Wet & Rope

Wet & Rope

Not what it sounds like - this is Japanese nunsploitation

Not what it sounds like - this is Japanese nunsploitation . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (it) wrote: Unusual to see a Danish horror film, it tends to be a bit slow, but has a good score and the acting is fine. It lacks punch though, too bland and lethargic. Nice effort though.

Arjun A (gb) wrote: Cute and at times quite funny

Rebecca F (gb) wrote: It wasn't funny, it wasn't serious, it was a waste of money to rent it. The acting was so shitty and Michael Jackson as Agent MJ...that should have been a sign.

Attila S (br) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Fong K (br) wrote: viewed on 10/8/04 (Tues)It is a documentary made of the interviews of two mountaineers who survived a very very perilous journey down this west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985 and the very realistic reenactment. Sorry, folks, I can't really relate to it. I don't know why. Maybe it is very similar to those life-assuring stories about overcoming impossible circumstances, like the ones we read in Readers' Digest. Maybe, I am not into mountaineering at all. The narration is very captivating, one of them even had tears in his eyes as he described the unbearable sense of abandonment in the cold wilderness. The reenactment is also very realistic. Did they do it with special effects? Did it in a studio? On location? Can't be, given the incredibly harsh climate and terrain! Well, at the end of the day, it still comes back to the same point. It is not I brush aside all the effort put in to tell a story of enormous willpower, but I just can't relate to it... fine?Rating: B-

Tim F (gb) wrote: Although there isn't much to show besides the war itself that it's 1943, the authentic submarines and vessals are greatly presented. Not a much as in The hunt for the red october or K19 The Widowmaker, but the fact that the men from both sides have to interact and eventually cooperate with eachother is somewhat more intresting. The acting on the interaction between the two enemies is very good (at least the german speak german). Everything is most authentic. the tension builds up queit largely with the stggering fact of the disease, forcing the men to the limit. Good, awesome war movie!

Amanda E (us) wrote: I absolutely love this movie.

Amir S (mx) wrote: Ettore scola draw for us a picture of the people who are outcast form society, on one hand trying to survive the harshness of life. On the other hand the world of the misfits. This film holds in it the sad, the funny, and the grotesque life of poor people.

Roman R (ru) wrote: Es dificil clasificar una cinta como "Daisies". No hay una historia ni una coherencia narrativa ya que es un producto de la psicodlica de los sesentas, el movimiento Dadaista y un subversivo y bizarro mensaje feminista con ligeros tonos erticos. Pero la cinta contiene una cierta fascinacin y escenas interesantes que van de lo absurdo a lo trascendente (dependiendo el punto de vista). Tengo la sensacion de que "Daisies" pertenece mas a una exposicion temporal de Dadaismo en un museo que para nuestro entretenimiento en casa pero aun asi la recomiendo como una curiosa propuesta checa.

Nick T (es) wrote: Unintentionally hilarious Italian horror flick from the groovy mid-60's. Mickey Hargitay (Jane Mansfield's husband, Mariska Hargitay's father) prances around in red tights as "The Crimson Executioner" torturing a group of models who defiled his castle lair. Dubbed, daft, insane high-camp fun.

Michael W (es) wrote: Disgraced promoter searches for lost tenor on the lam for tax evasion to make up for booking a fraud. This one has 'critic's choice' written all over it. In the end, it's a story of redemption-for the promoter and the tenor-and a film that redeems itself after a relatively slow start.


Milly B (ag) wrote: Ben Stiller deserves half a star, but that is all.