Were the World Mine

Were the World Mine

If you had a love-potion, who would you make fall madly in love with you? Timothy, prone to escaping his dismal high school reality through dazzling musical daydreams, gets to answer that question in a very real way. After his eccentric teacher casts him as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, he stumbles upon a recipe hidden within the script to create the play's magical, purple love-pansy.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:magic,   revenge,   bicycle,  

A bullied and demoralized gay student at an all-boys school uses a magical flower derived from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream' to turn many in his community gay, including a comely rugby player for himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn H (gb) wrote: I've seen many many......many exorcism movies from great ones like the Exorcist and The Exorcist III, to bad ones such as Exorcist II: The Heretic. Ok..so I picked on one trilogy..shoot me. The Cloth is about a group of priests that use Bond-esque weapons against demons. Danny Trejo is top billed but get nearly no screen time. I nearly turned it off after seeing and hearing almost duplicate scenes from other movies. Especially when the "new" recruit is given a weapon and he says "How am I supposed to use this thing? I feel like I'm going to break this damn thing" right out of Men in Black. Avoid this stinker.

paul s (mx) wrote: XXY is a coming of age film, but with an interesting and provocative twist; the main character is a hermaphrodite. This may be shocking to some, but I found this aspect of the film, as well as that of the parallel coming of age tale of the visiting male teen, quite interesting. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the dialog of the film (or the translation of the dialog to be specific). The film tend to dawdle, spending too much time creating atmosphere and a feeling of normalcy (like showing a family dinner with friends where absolutely nothing happens to move the story along). The story of the she/he is told well however. She (for that is how "it" is perceived) is wrestling with her identity and is considering the male aspects of her physiology. She experiments being the "dominant" with a slightly older boy - a family friend who is also struggling with his identity (he may have gay tendencies, or is just curious... the film smartly leaves that to the imagination of the viewer). Thrown into the mix are the feelings of both sets of parents - from she/he's father, who has moved the family from Argentina to a remote fishing village in Uruguay to protect her/him; and really simply wants her to decide who she wants to be and will accept that decision - to the visiting "friends" (a relationship that seems very tenuous at best). The father of the visiting boy has turned his back on his son as he believes the boy does indeed have a hankering for other boys. He is also a surgeon, and insinuates that he would be happy to take a little snip at the "daughter's" problem. If this all sounds intriguing, it is. But the pace and some of the directorial decisions seem to muck up the matter. Just as there is curiosity when she/he's secret is revealed to a friend, who makes the mistake of telling the secret to his chums, the ultimate payoff of the film seems rather flat, with all the sexual tension and confusion between the boy and "girl" reduced to an odd, "wanna see it?" question. That the boy doesn't respond (and the film shows a close-up of his face, which displays NOTHING), you wonder what the message was - man, this climax could have been handled so much better! I'd also like to mention that the synopsis presented by RT is incorrect - she/he is NOT saved from the rape by her father Kraken - she is saved by the local boy she told the secret to.

Phil B (au) wrote: It is always something to witness the ravages of religion on people's mind and heart. Only thing that made me uncertain about the movie's efficiency is the non-objective discourse of Richard Dawkins.. especially on how science is a direct opposition to religions, which I don't really consider vice-versa. His presence and narration are nonetheless keying greatly the debate.

Robert H (jp) wrote: A good fun film that's a tad long and tries to put way too much into a single film. CGI is pretty good and the acting works for this type of film. Don't watch it dubbed... it's a bad bad dub. Stick to the original Russian with English subs, you'll be happy you did.My only real beef with the film is the action sequences which didn't seem to flow to the point where they seemed hard to follow at times. With a little bit more skill in the fight scenes department, this film might have been very very good. Right now, it's just very good :)

Brandon W (ru) wrote: 31 is directed and written by Rob Zombie, and it stars Sheri Moon Zombie in a horror thriller about a group of people that got kidnapped, and they have to play a game where they basically have to survive for 31 hours while dealing with psychos that'll kill them. My friends and I were trying to find a scary film to watch, and so we rent this movie and Blair Witch, but we ended up only watching 31, which I haven't watched a Rob Zombie film in a while, and The Devil Rejects still remain to be his best so far. With 31, Rob Zombie still hasn't got his creative mojo back as this wasn't a good movie to watch. Some of the acting is good, but there are other actors that were either really annoying, or just being silly that is just hard to take seriously. When the first few minutes with Doom-Head having a monologue, I actually like where it was going as it was really creepy and messed up, that is until we get to the characters in the van, and boy did I not give a care about these characters. All they did was talk a lot of gross stuff, and are just jerks to each other without any backstories that at least would've give us some humanity to the characters. The way that they got captured is bizarre and just come out of nowhere, and that it leads to basically The Running Game, and that's pretty much it for that. When it does try to be creepy, it just ends up being silly, and the writing is childish that felt like it was written by a teenager that is trying to act like he's cool at cursing. The worst part about this movie however, is the camerawork, and that's because when it does the action scenes, it keeps going in a frantic way that I had no idea what I'm looking at, and it really irritates the heck out of me that is going to make me sick. There's another fight scene where there's a bunch of blinking lights, and that would definitely make some people sick and almost have a seizure. The score by John 5 and Rob Zombie is good at times, but then it can also be annoying to listen to that feels like they have no idea how to entertain the audience with their music. The characters are complete morons, and there are some parts that either weren't explained, or doesn't make any sense with the game itself. The gore effects look pretty good for a low budgeted film, and the production designs look pretty elaborate in a good way. The best part however, is Richard Brake who plays one of the villains. He is intimidating, chilling, and every time he's in it, I go back to being invested in the film as it does get suspenseful to watch, which I felt like the movie should've been about him out of all the characters in this. Even then however, it's not enough to save the film as I set he bar down low, and 31 didn't even go over my expectations, but at least it was kind of fun to make fun of the film with my friends.

Felipe F (au) wrote: Wes Anderson deftly pulls together a beautiful, well-written script with a marvellous cast - led by strong work from Gene Hackman - and the result is a piercing and entertaining dramedy.

proac j (ru) wrote: beautiful movie. i'v seen it a lot of times, great combination of kinda queer and horror elements, great story - line, it should be tagged as A Must See Movie...

Matt M (kr) wrote: Martin Sheen's directorial debut tells the story of a white man whose inappropriate behaviour gets him in a stockade populated by blacks. Though the film can be interesting a times, it is largely predictable and forgettable. However, it's a solid story and has its interesting moments.

Rita B (mx) wrote: Great old fashioned action pic. Great cast.

Gordon H (de) wrote: Funny Action-Adventure Blast!Originally Written November 25, 2010--After surviving an assault from a squad of hit men, retired CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) reassembles his old team for an all-out war. Frank reunites with old Joe (Morgan Freeman), crazy Marvin (John Malkovich) and wily Victoria (Helen Mirren) to uncover a massive conspiracy that threatens their lives. Only their expert training will allow them to survive a near-impossible mission -- breaking into CIA headquarters. What a funny, action-adventure blast! Willis is brilliant in this role as a retired CIA agent who assembles a team as eccentric as they are deadly! So funny and exciting at the same time. It's like Die Hard meets Ghostbusters! Four-and-a-half stars.