Werewolves: The Dark Survivors

Werewolves: The Dark Survivors

Imagine that werewolves are not mythical monsters, but actually exist. What would the world look like? The answer can be found in Werewolves: The Dark Survivors.

Imagine that werewolves are not mythical monsters, but actually exist. What would the world look like? The answer can be found in Werewolves: The Dark Survivors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Werewolves: The Dark Survivors torrent reviews

Erika G (au) wrote: it was interesting but needed more.

Ethan L (fr) wrote: Short and sweet, like it should be.

Claire L (nl) wrote: An unconventional romcom about different relationships. The characters were very human and endearing. **SPOILERS**Thought there were some loose knots regarding the former love interest of Kenneth that were quickly brushed away after he realized that he was into Aubrey Plaza's character.Requires some suspension of belief at the end, but maybe that added to the charm of the movie. For me, I found it a bit hard to believe, maybe it would've been better if they didn't show the end (whether they do successfully get to time travel or not).

WS W (de) wrote: Same old thing again & again.

Vikas T (ca) wrote: Very mature direction from Nandita Das..

Giorgio P (us) wrote: Most of the scenes are executed in a way that is absolutely jaw dropping. At first i thought it was going to be quite funny but i assure you this movie is very haunting aswell.

Josh H (us) wrote: A movie about Sebastian Telfair...starring...Sebastian Telfair. It's as if he's a basketball legend already...hmmm

Sarah (nl) wrote: I'm currently still squinting out of frustration. I swear for the last 3-4 minutes of this movie I suddenly got worried that I was going to hate the ending so I got very squinty. Turned out I was right. The ending was inconclusive, at least by my standards and that just frustrates me. Besides the ending though the movie as a whole wasnt too bad. It had some good moments, I was drawn to the characters, however, as a whole it wasnt that special to me. Not bad, but not great either. What did this movie teach me? that it is possible to watch an entire movie and still not completely understand what the title means. does anyone know what Krmpack means? I cant find a definition anywhere.

Misti S (fr) wrote: I have lived this film for so many years!! I hope to one day meet someone else who has seen this movie!! Lol!!

bill b (us) wrote: n e e d to find this one

Tom G (kr) wrote: Classic 80's era comedy.

JH K (kr) wrote: Esto se me atraganta mucho... es tan indigesta como la peli que intentan rodar... est bien, s pero... no llevo bien el estilo Truffaut.

Vincent P (br) wrote: The whole thing is wrapped up in only the last three minutes and the rest, a whole lot of bicycling back-and-forth (and back-and-forth and back-and-forth) through the French countryside, grows real dull REALLY fast. I'll stick with the remake. Even though that flick had zero mystery about it, it managed to be a heck of a lot more enthralling (and had a far more satisfying conclusion).

Masorad (au) wrote: Pillow Talk redux, with Rock more of a rapscallion and Doris more of a ditz. Tony Randall has increased screen time here, and it's fun to see Joe Flynn and Ann Davis. The message of the film is a backhanded endorsement of alcohol and alcoholic hijinx, which is always welcome.

Paul B (au) wrote: His Girl Friday is a brilliant classic romantic comedy that sustains countless viewings and critical scrutiny due to its ingenious screenplay fused with countless one liners rapidly spouting off one after the next in an endless succession of wit so sharp, so subtle, and so constant, with performances so astute and so straight faced, multiple viewings are required to attain everything this achingly funny masterpiece has to offer.