Westgate Tango

Westgate Tango


Feature debut by notable film critic Wang Wei. The film takes Taipei’s trendy Ximending district, best known for its mix of alternative lifestyles, youth fashion and the antimony of adolescent life, and provides an upbeat story of damaged young people finding their purpose in life. The film’s upbeat tone may appeal to some, but the complexity of the background is obliterated by rom-com stereotypes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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EvaLena I (ag) wrote: Was an okay actionmovie

Simptica P (br) wrote: Couldn't stop laughing ... Elmaleh is hilarious! Why is it have to turn on a fall guy named Pignon, as usual ? It's so amoral, it's relishing the deviousness of the movers and shakers every bit as much as the bumbling innocence of the moved and shaken!

Louis L (kr) wrote: Riding the wave of recent Korean movie success, and recent oriental horror film success for that matter, Ahn Byong-Ki's "Phone" falls a little short of the mark. However, that's not to say it's not worth your time.In summary, the plot goes something like this - there's this cell phone number, it's cursed by a teenage school girl, anyone who's given this number by the cell phone network is rung by the dead girl. The dead girl scares the shit out of the poor person just trying to keep in contact with his or her loved ones. Poor person ends up dying. Using the standard formula of having a female lead terrorised by a female ghost with long hair, Phone is a somewhat standard horror movie. While the story itself unfolds quite well, and takes enough twists to give Infernal Affairs a respectful nod. the scares feel a shade rushed. Infact, in the spirit of the new Hollywood remake fad, you could say the scares have been "Hollywoodized" - they're short and sharp, with generally little build-up. The kind that would make your average teenage girl jump, and may well unsettle you, but ultimately leave you unphased.One character that made this film stand-out was the little girl Young-Ji, played by Eun Seo-woo. As far as child actors in horror go, hers is a character that could easily beat the crap out of Daveigh Chase's Samara from The Ring - in the disturbing stakes, anyway. For such a young actor she was out-performing some of her Adult peers, and the stairs scene was very impressive; I can't say I've seen a child breakdown so convincingly in a movie.That's not to say the rest of the cast did a bad job, Ha Ji-Won was sometimes a little plastic, and Young-Ji's father, Chang-hoon, played by Choi Woo-jae, quite a dull character; despite his significance in the plot. However, Yu-mi Kim was good as the mother of Young-Ji, concealing a dark secret. And Choi Ji-yeon played a good part as the desperately obsessive school girl (I was also very surprised to find out that the actress is 26 years old, considering she looks half that age). A relatively new name in Korean cinema, Phone is only Ahn Byong-Ki's second feature. His first being "Nightmare"; another horror movie, this one also about a vengeful spirit which terrorises people. His third, most recent film, Ouija Board is also a horror. He's seems by trying to fashion himself as a Korean Takashi Shimizu, at least, that's if Phone is anything to go by. I don't discourage people from watching this movie, despite some flaws, it's a solid horror. Infact, I'd go one further by saying that some crtics are being too harsh on it. While it's no Ring, A Tale of Two Sisters, or Ju-On, it has its own merits.[i]On a coincidental side-note: my phone rang on two seperate occasions, at the exact same time a character on-screen was ringing out.[/i]

Te S (ca) wrote: A worthy 2nd.. I like the girlfriend twist :)

Sally E (ca) wrote: I love this movie. One of my favorites.

Emily C (ru) wrote: not bad but predicatable

Joey T (us) wrote: I don't understand why this hasn't been re-released!?

Linda M (de) wrote: Probably the saddest movie that I have ever seen.

Tom H (es) wrote: good David Lean movie with some cool battle scenes, but mostly this is a drama about the sailor`s loved ones. John Mills is the familiar face here playing the part of shorty.

Jakob B (jp) wrote: The perfect date movie... just kidding.

Mark W (br) wrote: Although this wasn't one of the best sci-fi horror movies I've ever seen; it certainly wasn't the worst. It was an interesting concept clearly based on the Universal 5 star classic 'The Invisible Man'. Overall this is one of those simple movies which you are never bored with when watching; but you know it's light entertainment not intended to push any boundaries...

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