1990. The rave scene has arrived from Ibiza and warehouse parties are exploding across the UK bringing phenomenal wealth to the organisers. In Manchester, best mates Matt and Dylan are in their early 20's and long to be more than just punters. As the government moves to outlaw the scene, it's now or never and they quickly rise through the ranks to join the promoting elite. They are taken on a wild journey from the exclusive VIP rooms of London clubs to the outrageous parties in Ibiza super-villas and the hedonism of Amsterdam. It's everything they dreamed of and more. But as their success continues to grow, they attract a more dark and sinister world. Matt and Dylan start to drift apart as they are forced to question the dreams they set out to achieve and their once solid friendship.

1990. The rave scene has arrived from Ibiza and warehouse parties are exploding across the UK bringing phenomenal wealth to the organisers. In Manchester, best mates Matt and Dylan are in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul M (ag) wrote: Not seen this since I was kid and could not really recall much about it. I now see why. Whilst it has all the usual Disney tropes it does not quite have the overall charm of some of the others. I only saw the 100 minute version, not sure an extra 20 minutes is needed.

Heather M (gb) wrote: For once the sequel surpasses the original. I really enjoyed this one. You just have to accept that these action adventure flicks are going to have a simple plot to enjoy it.

Erik H (br) wrote: i love horror, but this literally lost all stars by the end. i don't buy that it was just a big metaphor for the vapidness of LA or rape victims or whatever. i mean, fine, you can argue some of that, but literally every single thing that propelled the plot forward was completely illogical and flimsy and made no sense. too many crucial moments were only permitted because somebody just ignored 1000000000000000 clearly negative signs and went ahead anyway. so weird.

Robert E (mx) wrote: great flick. these guys are actually able to verbalize Men's interest in going to a strip club and get their wifes to buy it.

Dominic S (us) wrote: A boring chick flick with a somewhat followable plot line.Just wanted to watch this cuz I love Greta Gerwig.

Kay F (br) wrote: This movie is adapted from the Sarah Water's novel of the same name. The novel has to be one of my favourite books written by Water's so I was very excited to see this dramatisation. In my opinion, it certainly did not fail!!! The film sticks very closely to the written narrative by taking you into a world of gaols and darkness. Plus magic and witchcraft. And loneliness with despair. At the heart of the film, like the book, is the love that the female protagonist desires for the mystical Selina. Like the novel too, the film does not exploit lesbian sexuality, instead, the viewer is left to read between the lines of the women's touch and communication. Great film for all Water's fan.

Rachael H (kr) wrote: Hysterical!!! The acting is horrible.

Greg A (it) wrote: No! Crispin Glover + Jason Lee is supposed to = amazing! I didn't like it, I didn't really hate it either. I think it's because Crispin Glover was playing it too normal. If he was "out there" like ususal, I probably would have enjoyed this more.

Tim H (nl) wrote: As far as nudie flicks go, this one is vapid and knows it. No surprises just simple sex romp comedy with a hearty helping of cheese.

Sean D (mx) wrote: Not your typical drama and at times difficult to follow, but very well done and interesting.

Josh E (us) wrote: I love this film. probably one of the movies that orignally inspired me to learn to surf. though it is much more than a surf film.

Rickey T (kr) wrote: Carrey's performance saves this sorry excuse for a Batman movie. I couldn't for the life of me pay attention to the plot, and when I did pay attention, it was hard to take it seriously.

Anne C (de) wrote: prolly started in a comic tat's y ppl r not scared at all. e ending part isn't bad though