What a Girl Wants

What a Girl Wants

An American girl, Daphne, heads to Europe in search of the father she's never met. But instead of finding a British version of her bohemian mother, she learns the love of her mom's life is an uptight politician. The only problem now is that her long-lost dad is engaged to a fiercely territorial social climber with a daughter who makes Daphne's life miserable.

Daphne Reynolds has what every girl wants, but despite her remarkable promise, Daphne feels incomplete, her father. After learning that her father is a wealthy British politician running for office, she is eager to find him. But she realizes it could cause a scandal and cost him the election. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco L (fr) wrote: Despite some unexpected good humour scenes, McGruber couldn't be more predictable or unoriginal than it already is and its cast don't help this ilogical story and this horrible script.

Jacob F (gb) wrote: An effective drama about a mother and her clever, but evil son. Great acting from the three actors, especially Tilda Swinton

mason b (de) wrote: Shockingly terrible, Bunraku is an extreme example of style over any kind of substance, at all. Bunraku tries to tell a simple tale of good versus evil in post-apocalyptic setting, with a cowboy and a samurai going up against a murderous warlord called the woodcutter. The film has a very unique visual and cinematic style, with it's sensibilities coming from both theatre and videom games. But Buraku's visual style, which is all this movie has going for it, loses audience interest after about half an hour. You just become numb to all the forced quirkiness and the weirdness of the set design that you just stop caring. The film also contains poetic aspirations which are very annoying and pretentious. I actually stopped listening the around the fifth time the villain tried to give a profound and speech. So all you're left with is the story, which is so threadbare it loses interest before the visual style does. And then there's the characters, whom are cardboard cutouts, poorly acted, without any definable characteristic to speak of. All this would have made for a bad movie, but what pushes Bunraku into the realm of the truly awful is how boring the whole thing is. It starts to get dull at around the half-hour mark, and then proceeds to get more and more tedious until I was desperate for the whole thing to end. To my complete horror the film turned out to be two hours long, thirty-five minutes longer than it should have been. It turned out to be one of the most painful sit-throughs of a film I've ever endured. Save yourself two hours, don't sit-through this unwatchable film.

Quincy J (mx) wrote: Despite what some mite think of lady Death. I liked the plot., the guts and gore. It was pretty good for a first try.

Lisa H (fr) wrote: One of my all time favorite comedy love stories.

WS W (fr) wrote: Another mystic character by the superb Isabelle Huppert. [Merci Pour Le Chocolat] is better than average & moves in a right tempo. Only Mika (Huppert's character) has been found suspicious as early as 1/3 of the film but there was not so-called twist & turn whilst I expected a big one. Her confession at the end only left me with more question marks.

Tim B (it) wrote: After recently watching the passable 'Nine Miles Down' over the Xmas holidays, I looked up director Anthony Waller and forgot that he helmed this little sleeper which, in my opinion, was his best film. The opening of the movie was a complete knock off of Halloween and was intentional, which probably turned a lot of people off. The rest of the film was followed by one INTENSE chase scene that didn't let up for about half of the movie. It wasn't anything that surprised me, but how it was shot and presented that got to me. I haven't gotten that worked up in suspense in a while! Wowzers. Having the main heroine become a literal mute brought up a lot of conventions and situations that made more trouble for our main gal, making me anticipate what was to come even more. I'm also glad that even despite her handicap, our heroine fought back and was as ruthless as her stalkers when it came to survival. On that note, on top of all this suspense and terror, I even managed to laugh a few times at the movie. The humor wasn't that of an American Pie nature where it was gross or random, more situational humor which felt more real and cracked me up a few times. How that worked is beyond me, but Waller did it just as perfectly as American Werewolf in London or Return of the Living Dead. If either of those appeal to you, you know what I'm talking about. Waller took mostly dull, almost boring sets and made them stand out with his lighting and camera moves. He also had the tension card held down pat as I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the entire way here. Marina Zudina had no lines but holy shit, could she communicate through her big, expressive eyes. She was excellent. Fay Ripley had the faithful sister role nailed. Evan Richards played the 'all talk' director and reminded me of some people that I actually know. Great job! What I didn't like about the movie was its last block. In my simpleton mind, the movie would have worked more if it STAYED simple and kept the motives at the snuff angle. Once this "espionage" business started to pop up, it kind of lost me. I love a James Bond flick any day but when it's been building horror for 3/4 of the time in one movie, I don't really feel like seeing it. It tried to out-smart itself when it was already playing it smart, in my opinion. But regardless, what came before it was well worth my time and money. It looked great, it knocked me out with suspense, it sported terrific acting and even had me chuckling a few times. Half a point raised for this one for me. Terrific.

