On a dairy farm in the Eastern Townships, in the middle of a drought and while the land is parching, a drama will disrupt the life of the Santerre family. Confronted to each other they will have to learn to forgive.

On a dairy farm in the Eastern Townships, in the middle of a drought and while the land is parching, a drama will disrupt the life of the Santerre family. Confronted to each other they will have to learn to forgive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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John A (es) wrote: With An 80' Style Action Sub-Plot & It's Plenty Of Action Scenes, This Japanese Iron Man Film Does Not Fail To Entertain. Directed By Hiroshi Hamazaki This See's The Hero On The Run As He Attempts To Clear His Name After A Technological Terrorist Attack. With The Enemy Having A Better Technological Advancement Than Iron Man, It's Safe To Say He Gets Beat Up Quite A Bit. With Great Writing, Good Script & A Super-Charged Showdown, This Is Something You Shouldn't Pass Up On Just Because It's Animated.

Lorna T (jp) wrote: Liked Carlyle's performance but not the character he played...and was thankful he never ended up with the much younger woman.

Mark N (de) wrote: Don't even think about it

Daniel K (jp) wrote: Compared to the first two installments its easily the worst, but still its a watchable film with its highlights, but its overshadowed with the bad. Unlike the sequel, the third film actually has a 'boogeyman' which fans of the first would be happy to hear. The storyline however is similar to the sequel's. Acting is below average with a list of unknowns playing the leads. Plenty of fake blood, but is doesnt look as cool as it sounds. Overall its below average, and a poor way to end the trilogy.

L Troy A (us) wrote: Very real...Amazing how some can't remain loyal to someone who has been down for them through thick and thin...Sad but true...Some just can't recognize a good thing staring them in the face....

Mary M (ru) wrote: Pocahontas 2 manages to show a relatively accurate depiction of the story of Pocahontas and manages to do so in the most agonizing and irritating way possible.

Ron S (jp) wrote: OK honestly I am a B - Movie fan but this one really wasn't doing it for me . Grant it I only watched a little over half of it b4 shutting it off ... So why 2 stars . Well , one the music was kick ass ... and second it was an Orginal concept as most B movies are ... So watch and enjoy the sound track maybe one day soon I will watch the rest and change my rating :)

A Z (de) wrote: Mostly ridiculous and out of control.

Pamela F (mx) wrote: It was funny seeing Colin Firth so young in this movie. Mind you, he looked pretty much the same as he does now. Same haircut. I gota few laughs out of his but it's not a very good movie.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: good story amazing cast this 1 still holds up well.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: I've never felt the Hollywood charm and nostalgia that's typically granted to this simply enjoyable movie, but I must say that, for the material they were given to work with, this is a much better film than it needs to be.For this romantic, coming-of-age musical premise to succeed all they had to do was choreograph a little dancing, move the camera occasionally, and throw a winning pair of young leads on screen. It's nice to be able to say that the filmmakers went above and beyond to create something far better than the written source material. They made a good movie that, though it could've been a great movie, did undeniably satisfy me.Overall, "Grease" is a fun little gem with a lot to offer it's demographic.

Layla G (es) wrote: Don't let the fact that Les Battersby and Jim Royle star in this film mislead you. It is both hard-hitting and touching. Bruce Jones is so believable as the man desperately trying to find enough money to buy his little girl a holy communion outfit. You really feel his frustration as he moves from crappy job to crappy job, eventually forced to borrow the money from unscrupulous loan sharks. The wife and daughter are also brilliant in this. An overlooked British classic.

Jude P (kr) wrote: Lacking of depth comparatively to other renown documentaries. Assume this is influence by CNN prehistoric.