Werner - Volles Rooäää!!!

Werner - Volles Rooäää!!!


A wicked investor wants Werner's residential area razed to the ground in order to build a shopping center. However, building tycoon Günzelsen has not reckoned with Werner. Together with his master Röhrich he's planning to blow away the plumbings with a gigantic obstruction... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Werner - Volles Rooäää!!! torrent reviews

Ricardo B (es) wrote: Surprisingly it was an enjoyable movie that really made me feel as I was there in the struggle with Daniel.

Tommy H (ca) wrote: I didn't know this was a Herzog movie until after watching it. I thought it was awesome, but not what I'm use to from the director. It's the kind of movie that I find very underwhelming, but that's a part of it's charm. With Herzog I expect extreme escapism and this movie didn't deliver. I think it's because the movies I've seen by him the scenery is a big part of the experience, and in this movie the people in the movie are up front and center. And they deserve it. I really respect their way of life. Then again, where I live the forest is a lot like the forest in the movie so maybe me being very familiar with the scenery makes me not really notice.

Jillian S (br) wrote: so dark and hilarious!

Danielle M (es) wrote: Captivating and luscious!!!!! Now I am not a big Rufus Sewell fan but he made me fall in love with him. Catherinie McCormack was incredibly gorgeous, perfect in everyway!!!! Addicting and fun this movie is a must see! =)

Josh F (us) wrote: Didn't think there was any chance it'd be worth three hours, sat in my queue for well over a year. 100% worth it.

Michael F (ag) wrote: Chilling villan's, good acting by Matheson, sort of sad ending

Rebecca N (kr) wrote: Interesting, quiet film. Window into a place and time in the world and what makes different individuals there tick. Wouldn't recommend watching if tired. Definitely worth seeing. [netflix 2011-03]

David S (au) wrote: There aren't enough involving moments in the first hour to make this recommendable on the whole. It does build a sense of foreboding in several nicely done long takes in the last third, but that seems to be done almost in spite of itself. Too much of the film is mired by investigation and evocation of ennui, which is extremely hard to pull off. It's also not helpful that Fassbinder hadn't yet discovered some of his most effective techniques, masterful use of color and lighting being two of them.

Paul D (ru) wrote: A waining Wayne. It has a little too much time filling amongst an obviously one directional plot.

James H (nl) wrote: 5.5/10. There a very few Katherine Hepburn movies that I feel are sub par, and this is one of them. I didn't care for her performance and the film is way too talky, bringing on some boredom. However, the costumes and sets are wonderful, as is the supporting cast.

Qi Z (mx) wrote: A stoic tale of revenge by a father-son pair.

Dann M (us) wrote: A poorly made sex comedy, What's Your Number? is formulaic and trite. After reading an article in a woman's magazine Ally Darling discovers that she's a slut and is on the verge of becoming statistically unmarriable; she then vows not to sleep with any more guys and instead works with her neighbor to track down her old boyfriends, hoping that one of them is Mr. Right. Anna Faris and Chris Evans lead the cast, but neither of them gives much of a performance. And the plot is painfully predictable, almost from the start. The comedy too is pretty rote, though it does deliver a few laughs. Yet despite a few funny moments, What's Your Number? is completely forgettable.