Welcome To New York

Welcome To New York

Fiction inspired from the story of the rise and the fall of french politician and former head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

life of former IMF leader Strauss-Kahn, Welcome to New York follows a prominent international banker Depardieu spirals out of control during a drug and sex-fueled trip to America. Culminating in his shocking affair with a hotel maid, his wife Simone still stays on her firm attitude until the day Depardieu is under arrested. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garrett O (fr) wrote: This is so much better then Ouiji

Sonal A (jp) wrote: gr8 movie...nce scrpt...n d stry ws awsme...piryanka chopra looked wonderful and sexy...

Oliver N (br) wrote: Surrounded by far superior Pixar movies in almost every aspect, it is hard to give a fair review when comparing to their incredibly high-bar. In terms of a decent story and characters we actually care about, it falters. However, in terms of a somewhat enjoyable animated flick - while not still being anywhere near Pixar's best - it is still nonetheless one we can swallow.Verdict: C+

Scott B (nl) wrote: Watched this on Netflix last night. It was very cool. Japan Anime is like nothing else. Story was a little too short. But from what I read it was supposed to have 2 more parts that were never made. Main character was like Japanese version of Buffy, only a lot less humor. Still very cool.

Blacc R (fr) wrote: Havent seen in a long time would love to see it.They say i.look like the star

Panda B (ru) wrote: Started off very slow, with nothing much happening. However the last half was amazingly tense and great to watch.

Cole M (es) wrote: Easily of the best documentaries ever made.

Nina B (ca) wrote: i don't think i've ever been more affected by a movie. powerful stuff.

Jeremy P (jp) wrote: Look, I record some really random movies sometimes. I grew up on stuff like this but never saw this particular one. I realized two things. First, if Action Jackson had been made 15 years earlier, it would have been a completely different movie, but I did love the unmistakable 80s action flavor. Second, I feel like there was some kind of accounting error in a film studio. I think every supporting character in Die Hard and Predator was paid for an extra movie, so someone had the bright idea of putting them all together in a movie just to even things out. They just had to add Coach and a couple more woman, then boom, movie. Really liked Carl Weathers though.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Ghoulies is a disappointing film. It is about a young man and his girlfriend move into an man's old mansion home. Lisa Pelikan and Peter Liapis give horrible performances. The script is badly written. Luca Bercovici did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

RiP M (gb) wrote: Typical meditation on British class repression has atypical hint of dark sexual deviation. Rupert Everett and Colin Firth's smashing breakthrough.

Bud L (fr) wrote: a Roger Corman classic

Summer H (us) wrote: this is our all time fav childhood movie...we used to watch it with our Father all the time along with Angelo my love...our Fathers copies have gone missing...Fantastic movie...closed to home and the heart...

Christopher B (us) wrote: Ozu is a master and telling simple stories about family, one of my favourite subject matters. A great story of tradition and modern life that truly reflects Japan with it's traditional cultures vs being on the cutting edge.

Mark Z (ru) wrote: One of the top ten best British war films ever made. An examination of a warship's worth through it's crew. The storytelling is excellent as the hardships and emotions of the British war experience come to life.

Alexis R (mx) wrote: Was recommended by my friend, Mick, who loves this motogp stuff. As someone who knew nothing about it, I found it educational and exciting!

Charlie I (us) wrote: Annoying stock characters and lazily made.

Liam H (kr) wrote: Trainwreck is aptly titled. It's not funny. The plot is full of tired Hollywood tropes you have seen a million times before. Nothing stands out about this movie that would put it above it's peers. It fails to even satisfy on basic entertainment. John Cena is the funniest thing in this movie. Even at that it is all awkward sexual humour which does not take a genius to come up with. For a feminist like schumer it is actually full of jock type sexual humour. Not ground breaking whatsoever. Even at the end Schumer joins a cheerleading team, sings a song and totally sells out to every Hollywood stereotype of beauty and femininity. For Schumer who has been ramming feminism down everyones throats for years to make a movie that adheres to every Hollywood stereotype is a major sell out move on her part. None of which I even care about. The worst part overall is that this movie just sucks.

Jason K (nl) wrote: Very Very AWESOME MovieI Recommend It

Michal J (jp) wrote: Great story. Great acting. Great music! Lena Olin at her hottest and Gary Oldman at his craziest! How could you want to miss it?