A group of hunters and photographers reaches the secluded area of Canada. Soon they discover that they are camping near an ancient Indian burial site. According to some legend a magnificent treasure is hidden there guarded by a mighty spirit of the wind Wendigo.

A group of hunters and photographers reaches the secluded area of Canada. Soon they discover that they are camping near an ancient Indian burial site. According to some legend a magnificent treasure is hidden there guarded by a mighty spirit of the wind Wendigo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex r (br) wrote: Thankskilling 3 is the follow-up to the original, and it serves more ridiculous ideas. I quite enjoyed the first film, and thought it was an original comedy horror film that was so bad it's good. The sequel on the other hand is disappointing. The comedic elements are more elaborate in the plot is way more silly than the original. The film has a cast composed primarily of puppets, which just doesn't work. What made the first one worth seeing was the sheer ridiculousness of a murderous turkey killing people with axes, a carver and other assorted tools. That was fun, and entertaining. Thankskilling 3 is bad, with nothing good going for it. I was disappointed and after the entertaining first film, I expected something good with this follow-up. However it just fails. The film could have been quite good, but it relies too much on the puppets, and it just doesn't have the charm, wit and ultimately the memorable silliness of the first picture. Thankskilling was original and hilarious. This one is trash, uninspired garbage that will disappoint fans of the original. The problem with this one is that the filmmakers try to create something refreshing with the material, but they don't know how to create something watchable. The film leaves a lot to be desired and it leaves a lot of room for improvement. At times there are glimpses of what made Thankskilling worth seeing, but it just gets lost in a poorly thought out plot that tries to add layers to a film that had a killer turkey killing people. This is a multi layered mess of a film that just fails to be fun and entertaining. Stick with the first film, and don't waste your time watching this one.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Thursday, July 25, 2013 (2012) Dawn Rider WESTERN Another straight-to-rental Christian Slater movie starring in a forgettable western centering on his father getting killed as a result of a group of criminal outlaws attempting to score something big while stealing mail from unsuspecting post offices. The ironic thing is that the father that was just killed also happens to be one of the rustlers dad as well except that he didn't know about that until after he was shot and killed since he was outside guarding the horses. He did however killed the guy who shot him but is still part of the group. In terms of the shooting scenes in this movie is amongst the worst and the most unconvincing I had ever seen since everybody including the ones who are supposed to be really good all look like lousy shots since they're many close scenes of people shooting at one another at close range and they still miss like how bad is that if a kid in real life can aim better than the adults shown in this film. I stopped at half way before shutting it off and was unable to watch anymore, but I think I'm going to use the fast forward button while playing the rest of the way. Don't bother to waste your time. Bomb

Owain W (jp) wrote: Contains lots of information, but it's a bit of a mess.

Lee M (es) wrote: "Decoding Annie Parker," though uneven in its execution, has at its heart two remarkable women and one remarkable performance.

Robert S (nl) wrote: "And that's basically turning a frown upside down."

Ethan T (au) wrote: bernie mac proves this movies not worth it

stan l (it) wrote: Love story in a different way, special.....

Jessica H (kr) wrote: A little crazy,but full of fun that can watch with the whole family or alone.

Michael A (gb) wrote: Very odd but enjoyable helped greatly by the wonderful soundtrack

Kenneth E (kr) wrote: Another cute romantic comedy starring the immortal duo of Garland and Rooney. This one has several great songs, a funny animated sequence involving instrumental fruits, and entertaining choreography. While the story is predictable at times, the end result is pleasing.

Private U (nl) wrote: Laural and Hardy are the best!!!

Edward C (br) wrote: The Nut Job(2014)Starring: Will Arnnet, Katherine Heigel, Brendan Frasier, Sara Gadon, Maya Rudolph, Stephen Lang, Jeff Dunham and Liam NessonDirected By: Peter LepeniotisReviewYou know I am not a big fan of animated stuff, unless to me it's nostalgic, from Pixar or Ghibli. But you may have watched Over the hedge and found it amusing, but you have you to be nuts to watch this load of garbage, thankfully me and my whole family are certifiably nuts.The film revolves around a squirrel who's name I don't care to remember voiced by Will Arnett who is a master thief for getting nuts for him and his partner who doesn't speak. When he destroys the tree where the animals live in the park he is banished to our side and has a hard time getting until he sees a Nut shop that is owned by thieves trying to rob a bank next door. He intends to redeem himself by devising to steal all nuts for the park but when a plot unfolds to sabotage him, he must stop the raccoon voiced by Liam Nesson and get those nuts.Boy did what I write just sound stupid, If I could give an award for worst animated film of the year, I would give it to this film. Will Arnnet sounds like he really should be squirrel but only he'd be one smoking a joint. This film is one of the reasons I hate animation, not only is it a cartoon and not live action which I can take more seriously but it's borderline stupid. The CG animation looks like crap too it's the worst I've seen since Food Fight.This animated over the hedge rip-off is one of the worst films of the year. You must stay away at all costs cause trust me you'd probably rather watch The Legend of Hercules then this. I give The Nut Job half out of five.

Stefan G (au) wrote: Dolemite sounded like an awesomely bad movie. It turns out that it's just a plain old bad movie. The story is so simple, that it could have easily been a 20-minute TV episode, but as a movie, they have to stretch it out so far. The characters are a colourful mix, and they all swear like crazy, which I'd think is good, but the characters don't develop very well as a result. The music playing in the movie is pretty cool, but when Dolemite's singing comes up, it's baffling. The action is alright, but it looks really cheap. Overall, it's not awful, but the production value is bad enough that Dolemite looks cheap, and Rudy Ray Moore could have done so much better.