Welcome to Shamatown

Welcome to Shamatown


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Kris R (fr) wrote: A cocktail of many other sports movies. Pass on this.

Kathryn K (mx) wrote: Guess I am just not ready to give up on the hope of having the love of my life before the age of 50 instead of seeking it still after 50. Could be entertaining though and may change my mind to watch later.

Don N (nl) wrote: i saw this once years ago. probably too slow for me to revisit for me at this point.the premise has stayed with me though. i think a lot of people feel like puppets whose lives are dictated by invisible strings. that sounded uber melodramatic, but you get the idea.

Matt A (ca) wrote: classic 80's movie not as good as other 80's films but another good motivation film like rocky

Jendi M (fr) wrote: REALLY REALLY Hard to find but worth it

Brian S (ag) wrote: while there's nothing especially stellar about this film--writing, acting, story progression, etc--it does possess a few redeeming qualities. Rock's speech in front of the college athletics evaluation committee was just outstanding, and the stock footage of old games is even to this day some great football. overall, I thought the story was pretty weak and relied way too heavily on montage, but it's still a decent tribute to a true sports icon and the film sets a solid precedent for the great sports films to follow.

Andy G (ru) wrote: A common man is slowing movie drama about a man setting bombs off in middle east town. c-

Eve R (nl) wrote: This is an amazing movie, box of tissues recommended!

Michael M (mx) wrote: Typical Stallone awful flick.

Dillon K (ru) wrote: With campy b-movie esk effects and dialogue XXX State of the Union quickly spirals out of control from the very beginning, attempting to mimic the appeal of a Bond-like spy/agent film.

Ryan J (ag) wrote: 3 murderous cannibals spend every Halloween toying with and eventually killing and eating people. This Halloween they have picked a Mexican restaurant/bar and it's time to eat. This uneven mix of horror and comedy works sometimes, there's definitely some funny moments, the gore is pretty cool, especially seeing as horror make-up legend Greg Nicotero is involved. It's very brutal, sometimes funny, very out there humour, will be hard to digest for some and it is full of some familiar faces that people will recognise. It's not a terrible way to spend 90 minutes.