Wendigo: Bound by Blood

Wendigo: Bound by Blood

For hundreds of years, Native American culture has believed in the evil cannibalistic spirit known as "the wendigo". For those who had taken part in cannibalism, no matter the reason, it was aid "the wendigo" would take possession of the person's body and soul. Once the wendigo would take possession of the human host,the host would develop and insatiable desire to eat human flesh. In the deep woods of Northern Pennsylvania, a small town Sheriff (Brian Anthony) is investigating a bloody crime scene. On the scene, he meets Angeni Stonechild (Cheyenne King), a traveling physician treating patients in the area. During the investigation, the two stumble upon dead bodies, a slew of relentless hit men, and two mysterious individuals being protected by federal agents. With a trail of mutilated bodies piling up, the sheriff and Angeni must not only confront the dangerous assassins but also find a way to destroy.....The Wendigo!

For hundreds of years, Native American culture has believed in the evil cannibalistic spirit known as "the wendigo". For those who had taken part in cannibalism, no matter the reason, it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wendigo: Bound by Blood torrent reviews

Beth H (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed the great acting by all the accomplished actors featured in this. Seems like all the characters were hiding some secrets involving treachery which was interesting. This is one of those movies that grows on you with each viewing.

Mike B (au) wrote: Quirky, goofy and a bit slow...yet strangely interesting. Fish out of water story with an appealing romance. The acting is quite good, and the film is nicely shot. Gross is superb. An oddly Canadian Western. Reminiscent of the series Northern Exposure.

Allison D (jp) wrote: A fascinating, well-rounded story focusing on two very different men and how they approach life. Brings up a lot of ideas but doesn't come to many conclusions. Definitely not a warm-fuzzy movie, but worth seeing.

Michael F (au) wrote: Sounds like a good movie.

Private U (fr) wrote: Val Kilmer has pretty much top billing on the box and he is barely in the movie. It's pretty good actually, it seems strage and a bit on the horror side at first but if you give it a chance it does get better. I really liked thier variation on the whole heaven and hell.

Ivan M (au) wrote: girls are pretty, haha.

Richard Y (us) wrote: A documentary of a documentary of the famous director Werner Herzog making his own documentary about the Loch Ness Monster! It's funny a lot of times and believable in others but it's all up to you to believe the existence of "Nessie" by the end of the film. Go get it and watch it.

Sha H (us) wrote: Ver scary but very Funny TOO

Drew G (br) wrote: Haha I never saw this one but I always remember us making fun of the cover-case for it at the video store--it's a different picture then the one on here.

Kim B (mx) wrote: This is probably more enjoyable to watch if you are a kid, as an adult its pretty boring and long. The graphics are horrible, granted it is the 60s, but a lot of the movie is singing but not very good songs. I usually like musicals and movies with animals but this fell rather flat.

Eric R (es) wrote: Hal Hartley is such a fascinating filmmaker. It's funny because everytime I start to watch one of his films, they come off as almost abrasive but usually about 20 minutes into the film, I remember that Harley really is a genius and one of the most fascinating contemporary american filmmakers. I think it has to do with the fact that all of his films are a sort of Hyper-Reality. Surviving Desire is one of his most philosophical films but goodamn the script is just amazing. Richard Linklater wishes he could write dialogue like Hartley. I really love Martin Donovan in all of his collaborations with Hartley, but there is something about his character, the collerge professor, who is "surviving desire" which is just great. This film is poetry; its eloquent and beautiful.

Eric R (es) wrote: As far as the inbred, mongoloid killers in the woods genre goes, I would have to put Just Before Dawn right at the top. Its story is pretty much the standard: A group of young friends go into the woods for some fun, and end up being hunted by these inbred murderers. Jeff Lieberman is a very observant filmmaker, really focusing on the details of things, which actually raises the tension a lot, particularly in this film. The best example of this involves a scene were the kids are crossing over a cliff, via rope bridge. The camera continually focuses on the immediate danger of the situation, at one point even slowly panning all the way from the bottom of the cliff up to the rope swing, showing us gravity of the situation. The film has a lot of violence but it's not exploitative at all, and really doesn't have much gore at all. Instead, it focuses solely on creating a creepy atmosphere and it's more affective than most slashers because of it. The mumbling, squealing pig type sounds coming from these Inbred Mongoloids is just unnerving and creepy as shit. Another rare thing for a film like this to accomplish is giving the viewer a true sense of trauma and loss; and this film really does accomplish it. Towards the end of the film, you really feel that these events will haunt the survivor(s) for the rest of their lives, leaving them changed men/women.

Steven G (mx) wrote: this was a long way off of doris days usual films. had a very hitchcock feel to it at certain parts while maintaining cliche upbeat music of most 60s movies during other parts

Stephen B (ca) wrote: Unexpected end to a gripping movie worth a Saturday rainy afternoon.

Le Wild P (us) wrote: Harry Callahan surfaces again as the fickle cop with a passion for righteousness. This time faced with an ultilmate crime lord in the shell of a cop secretely, a murderous brute vigilante, whose culiminating crimes are to be unveiled by the one, the only, Dirty Harry in 'Magnum Force'. An absolute treat.

Jason G (ca) wrote: Another in a recent spate of movies with morons as protagonists, which I find frustrating to watch, regardless of the quality of production.