Bradley K (gb) wrote: Not a good film by any conventional standards but very entertaining. And I would also go so far as to say that this film may actually improve with age as it is such an astute reflection of the early 90's.

John C (ag) wrote: a very suspenful police thriller with wonderful performances from willem dafoe, mickey rourke, samuel l jackson, mary elizabeth manstriantonio and law and order alumnus and president hopful Fred Dalton Thompson. With a very good story, some nice twists and turns and memorable performances especiallu from samul l jackson in one of his earlier pre pulp fiction. worth watching

Henrysmovieguide C (au) wrote: The most underrated Indiana Jones movie. While it may not be the best one, it is the coolest. Good action.

Kaleb P (au) wrote: I have read the book Friday Night Lights, and watched the movie countless times and believe the producers and directors of this film did an amazing job. The way the plot of this movie is carried out is incredible. The movie flowed smoothly and they showed everything that actually happens ?behind the scenes? during a high school football season. I played high school football and was able to experience the thrill of playing under those Friday night lights. I was also subjected to all the stress and pressures there are from being a high school football player. After reading the book and from my own experiences, this movie did a really good job of capturing how it feels to play under those Friday night lights. Friday Night Lights is a movie that follows the Permian High School Panthers football team from Odessa, Texas. Expectations are high as they try to keep the tradition of their winning ways alive in hopes of winning a state championship. Everything is bigger in Texas, especially football, and the Permian Panthers are known for winning. The town of Odessa thrives on football and there is nothing they love more than watching their Permian Panthers win. The plot of this film was carried out very nicely due in large part to all the great acting! Billy Bob Thorton did an amazing job portraying the head coach Gary Gaines. He showed through body and face gestures how stressful being the head coach of a high school football team can be, especially in Texas. Another actor that did a fantastic job was country singer Tim McGraw. He had the difficult task of portraying Charles Billingsley, a drunken father of a current football player who can?t stop reliving his glory days as an Odessa football player. I was also pleased with the acting of all the football players, for the most part this was all of their first films. In particular I was very impressed with actor Derek Luke. He was faced with the strenuous task of playing Boobie Miles, the big mouth, cocky star of the team who has high aspirations of playing big time college football. The one thing I dislike about this movie was how unrealistic the football game scenes are. There were players flying through the air after getting hit and other players juking and dodging opponents like it was a video game. Besides the unrealistic football scenes the production of this film was top notch. The state championship halftime scene was put together very nicely. They cut back and forth from what was happening in each team?s locker room and it all flowed really smoothly. Another scene that is really cool was the coin flip scene. Three coaches are flipping coins to see who goes to the playoffs and right when they flip their coins the screen pauses for a split second. All you can hear and see is cameras flashing and coins pattering against the ground. There is much to like about this movie! The acting is impeccable, the soundtrack is award winning in my perspective, and it is based off a true story so everything you see actually happened. This movie is not just about sports, it is about life and some of the struggles we face while growing up. If you are a sports fan and you have not seen this movie yet, I would definitely check it out. But I also do not believe you have to be a sports fan to enjoy this film.

Douglas L (es) wrote: To the Wonder is a beautiful cinematic presentation with poetic verses that tie together a romance. There is little plot in this film and very little seems to actually happen. The drama is in the details and the expressions of the characters; however the problem seems to be that only Malick truly knows what is happening in these moments. The result is having the actors standing around too often or performing gestures of great expression with their bodies as if words were too heavy for the frailty of the films subject, Love.