Welcome to Pine Hill

Welcome to Pine Hill

Welcome to Pine Hill follows Shannon, a recently reformed drug dealer, now working as a claims adjuster by day and bouncer by night. When Shannon receives earth-shattering news, he is compelled to make peace with his past and search for freedom beyond the concrete jungle of New York City.

A recently reformed drug dealer, now working as a claims adjuster by day and bouncer by night, receives earth-shattering news, compelling to make peace with his past and search for freedom beyond the concrete jungle of New York City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drew P (nl) wrote: I thought it was good

Mike L (gb) wrote: I've seen better Bundy movies...Bundy's MO was that he was young, attractive and used that to lure the ladies...the guy they cast as him this time was old and wrinkled and at times his acting seemed forced and too theatrical...the attacks were okay and had a creepy quality but the whole thing was just too cheaply done...

Anna S (us) wrote: Just caught it on HD. Very well done - a striking picture of Picasso whether you like him or not (and probably not so much after the film). Nice acting all around. Kudos also to Natasha McElhron.

Spencer S (es) wrote: An independent powerhouse from the man who most exemplifies character actor, Steve Buscemi made a film that is patiently paced, full of pure character driven scenes and examples of tragedy meeting the human spirit. The story centers on the human wretch known as Tommy, a barfly who is always fighting with himself, other bar patrons, and the people of his past who detest him for his awkward clinginess yet abandoned him in the first place. Tommy has always had his faults, but with the breakup of a long term relationship and her getting pregnant by a former friend, Tommy turns into a delinquent alcoholic with a penchant for dropping in on people who don't want his greasy company. There are many supporting characters either connected to the skeevy man himself or are on the fringes of his universe, controlled by his disgusting actions. In the course of the film Tommy eliminates anyone who could have gotten close to him or helped him by making the worst of choices, never apologizing for his past actions or the present, and repeatedly mocking the people who are trying to help him change. The reason the film is heart warming and yet deplorably altruistic is that Tommy's actions are always with the explicit need to not be found out. He tries to deflect all blame from himself by lying and dodging the truth with the utmost of ease. Other characters include a misguided and philandering husband who only wants to reconcile with his wife, a bevy of other bar oriented folk who chain smoke and play forties' standards on the juke box, a tired waitress, and the family of his ex-girlfriend, including a teenage daughter (Sevigny) who is confused and naive about his motivations. The film flows well, and bridges the gap between drama and light comedy by ingratiating us to the characters and entertaining with the ensemble effect of a movie of this kind. If anyone believed Buscemi was just a pretty face that is easily reconciled with his sturdy direction and immaculate writing, all of which play into this semi-quirky but highly realistic film about being lost and how unsure one can be in those circumstances. The meaning is that being an awful person doesn't always mean someone should have to be shunned since that leads to more pain and resentment from everyone else. It's a strikingly brilliant film and one that showcases the real talent of Steve Buscemi.

Lee M (ru) wrote: Pretentious, and incoherent, and generally unbearable, despite an attractive surface appearance.

Jason D (fr) wrote: Blood Rage (aka Nightmare at Shadow Woods) is THE perfect example of a so-bad-it's-good type of horror film. Completely devoid of continuity and quality filmmaking, the film begins at a 70's drive in, where youths are more concerned with getting laid rather than the movie. Young mother Maddy is trying to score on her big date, but it proves to be hard when she brings her twin kids (Todd and Terry), who get loose and one of them (Terry) brutally murders someone and blames the other twin (Todd). 10 years later, on Thanksgiving, the family and friends at the local Shadow Woods apartments are in for one hell of a night when Todd escapes from the hospital to come back and get revenge on his brother, who already gets things moving by amassing a large body count at the complex. Though the film is filled with lousy acting, amateur filmmaking (the film was released in 1987, but honestly, it looks like it came out of the early 70's), and corny 80's music, Blood Rage still manages to possess some charm to it with its overabundance of death and gore, some nudity, and a couple of intentionally humorous moments that are actually carried out well. The "biggest" name in this film would probably be Louise Lasser, but to many avid horror fans, the biggest would be a very young Ted Raimi in a brief appearance as a condom salesman. Not the best horror film, and not the best slasher, but it can be a real fun watch if you incorporate beer and friends. Not bad.