actor stares at the camera so regularly in a major motion picture

Zack H (kr) wrote: Undeserving of all the hate. A thoroughly entertaining, albeit silly, action movie with a great cast.

Jacob R (ru) wrote: Kevin Smith masterfully blends great drama with hysterics making Chasing Amy so much more than its simple premise.

Emil (kr) wrote: Kiarostamis beste. omgomgomg. Men du br se de andre filmene i trilogien fr du prver deg p denne, det lfter filmen til gudommelige hyder

Andrew T (gb) wrote: it's not a horror. it's pretty bad. but i got a soft spot for this. taryn from dream warriors and 'chainsaw' from summer school, doddy from pee-wee all rock! enough subtle humour to keep it credible. dvd comes with original ending that is a million times better

Ben S (ca) wrote: Best ending of a film ever.

AnnaKaisa K (fr) wrote: it's a warming family movie:)

Alex K (de) wrote: One Mel Gibson Film, 1995's Braveheart Is One Of My Favorite Films.