Welcome to the South

Welcome to the South

Alberto (Claudio Bisio), post office manager of a small town in Brianza, under pressure of his wife Sylvia (Angela Finocchiaro), is willing to do anything to get the transfer to Milan. Even pretending to be disabled to climb in the ranking. But the trick does not work and as punishment, he is transferred in a small town in Campania, which to an inhabitant of the north is equivalent to a nightmare ...

The film is an acknowledged remake of a French movie, Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, which told the story of a southern postal employee unhappily transferred to the north... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Welcome to the South torrent reviews

Kristi M (it) wrote: Character study about a sociopath that boldly leaves nothing to the imagination about his level of sadism and rationalization he has for what he does. I don't see him as a misogynist as I saw in other reviews because his disdain is not saved for only women. I don't think anyone of sound mind could actually like this movie however it's not one you will likely forget because it is brutal and chilling. It should be disclosed that victims of domestic violence may need to steer clear.

sa L (ca) wrote: yay ! love stellan !!

Bella B (ru) wrote: Amazing experience throughout the entire movie, from the beginning to the very end- it is simply brilliant.

Nik B (ag) wrote: When you pair Ad-Rock and John Doe in a motorcycle movie, it becomes hipster necessity. Then you get cameos by John Cusack, Arlo Guthrie and David Carradine, then it becomes indie film cred must see. At the end of the day though, you get some enjoyable people who meet some other enjoyable people to talk about life, love and death stretched across the backdrop of the "free" open road. Watch it with a buddy.

Kyle K (ag) wrote: Throughout this film, the word that kept coming up in my mind was 'weird'. I think the key to this movie is understanding that our protagonist really has no will of his own, and simply going along with what others expect of him, hence the title. His character actually reminded me a lot of the titular character from Camus' The Stranger in that regard. I appreciated the artistry involved in making the film, especially the design of the office of the fascist bureaucracy. What bothered me about the film though are the constant shifts in tone. Now, the film was probably edited that way to underscore the hollowness of our titular bureaucrat, but I found it distracting. Overall, I appreciate the film more than I enjoyed it.

Paul D (de) wrote: One of the weakest of the whole series, the jokes are very thin and the cast relatively lightweight, missing a lot of the classic members.

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