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Despite his fame, Taillandier has suddenly stopped painting. Deeply depressed, the sixty-year-old decides to go away. He has no clear goal and explains nothing to his close friends. During ...

. . During . He has no clear goal and explains nothing to his close friends. Deeply depressed, the sixty-year-old decides to go away. Despite his fame, Taillandier has suddenly stopped painting

Welcome Aboard is a new movie of Eric Holder (novel), François d'Épenoux (adaptation), Jean Becker (adaptation), Marie-Sabine Roger (in collaboration with). The released year of this movie is 2012. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, such as Patrick Chesnais, Jeanne Lambert, Miou-Miou, Jacques Weber, Xavier Gallais, Raphaëline Goupilleau, Didier Bénureau, Julien Barbier, Urbain Cancelier, Amaury Baudoin, Ludovic Berthillot, Martine Borg, Amandine Chauveau, Jacques Develay, Christophe Dias-Valerio. The kind of movie are Drama. This movie was rated by 5.9 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Bill B (jp)

Rental. There aren't a ton of scares to be had, but the idea that items continue to move in rooms when you're not looking at them is very unsettling to me, and a trope that I really enjoy in a film. I gave this film a second look recently and i have to say that it's grown on me quite a bit, presumably knowing where it is going in the end goes a long ways towards letting the mild spooky bits work on your head

Cristi B (ag)

tipical black redemption movie

Ga G (gb)

Gut wrenching and quite brilliant. This contains one of the most unexpected and powerful scenes of anything I've seen in recent years. I do enjoy unpredictable, daring cinema; especially in the romantic drama genre when most tend to stick to stale or tried and tested formulas. Very sweet, romantic and above all, riveting movie with a grand performance from Toni Collette

Garrett C (ru)

It's really too bad about that music. I appreciate its uniqueness and near flawless character development. I personally didn't like any of the songs very much, so the movie was pretty slow going and a struggle for me personally, but even despite the road block of the music I still think it's a well made and thoughtfully executed low-budget musical film. "Once" is a superb romantic drama with a lot of singer-songwriter tunes that will determine how much you enjoy the film

gustavmarkovic31 (ag)

this movie is best for children aged 9 and down, because toddlers will adore the monkey and 9 year olds will enjoy the child-friendly slapstick comedy. Jason Alexander does okay here, but his character in Dunstan isn't nearly as memorable as his George from Seinfeld. Dunstan Checks In is a slightly humourous buddy/slapstick movie, with some entertaining support characters and interesting dilemmas throughout, but can't really retain the interest for more than a few minutes

Jon S (mx)

it makes for some repetition between the films, but it's very rewarding to see how the subjects grow and change. we're watching them back to back. just amazing work

JosieLynn L (ag)

but very well done, imo. a bit too predictable. i thought this was cute

Joy H (de)

What a great cast as well. I thoroughly enjoy the Thin Man series

Kim V (jp)

It is boring but it's a good chance to see a young James Spader

Simon D (au)

The talent of David Byrne and his unique cool comes across immediately so, even when the strength of the songs starts to dip, you feel you owe it to this band to observe, listen and enjoy. However big a fan of Talking Heads you are or aren't, after watching this you will be a slightly bigger fan