Whale Music

Whale Music

Shot around the breathtaking coastline of B.C.'s Howe Sound, Whale Music is the triumphant adaptation of Paul Quarringaton's Governor General's Award-winning novel about the redemption of a faded rock star through love and music. Richard J. Lewis' exploration of the reclusive musician's efforts to create a piece of music that will summon the whales is a sensory and emotional tour de force. Written by Vancouver Film Festival, Handbook

Shot around the breathtaking coastline of B.C.'s Howe Sound, Whale Music is the triumphant adaptation of Paul Quarringaton's Governor General's Award-winning novel about the redemption of a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (ag) wrote: The puppets are back! This time there is some attention to detail when it comes to past films. All our fave puppets are back including Tunneler, Blade, Pinhead, Jester and a new addition... Ninja! The story is alright and pretty well told even considering the level of bad acting. In fact, this is probably the worst acting I've seen from any of the Puppet Master series. The accents are one thing but this is high school drama level performances at best. There is so much overacting going on that it was actually kinda painful at times.Nice thing about this film is that it has an ending that requires another installment in the franchise. And as bad as I found it watching this film, i'm looking forward to more Puppet Master mayhem.

Brian M (jp) wrote: It's a moving documentary that shows how the criminal justice system doesn't like to be proven wrong. DNA evidence clears men who have been wrongfully imprisoned (some over 20 years), but they're returned to society without compensation or expunged records. Seems backwards since cons who serve their time are "rehabilitated" and have jobs/shelter set up for them once they're released. And this is the story of only 7 guys. There's no telling how many innocent men are sitting on death row today (or have already been put to death). It's just another one of those things some people won't understand until it happens to them. The film runs only 95 minutes... it definitely could have spent some more time on fleshing out some of the stories (maybe get victim reactions or talk to the officials involved in putting the men away). The one thing that bothered me was in the "where are they now?" portion of the special features there were some spelling errors in the titles, i.e. "comission," "sargeant," and his "fiance."

Amanda C (ru) wrote: I've never been a fan of Atom Egoyan. He's a bit too cerebral and spends too much time on things that just aren't that interesting. That said Where the Truth Lies is by far his best film. Spectacularly shot with some great performances to anchor it, this is a film that doesn't get to hypothetical and technical although it is still complicated and a bit hard to follow at times. That said it is fascinating and absolutely enthralling. Alison Lohman is wonderful and commands the screen every second she's on it. My biggest problem with the film besides the slightly confusing ending is that here is a film about a taboo or at the very least tiptoed around subject dealing with bisexuality and sexual attraction and Egoyan handles this subject matter without shying away except when it comes to nudity. How is it that a film that is so grounded in physical attraction and lust manage to have half a dozen or so full frontal shots of the female actor and not one of the males? The camera seems to always make sure to crop them at the waist, which given the framing of the female characters, seems natural and forced. To be fair to Egoyan this is most likely to avoid the NC-17 rating, but it ruins the diegesis of the film and reminds the viewer that they're watching a film. So then I'll blame the MPAA rating system for its ridiculous regulations and hope that someday someone will knock some sense into their heads or better yet, explain to them what really is inappropriate and that censorship, which is what the existence of the NC-17 rating is no matter what they say, has no place in a democratic society.

John N (au) wrote: It isn't hard to praise Fellowship of the Ring, what's harder is trying to give it proper justice, it isn't an unappreciated film by any stretch of the imagination, but this trilogy is truly one of a kind. Blockbusters were sort of hitting a slump around 1997 with good big budget movies becoming a rarity. Around the time this and Harry Potter came out things started turning around. This was an ambitious, costly project, that delivered in every way possible. Peter Jackson's adaptation is compelling and engaging with top of the line special effects, acting, and a wonderful storyline. A timeliness movie and one of the best films ever made.

Steve W (kr) wrote: A strange and haunting metaphysical crime drama, Sonatine is a mature work from actor/director Takeshi Kitano. With slow calm scenes o nthe beach, to gory and violent shootouts, its a well written movie about one man's desire to retire, but also how cold and lifeless he has become. There are some very memorable moments in this weird crime movie.

Paul D (de) wrote: Terrible acting and an awful script that feels like it's been written by a teenage adolescent. The story also has too many similarities with Blade Runner.

Jeff Y (fr) wrote: Great cast including Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy. This is a classic tearjerker. Watch it with someone you love.

Tamara H (us) wrote: I watched this once or twice back in the day (probably on Lifetime) and remember thinking it was pretty entertaining. However, I'd forgotten it even existed until now. So it must not have been THAT entertaining...

Jay D (gb) wrote: Ah, love in a mental institution.

Alden S (au) wrote: 9.5 out of 10:It's a bit predictable but with great acting and a powerful story, Fruitvale Station makes a great movie to watch.

Joseph D (nl) wrote: The cartoon version is still better, but this wasn't terrible. It didn't feel quite as epic as it should've. The battle...IDK...kind've fizzled, but the acting was still pretty solid, & i still cared about the various characters. & that ending song...OMG...OMG...OMG...that ending song!!! That song really made up for any of the film's shortcomings. The Hobbit Trilogy isn't great, but I was fairly entertained, & it was nice to see Middle Earth...one more time...before the Last Goodbye.