Welcome Home, Soldier Boys

Welcome Home, Soldier Boys

A group of Green Berets return from Viet Nam and go on a cross country road trip which will result in a shocking conclusion.

Danny, Shooter, Fatback, and the Kid. They learned a trade in the army. Killing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sergio Andres P (ca) wrote: DISTURBING AND DISGUSTING. This will be enjoyable only for sick minds. I hate it ... there's nothing interesting or particularly attractive on this film "Only that it have a good cinematography" but is just horrible and sick. I'll never watch this again.... GOD. 1/5

Marc L (au) wrote: Aprs les zombies old-school des films de Romero, les zombies survitamins de "28 jours plus tard" et consorts, les zombies socialement intgrs de "Zombie anonymous", les zombies marrants de "Shaun of the dead", les zombies pris-pour-des-terroristes-bronzs de "ZMD" et mme les stripteaseuses zombies de "Zombie strippers", voici le jeune zombie allemand, homosexuel et mal dans ses baskets de "Otto, or Up with dead people". Un rapide balayage des antcdents du ralisateur Bruce LaBruce dfinit l'intress comme une pornographe homo qui s'assume parfaitement comme tel et plonge sans hsiter, non pas dans le "Porno-chic" mais plutt dans le "Porno-punk" dans toute l'intransigeance qu'on peut accoler ce terme. On aurait pu craindre un pur produit de niche: au contraire, "Otto" est une ralisation trs intrigante dans son genre, et il n'est mme pas certain qu'on puisse lui accoler l'tiquette de "Zombie-movie" tant cet Ovni reste inclassable et insaisissable. Loin de surenchrir dans le Trash (quoiqu'il y ait quelques scnes...hum...), "Otto" tmoigne d'une relle volont d'tre peru comme une oeuvre travaille et rflchie, avec ses clins d'oeils plus qu'avous au cinma expressionniste allemand, sa mtaphore vidente - mais pas crtine pour autant - de l'homophobie et de la sropositivit et mme sa critique plutt bien sentie des cinastes qui font passer leur radicalit politique avant toute autre considration (Constat qui concerne par ailleurs LaBruce lui-mme..!). De l dire que le film est formidable et rassemblera forcment sous la mme bannire intellectuels ARTEsiens, geeks fans de zombies et public inverti mais averti, il y a un pas qu'aucun mort-vivant sens ne franchirait. N'empche que pour susciter la curiosit et ne ressembler rien d'autre qu' lui-mme, il fait quand mme fort, cet Otto (incarn par un jeune acteur belge, c'est suffisamment atypique pour tre mentionn.)!

Jamie I (es) wrote: This film starts off with the Lincoln assassination and Booth's diary pages being thrown onto the fire. At Ben's lecture Mitch (Ed Harris up to no good as always) presents one of the missing pages and claims Ben's great grandfather was a co-conspirator in the assassination. Ben with Riley Poole (masterfully played again by Justin Bartha) and Abby set off on an adventure to prove Great Grandpa's innocence by finding Cibola. Their adventure begins in Paris then takes them to London (by far one of the funniest sequences in the film). Ben pretends to be a drunk spouting out British slang by the mouthful (I wonder if the Brits found this funny) in an attempt to gain access to the Queen's Resolute Desk. Once their task is complete Riley sets off the fire alarm and this brilliant dialogue takes place a guard shouts out "The fire alarm is going off!" cut to Riley "Uh-oh! God save the Queen!" Priceless. In the desk they find a piece of lumber with carvings that only one person can decipher Ben's mom, Emily (none other than The Queen herself Helen Mirrin). Of course, Emily is not a fan of treasure hunting. Their massive puzzle solving skills prove useful as through a series of sometimes silly circumstances (kidnapping the President anyone) they find Cibola. Being a minor conspiracy theorist I was intrigued by the President's Book. Supposedly this is a book passed down from president to president containing important presidential secrets only the President should know (ie. Area 51 and the like). The current (fictitious film) President hid it in the Library of Congress. Oh to visit that place one day! Anyway not to get off on a tangent. This flick is fun. Riley is hilarious although his recap from the teaser is missing from the finished product. Never fear I have it here: "So let's recap: We've broken into Buckingham Palace, and the Oval Office, stolen a page from the President's super-secret book, and actually kidnapped the President of the United States. What are we gonna do next, short-sheet the Pope's bed?" Awesome. I also found myself solving pieces of the mystery during the film though I found it unfair when some of the characters knew more than the audience. Of course most of them hadn't read Riley's book either. My recommendation is yes watch this flick. It's good clean Disney fun that's not too cheesy. Plus Harvey Keitel is in it. You know you can't say no to that. Hopefully whatever is on page 47 in the Book of Secrets is revealed in National Treasure 3.

Mlanie T (es) wrote: just saw it! incredible!

Grant K (es) wrote: If you don't like this film, you've got to lighten up. "Head of State" is a funny, quotable film with a strong message at its centre, bolstered by an excellent cast.

Betty B (fr) wrote: Completely disappointed. It held promise but never delivered.

Geoff B (jp) wrote: I haven't seen this in a long time but I remember really liking it.

Jack G (ru) wrote: before Jarhead, there was Das Boot. and it was a Damn good cup of movie. all that time without the action is the opposite of boring, it's character building to a good extent. not all the characters or actors are great, but there's enough that makes things captivating for the hours this takes to tell (I saw the uncut version, I know there are others). And it could've gone For the "can't wait to see my girl again, here's her picture, ::dead::" cliche, and it could've! a real GUY movie.Oh, and until the end it was a 3 1/2 outta 4 star type of deal... but just that final five minutes bumped it up to the full 4. Holy shit.

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: So embarrassing. And on so many levels. If you've done something bad, anything, this could be acceptable penance. You're forgiven.

Ben S (es) wrote: An unfortunate final film for the old Hammer studio.

Med W (jp) wrote: Jack Hawkins improves any film he is in, and Dicky Attenborough is always good to watch

Paul C (nl) wrote: A very early entry into the 'Carry On' series - but one that lacks much of the humour and motifs that would make these films so beloved. This one is more inkeeping with mainstrema Briish light comedy films of the time!

Johnny L (ru) wrote: An eye-opening recount of Maziar Bahari's imprisonment in Iran. I didn't know Jon Stewart had this kind of directorial chops.

Amelia T (es) wrote: Cringe worthy, even if fun (: