What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

5 Years have passed and Jake has turned his back on his family. He's still up to his usual tricks in McClutchy's Bar, unaware, as he downs his latest opponent, that his eldest son, Nig, Has died in a gang fight. The uncomfortable family reunion at Nig's funeral sparks a confrontations with second son Sonny, and sets Jake and Sonny on a downward spiral.

This sequel to the New Zealand-set drama "Once Were Warriors" revisits alcoholic Maori man Jake Heke (Temuera Morrison) and his wife, Beth (Rena Owen), who have separated, largely due to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph L (br) wrote: If Tim Burton directed X-Men, this would be the result.

Robyn W (jp) wrote: Shrek the Musical premiered on Broadway in December of 2008. The story begins with the story of Shrek and Fiona as children and how they got where they are today with both of their parents abandoning them. Then Shrek comes in and begins his story of his life today. Throughout the story it tells of Shrek's encounter with the fairytale creatures that were thrown out of Duloc and end up in Shrek's swamp. In order for him to have them leave he has to meet Lord Farquad's standards and rescue the princes, Fiona, for Lord Farquad. As Shrek goes to rescue Fiona he meets up with Donkey along the way and they begin their journey together. Along their journey they have to fight a dragon that protects the castle Fiona is in. This scene is probably my favorite because, unlike the movie, in the play Dragon gets to have a voice and sing. Shrek rescues Fiona while Donkey battles Dragon, who has fallen in love with him, then Shrek and Donkey both battle Dragon and all get away safely. This is where Donkey, Shrek, and Fiona's adventures begin. As they make their way back to Duloc, Fiona finds out that Shrek is not handsom prince but an ogre after he takes off his helmet and even though at first she isn't appealed by his appearance they become close friends throughout their adventure. Fiona has a secret herself though and the only one who finds out at first is Donkey. This is the part in the story where Shrek overhears Fiona telling Donkey of her curse as an ogre. Shrek believes she is talking about him and storms off only for a surprise the next morning when Fiona and Donkey wake up. Lord Farquad coming to get his princess and Shrek receiving the rights to his swamp is the surprise they awoke to. Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey then have a falling out as friends. In this part of their journey Donkey fights for Shrek's friendship and accidentally lets it slip that Fiona is an ogre. They, as well as Dragon and the fairy tale creatures, then proceed to stop the wedding of Fiona and Lord Farquad. After they stop the wedding and Shrek expresses his feelings for Fiona and she shows her true self as an ogre, Dragon eats Lord Farquad. After this, the story ends, how every fairy tale story ends, happily. Shrek not only makes friends but falls in love within the story. The music within the story tells of their journey and feelings and this is what makes the story come alive to the audience. The bigger meaning behind the story is what captures your heart and makes you realize what true love is. This meaning being that true love doesn't see what's on the outside but what's on the inside.This Broadway production is my absolute favorite. From the songs to the jokes and dances this show never seizes to amaze me and catch my attention. If you ever get to see it whether it be on Broadway, a major theatre company, or a community theatre you should go see it. It provides a love story that's not just ordinary but extraordinary and has such a powerful meaning behind it. It also is closer to reality, even though it has fictional characters, and gives a good example about love.The show is amazing from the beginning. The moral behind the story is powerful and shows what true love is about. The story that is told is one that is rare and should be told to everyone. This musical provides fun, entertainment, excitement, and a heartwarming story that, in my opinion, is one of the best ever.

Scott T (br) wrote: Like watching paint dry (almost literally). The short and incoherent trailer by Cohen that preceded the main feature prompted me to say to my companion: 'This doesn't bode well'. Sadly, I was right.

Konrad A (au) wrote: This was a family fun movie and like the music and a funny movie. This movie was a good movie to see! I would say this movie is a mystery movie. And if you and family see this movie you will fined out why and how!! That it is a mystery movie. Hay I know when I watch this movie I laugh a lot, and I bet other people will as well.

Reid A (jp) wrote: Without question, this is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. I would pay good money to have the chance to meet everyone who backed this and to kick them in the groin.

