Wenn du jung bist, gehört dir die Welt

Wenn du jung bist, gehört dir die Welt

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:1934
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Wenn du jung bist, gehört dir die Welt torrent reviews

Carlos K (it) wrote: Un film denso, repleto de silencios que dicen mucho ms que las palabras. Una investigacin se convierte en un profundo estudio de caracteres. Es interesante la presencia mnima pero vital de los personajes femeninos, ya que de una u otra manera estos determinan la estructura emocional de los masculinos. Visualmente excelente. Larga, incmoda pero fundamental. No para cualquier espectador.

James F (gb) wrote: I don't know if this is in continuity or not, but he movie was pretty good. As with all movies, please think too hard. I bought this outright and have watched it a lot. It's better that Night of the Living Dead if that helps plus it explains how the zombie population began. Not a Romero zombie movie but still decent.

Frederick M (mx) wrote: Don't let anyone tell you that there were never any conspiracies in the Western World. This is one of the biggest conspiracies of the 20th century which we know about. It's amazing that we even know that a group of German officers attempted to assassinate Hitler in 1944 and nearly succeeded. How many other events are there like this in the world that we haven't heard about? Probably quite a few. It's a very interesting case. Good documentary which is a good addition to your library if you already watched "Valkyrie"

Brandon W (kr) wrote: What I love about this movie is that Michael Moore has no problem telling you that you're an idiot and here are many examples of why. But he won't tell you that to your face, he'll ask the best questions to get you to showcase your stupidity. Now I'm not going to sit here and talk about what to do with the gun control "problem" they have in the states and have this review get overly politcal but I will say that this film is just as relevant now as is was back in 2002. With the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement going on and with the most recent attack on the Dallas Police Department, this film still talks to those issues. A great watch for anyone looking for a documentary that is entertaining but will also make you think about some certain things.

Reve K (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite comedies. It's a classic.

Bill B (de) wrote: An amazing heist film that I'm happy to have finally crossed off the To-Watch Pile for Movie Shame Monday. Alain Delon and Melville are an amazing combo and this one is well worth tracking down.Recommended.

Misty E (gb) wrote: I wish they made movies like this again. Nothing today can compare. Andy Griffith, and Don Knotts are the greatest!!

Ricardo V (de) wrote: laird cregar had a lot to offer Hollywood before he died due to heart failure. he felt he was being typecast as a villian due to his chubbiness so he decided to lose weight FAST. due to this, his weak heart couldn't take it. it's a very solid last performance, who knows what he could have done later in his career. the film is good and especially the final 15 minutes, the direction goes into this insane carnival of camera movements and hectic scoring. it's a fitting ending. it's a good film.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Some of the novelty wears off on a second viewing. It still has it's amazing moments, but the camera work is just awful (even by "found footage" film standards) There is no denying the spectacle and ambition of the film though. Worth watching, but I don't love it quite as much as I did the first time that I saw it.

Jonathan D (de) wrote: REVIEW (GRADE: D+) A rare double-misfire by director Clint Eastwood and star Matt Damon, Hereafter opens with one of the most gripping scenes I've ever witnessed: a tsunami sweeps through a resort town, with buildings, cars, and people swept up in a massive tidal wave. Initially similar to scenes in various disaster films, Eastwood shows his talent as a director when he scales down from massive special-effects-driven destruction and follows one person as she struggles for life against the current and debris. It's a harrowing, realistic scene, effectively opening with a bang a film that sadly whimpers along for the rest of its running time. Essentially a feature-length promo for psychic mediums with a few blatantly anti-Christian overtones, Hereafter is flatly-written, sluggishly-paced, and dramatically unsatisfying. To their credit, the actors do the best they can with the meandering script, and a few scenes are emotionally effective, but the end result is underwhelming and unfocused.CONTENT OVERVIEW: Hereafter is rated PG-13. It contains intense, but not graphic, depictions of a natural disaster and a terrorist attack. There is a moderate amount of foul language, including one f-word. It is implied that a man and a woman are having a sexual relationship, and both are briefly scene in their underwear in a hotel room (it is morning and they are waking up/getting dressed).MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: Do family relationships continue beyond the grave?

Fellipe M (it) wrote: "Natural Born Killers"is a satirical, bloated and confusing movie that turned out to be one of the wickedest (and unique) experiences i've ever had as a cinema lover. 4/5 stars

Norma T (ag) wrote: its so lame, its amazing. watch it, you'll thank me.