Sylt in winter. Cem, trainee with the islands Department of Sanitation, and Jesús, a stray in search of his place in the world they meet and decide to give each other a chance...

Sylt in winter. Cem, trainee with the islands Department of Sanitation, and Jesús, a stray in search of his place in the world they meet and decide to give each other a chance... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Westerland torrent reviews

Lisa R (us) wrote: A short, quiet film about how the tug of tradition can pull you under.

Marisa R (it) wrote: I had probably great expectations about this movie, because I was not impressed with it. The story is interesting, and I appreciate the way the movie portrays the implications of partition in every day lives. I also really liked the music, and the production is, in itself, a great one! What I didn't like much was the excess of characters, it took me several rewinds to distinguish between Lajjo and Rajo (even the names are similar, as were the actresses who portrayed them) The story is really about Paro, not about Ramchand as the movie description indicates, and the acting was a bit too dramatic for my taste. I have seen much better productions; so I am sorry but I won't recommend it.

Russ V (jp) wrote: The story of Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman I found to be kind of boring. I ended up spending most of the movie on my computer while the movie was playing in the background. Altough I wasn't that surprised, as Mystery of the Batwoman is generally one of the less popular animated Batman movies.

Agustin R (jp) wrote: Really fun german comedy

Zayne R (br) wrote: Otis, Jimi, and Janis cut through everything like a chain saw.

James B (es) wrote: A solid movie. Stewart, Novak, and Lemmon are great in this light comedy. Lemmon is perhaps the best contributor to the comedy of the film.The editing of the film is a bit confusing, as a character will leave a room in one building only to enter a room in another building without visually establishing there was traveling involved.Critically speaking, it is interesting to see how the witches in the film are all cast as beatniks and bohemians, a form of 'others' or outsiders. Novak's character must shed those aspects of her persona in order to become a suitable mate for Stewart. Not only must she be divested of power, and become a shy, emotional, weak, woman, but she must change her wardrobe from blacks, reds, and animal prints to white (that is to lose sensual / carnal aspects for 'purity'). In addition, she loses her store of African (another group of 'others' / outsiders) primitive art for a much brighter, much more anglo-appropriate store filled with shell art.Fun movie though, all in all.

Kyle M (es) wrote: It retains the usual style of darkness and inner meanings within the Gotham City limits when putting the spotlight on James Gordon, a way to present us the perspective of the law he's working with and the infecting corruption that he easily defeats and overcomes. By looking at the way it was structured by being spanned a year's time of The Dark Knight's entrance and towards acceptance while Catwoman's trying to make herself independently known, it seems it's an alternate look of taking cues from "Batman Begins" on Gordon's perspective that inspires "Gotham." This entry to the Batman filmography is at the same achieving placement where "Gotham" is currently placed in the media. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Kevin K (jp) wrote: Great movie. Cages best. Leto is phenomenal.

Mystic L (ag) wrote: I've never before seen such a huge discrepancy between critic reviews & the quality of a movie. "Rob the Mob" stole 110 minutes of my life. Fortunately I had my phone handy so I could at least amuse myself by playing Candy Crush Saga. The acting was painfully bad. I found Andy Garcia cringe-worthy in his 2-dimensional performance. Everything about this film was a cliche...and the bad accents...please dear God help me forget the bad accents! I've never reviewed a film on here before...but if I can prevent just one person from watching this horrible film it will bring me peace.

dillon g (de) wrote: I know I should hate this movie. I have tryed. but I just can't. It trys to be sexy but it just gros , funny, and dumb. it is one of the best most movies i have seen

Ellie L (us) wrote: a great cast but that doesn't equate to a great movie. way too long. a selfish woman trying to hold onto something that is no longer there. stringing on a man she thinks she knows but doesn't realize that he isn't her husband, he's a lookalike. it's disgusting. she needs to grieve, needs to move on... not hold onto the past.