Well Done Abba!

Well Done Abba!

This is the story of Armaan Ali, a driver working for a senior executive in Mumbai. He takes a month's leave to find a husband for his teenage daughter, who lives near Hyderabad. When he is...

This is the story of Armaan Ali, a driver working for a senior executive in Mumbai. He takes a month's leave to find a husband for his teenage daughter, who lives near Hyderabad. When he is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rajun k (ag) wrote: #lifelesson#3.. make sure you're not having intercourse with your offspring..

Don H (it) wrote: This is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. Highly recommended.

Sinian K (mx) wrote: the history of china has never been told in such poetic yet realistic form. every story is moving and touching with its own unique struggle, history or time connects them all yet human emotions transcend history. screen writer/director jia has a very keen sensibility denoting china's changes in all aspects of life, the clothes, movies, songs and many more. all the minor details seamlessly weave together so well that i feel as if i have found my oldest and best treasure tucked away deep in my heart. i simply love the movie, and love my chinese life.

Dervilla O (fr) wrote: Absorbing and poignant character piece; one of the most authentic films about the family dynamic and the unexpected twists and turns our lives take. Great direction & acting! Really enjoyed this movie!

James H (ca) wrote: we don't get a nice script and the acting isn't good at all, but the martial arts sequences truly r stunning, and that pretty much saves the film from failure.

horse c (it) wrote: Treasure maps, treasure, pirates, swashbuckling - what's there not to like

Lore L (it) wrote: Odd, unexpected adaptation of Edgar Poe's poem Annabel Lee. It's a gem, but not for everyone.

KARLA E (es) wrote: I liked it but I didn't quiet agree with it :-/

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First and only viewing - 1/25/2011)

Andy F (au) wrote: One of those films remembered through rose tinted glasses! A fantastic start but it isn't that long before the film becomes a tedious unrequited love story. Picks up at the end again but it is too late. Dannny Kaye is understated and marvellous throughout.

Cun S (fr) wrote: I loved the Cyd Charisse dance numbers, and Ricardo Montalban shoes that he was one of the most underrated actors of that time. But the story!...! f-ck! what a sham. This movie teaches you that it is OK to stalk a woman you have 'loved' for 3 years (even though she does not know you exist), break up her perfectly happy engagement with another man she loves, kidnap her and them 'make' her fall in love with you. Hated the story.

Art S (it) wrote: I still find it astonishing to watch the impassioned films of the early 1940s that offer sermons admonishing people to fight the Nazis and to defend freedom. Having escaped from France himself, Jean Renoir (like so many other European migr directors) was personally invested in this message. This Land is Mine vividly and theatrically tells the story of an unknown country under German occupation and the choices people make to resist or not to resist. Charles Laughton, a school-teacher, is too meek to know what to do, but he is influenced by his colleague, Maureen O'Hara, her brother Kent Smith, and the principal of the school (Philip Merivale) to know what is right. They are opposed by Walter Slezak, the charismatic German major, and George Sanders, the self-loathing collaborator. As events play out and members of the resistance are caught and shot, Laughton becomes galvanized. And then it happens, the movie stops dead and allows Laughton to speak at length against occupations both general and specific (in words written by screenwriter Dudley Nichols, who wrote many Hollywood hits). This is pretty rousing stuff and you don't hear it every day. Perhaps we should. Of course, this break from the film (and from Laughton's character) does disrupt the original story - but for this decision, I'm giving it an even higher rating than if it stayed small and kept its social influence strategy implicit.

Blake P (au) wrote: "Changing Lanes" isn't interested in a bare bones approach to the revenge movie: it has more complicated things in mind, being a game of cat-and-mouse less concerned with making right and more about tap dancing on the fragile floor of what we'd call the ethical dilemma. In it, two men, played by Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson, are buried in a circle of oneupmanship, reminiscent of the diabolical games characterized in 1972's "Sleuth." Their disdain for one another is a factor of a chance encounter. Both are driving to critical moments in their personal and professional lives, Doyle Gipson (Jackson) to a court-appointed custody hearing, Gavin Banek (Affleck), a stellar young lawyer, to a court case that could make or break the reputation of his firm. It's Friday and traffic is bad, and Banek, being too caught up in preparation, bumps Gipson's car and causes him to crash, flattening his tire in the process. Mannered exchanges are traded, but nerves are stomped on when Banek absentmindedly writes Gipson a blank check, despite objections from the latter that he needs immediate help, not passing aid. But Banek runs off, his farewell a cringeworthy rendition of the classic "better luck next time" line. In return, Gipson is twenty minutes late to his meeting, giving the jury incentive to grant his wife (Kim Staunton) sole custody), with Banek's case stilted by the fact that he accidentally left an important file with Gipson in their scuffle. So when they bump into each other once again later in the day, something in Gipson, a recovering alcoholic, snaps. Knowing of the importance the file has on Banek's career, he uses it to taunt his opponent; but being high and mighty, Banek does everything he can to force the man into returning the document, going so far as to cause him faux bankruptcy that inhibits an impending loan. The stakes get higher and the spectacle of revenge grows increasingly ravenous. But there comes a point by which the men are handed a metaphorical mirror and are forced to see themselves from a perspective that goes far beyond self-interest. "Changing Lanes" never stops being arresting because we are never provided with easy answers; choosing sides, trading sympathies, is not an uncluttered option. Banek and Gipson are not uncomplicated figures of heroism nor villainy. Both slither around on a day to day basis telling themselves that they're acting selflessly, but self-interest is what waits on the other side. Penchant anger is always resting somewhere deep within their beings, waiting to be unleashed; what they don't have in common class-wise is made up for in the way they can hardly control themselves when something doesn't go the way they'd like. So maybe it's no coincidence that they find themselves parties to a car wreck - maybe these two were always meant to push each others buttons, to cause the other to look deep within themselves and discover why life has always been a balancing act. The pairing of Jackson and Affleck, though initially ponderous, works its way into being successfully (and authentically) maleficent, Jackson being the middle-aged screw-up who has never gotten his life together, Affleck the young upstart who seemingly has it all, despite only being in his 20s. Under different circumstances, these men might have gotten along, or, better yet, never crossed paths. But their accidental meeting seems to be one of fate in "Changing Lanes," and we're kept glued to the screen, never quite sure of where their paths of vengeance will take them. Jackson and Affleck give terrific performances, portraying their characters' neuroses with an effective mix of fury and vulnerability. And so nothing in "Changing Lanes" is simple, and that's what I like best about it. There are no right answers, no right characters, no right roads to travel down - it's a battle of reputations and needs with much moral ambiguity to further its richness.

Quinn G (fr) wrote: a musical that truly makes murder in the 20's absolutely glamorous

Lee P (kr) wrote: Surprisingly good action / drama; big twist at end of movie 7/10 Rev 001