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Welcome to Woop Woop

A con artist escapes a deal gone wrong in New York and winds up in the Aussie outback in a strange town whose inhabitants are an oddball collection of misfits.

A con artist escapes a deal gone wrong in New York and winds up in the Aussie outback in a strange town whose inhabitants are an oddball collection of misfits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kasia B (ag) wrote: Kevin Costner really good. The whole story terrible, the miss mash of everything makes it cheesy and just plain silly.

Jared M (br) wrote: Rating: 13/100 (F-)single handedly the worst film of all time.

Simon P (br) wrote: Sexploitation movies should be a bit shit and very wrong. Sadly, this is only a bit wrong and very shit. Nice machete up the arse scene though, now that's good rape revenge!

JosieLynn L (es) wrote: long shots & cinema verite -- two things i like. there is a reason for both of those to make this one good. It's about how foster care works in the philippines. and i wasn't even so sure myself of how truthful it is.. but i called my mom to ask and verified. i don't see too many Philippine films that i like... but this one has definitely caught my eye.

Richard S (ag) wrote: A movie underrated by audience, but praised exactly how it should be by critics. People expect a typical zombie movie just because it has the word 'zombie' in the title. What you will discover is a funny, heartfelt, and tragic movie. It first begins as an almost typical chick flick, then over the course of the movie delves darker and more disturbing to the point where you forget it's the same movie from the beginning; a fantastic premise for a zombie film, by far.

Felix M (it) wrote: Has some plot elements and a few characters that are very clichd, but it delivers on great acting and hilarious humour. Might not be a masterpiece, but well worth my time! 3/5

Edgar C (kr) wrote: The more hyperactive and absurd the situations get, the smarter Almodvar seems to direct! A fantastic screenplay exalt the female condition in an unexpected manner of comical, catastrophic proportions originated from that very peculiar delirium that can be found in basically every woman in the world. So, just as with the women, how can you hate this film?97/100

Zahran Z (gb) wrote: gosh watched it when I was 8 and still stuck in my head

John L (us) wrote: Graded on a curve. Always gratifying to see real people on film. Feels a little bit like a mash note to the community.

Jeff D (ag) wrote: John Woo shows his penchant for meticulous action choreography in his early swordplay film, Last Hurrah For Chivalry.

Jar S (ru) wrote: What a amazing Spielberg film should be.

Daryl K (fr) wrote: Quite possibly the most self-indulgent picture Scorsese ever made - as an analogy, to him what 1941 is to Steven Spielberg. De Niro plays one of the least likeable romantic leading men in movie history here, but I actually kind of admire that. A mixed bag, but the whole thing is undeniably gorgeous to look at.

Steven H (us) wrote: an entertaining mess of a film. you can tell this is when godard started losing his mind.

Alex S (ru) wrote: based on a true story. i'm sure they took a bunch of creative liberties with it, but who gives a shit. this was pretty good.

Matthew S (mx) wrote: This is a solidly good film that should have been much better.

Robert M (es) wrote: Pretty neat drama. Never read or heard of the book, but I had a good time watching it and admired the characters.