Welcome to Hard Times

Welcome to Hard Times

A sociopathic stranger all but destroys a small hardscrabble town but the 'mayor' convinces its survivors to stay and rebuild.

A sociopathic stranger all but destroys a small hardscrabble town but the 'mayor' convinces its survivors to stay and rebuild. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (ag) wrote: Film pourri, mais avec bien des scnes mmorables !

Tero H (jp) wrote: Poor rip-off of Lee's "Fist of Fury" with two fights and two people talking.

Jonathan W (mx) wrote: If there is an ounce of cynic in you, then skip this movie. It is unabashedly romantic - an ode to everlasting love, and is truely one of the most touching films that I have ever seen. Pfeiffer and Gallagher have great chemistry, but it is a young Cliare Danes who steals the show right off her co-stars shoulders. She gives one of the best performances of her career, and makes this romantic tearjerker even more enjoyable than it is already is ... an incredible film.

Atisha J (ca) wrote: Little Buddha is about Buddhist monks, from Tibet, that come to Seattle to look for the reincarnation of Lama Dorje, their leader. These monks think that Lama Dorje was reborn a year after his death. Nine years later, they believe that a young American boy named Jesse Conrad could be a candidate. Jesse is the son of Dean and Lisa Conrad. Dean is the architect that built his family's home in the area that Lama Dorje pointed to in one of the monk's dream. Once Jesse meets the monks, they give him a book. Lisa, Jesse's mom and Lama Norbu shared a role in reading and informing Jesse about the Buddha. Prince Siddhartha's life is portrayed through this book during this movie. Prince Siddhartha, also known as Buddha, was born into royalty. He lived a very comfortable life before he set out to solve all suffering. During his journey, Siddhartha defeated Mara, an ego demon, and reached enlightenment. Accomplishing his goal, Prince Siddhartha became Buddha and began to teach what he learned. As Jesse becomes fascinated with the monks, the Buddhists invite Jesse and his family to visit Bhutan in order to test Jesse. At first, Jesse's parents denied this trip, but after one of Dean's friends commit suicide, they thought it would be good for Dean to get away, and spend time with Jesse. Once Dean and Jesse got to Nepal, they find out that there are two other candidates. All three kids interact with each other and saw that they had a lot in common. By the end of this movie, the monks conclude that all three kids are reincarnations of Lama Norje; each being his mind, speech, and his body. This movie explains the beliefs of Buddhism in a simple yet entertaining way. Little Buddha demonstrates the characteristics of meditation and yoga while providing a background on where it originated. This movie, answers any questionable ways of the Buddhist and does a very god job on giving an explanation on why they do what they do. Yeah meditation and yoga helps relaxes, but this movie shows that Buddhism is about working on you from the inside to the out. This movie relates to World Religions, because it depicts the background and history of Buddhism.

Will M (ru) wrote: After a terrific opening sequence this film falls apart. Check out Gaslight for a better version of essentially the same story.

Heather M (us) wrote: The cast was great in this unexpectedly entertaining movie. It is getting a lot of hate from reviewers, but it just a fun blend of action, comedy,and family togetherness that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Dave H (us) wrote: I don't think there is a movie with more crude, quotable lines in the world than this film. This film is incredibly funny and after a few viewings you and you friends will have some great lines to say. Another good "Clint the Squint" movie...

Douglas C (ag) wrote: ...somtmes bein' a virgin can suck...

Scott W (au) wrote: pretty good movie....