Two men are looking for work.

A funny film in which two unemployed people who live in the industrial district of Cologne spend their empty days drinking beers in a bar. They make some halfyhearted attemps to find a job ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy R (nl) wrote: This movie was both disturbing and heartbreaking at the same time. It's not a horror movie and it's not that suspenseful, but I still think it's worth the watch. It tells the story about a murder through the point of view of the murderers instead of the victim. Georgie Henley was amazing, she really showed that she can do more than Narnia.

Leo L (au) wrote: Definitely wanna see!!

Kenric L (es) wrote: Watched this at TIFF'08... An Indian film in the style of "Crash" (weaving storylines) about conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India. It kinda opens your eyes to the the fear, politics, terror and violence that is happening in another part of the world. A little drawn out though and it didn't really have a strong climax or anything, except to show a (fictionalized) account of what many Indian people are experiencing.

Denny C (nl) wrote: I discovered the poorest and most abused of urban children worldwide when I saw a screening of Pixote shortly after getting out of college. Although not easily available these days, the images of that film still haunt me years later. Although not quiet as harsh, and although quite a bit more hopeful, this documentary tells a story of love and hope and joy (and possibly triumph) despite the devastation of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, in this case South Africa. You won't be shocked beyond recognition as you might have been if you saw City of God, but you will be moved as the children tell their stories of loss and of grief. One woman and her family have brought hope where there is little cause for it and the filmmaker chronicles life in the community that they have established in Johannesburg to care for and to perhaps heal the children of AIDS. Two thumbs up for this effort and for the film and for the filmmaker. On a personal note, if there is a cause where our war waging resources should be diverted, I think that that cause is the rescue of the abandoned children of our 3rd world urban centers and the orphaned children of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Ryan R (de) wrote: 'Skipped Parts' has equal doses of awkwardness, tenderness, and hilarity which perfectly captures the situation of things. It may end up being pointless, but it's entertaining and sweet.

Scott M (ca) wrote: It's PG-13. I just saved you two boobless hours.

WK J (de) wrote: Mom and Dad brought me to many similar movies. Nowadays that would be considered child abuse.

Jennifer B (jp) wrote: The costuems were great, but not my cup of tea

Emily V (ca) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid, because it was about an otter. I recently bought a DVD copy and watched it again. It was just as good as I remembered.

Jorban J (ag) wrote: Cagney steals the show yet again with a fantastic performance. Unfortunately, the film's plot was poorly designed (like many movies of the era): the plot doesn't know exactly where to go, so it goes too many places. If nothing else, entertaining.

Claes J (fr) wrote: En lgmld, st och oskyldig liten bagatell till feelgood-familjedrama, regisserad utav samma kille som gjorde The Bucket List. Sevrd mycket tack vare en alltid lika karismatisk och charmerande Morgan Freeman. Lite smmysig sdr.