William M (ru) wrote: surprisingly entertaining - but not a movie for the squeamish

Ilsa W (de) wrote: Oh dear...... even tho James Brolin and Jane Seymour try their best, this film never gets above decidedly average. The main problem being that Kellan Lutz, the so-called romantic lead has about as much charisma as a sock, it doesn't help that he also plays a total douche so you wonder why she even married him anyway!

Sbastien W (mx) wrote: Hilarious: Nazis from outerspace try to finally conquer the world.

Katie B (nl) wrote: This quirky drama was very different, not what I expected at all. It was a really interesting tale of life and death, and the acting was great, but just a little too dark at times.

David J (br) wrote: This was a good one. The acting was decent, and the war scenes effective But the direction and the strong theme of respect towards those it depicts is what boosts it a level up.

Lilianetty l (au) wrote: *Analisis old as my own self, UPDATE just at the end*There is no way I can say this was better or it is better than Paprika or Inception. In a short word: CONFUSING! But I get the message, but for that, read Dante's DIVINE COMEDY & Bible people!!! Plot: I remember in my childhood (and I must say I saw this without having the age, bad old me), that my cousins were in all this fight about if God is real, if Eva and Adan are a true father and mother, and all those crazy stuffs about religion. When I saw this anime, my whole life exploded. By the plot, I mean, humans are fighting and killing themselves (nothing new to me, since we are ANIMALS), but killing themselves for 2 EVAS? Come on! Machines are machines, and without us, they cannot think or move! Anyway, the ending? Quite good actually. Some stars for it's confusing story-telling.Music: Dramatic, intense, beautiful, charming, estresico, magnifico, the music at the end was so BRUTAL/emotional, I must say, it almost made me cry, but it didn't, sorry folks. Some stars here too.To end this short review, 3 and a half stars of 5. I wish it was like PAPRIKA or SERIAL EXPERIMENTS, or even PARANOIA AGENT, or yeah, INCEPTION, but it wasn't. So, enjoy my review and bless does souls people! LOVE YA ANGELS (and not so angels too).*Analysis 2013, January 10 - BEWARE OF SPOILERS*: I re-watched the movie after re-watching the 26 episodes of the anime (I stop being confusing at last since now I get everything of it, not like my past review that I was a bit ignorant, some still are but not me at last and it's serious). The first ending (between episodes 25 & 26) are Shinji's mind, understanding in a psychological way the humans, why his father made copies of his own wife, extracting parts of the 1st Angel and also wanting a normal life without EVAS (the Eva extracted of Adan, even if we know she is a second copy of the 1st one. Read the new version of the Bible, it's amazing literature! Yes, the humans created the religion, didn't you know that already? It's not perfect neither us). After seeing the episodes, and you see this movie (don't forget Shinji was in a place that we call Psychiatric, where they attend cases of depression and other motives to be with a low self-esteem. Because of that, the movie continues where it was left out. The boy did not had a normal life as does two final episodes wanted you to believe, it had a tragic one). Finishing my analysis I came to one conclusion only: He and Rei are the beginning of the Earth once more, the Adan & Eve.

Alex R (jp) wrote: my friend and i don't usually agree with critics, but we have no choice in this one. especially because we saw king kong die. people these days.

Adam W (nl) wrote: This was one of those films you almost forget unless you take note of some of the top stars in the feature like Lance Henriksen,Emilio Estevez, Veronica Cartwright..

Andrew K (gb) wrote: An average movie elevated to good by Jeff Bridges. It takes a good actor to play a bad actor, and Bridges pulls it off. A young, naive Western writer stumbles his way into Hollywood films where he quickly learns fame isn't all it's cracked up to be. Also starring Andy Griffith and a younger Alan Arkin, I really enjoyed the performances here. Cute, and a little goofy, I'd recommend it if you can find it (saw it on TCM, don't think it's on DVD...)

caprice c (it) wrote: Robert Shaw plays an Irish Pirate Red Ned Lynch who falls in love with Genevieve Bujold who wants to free her father from prison. she then makes a deal with the devil or is he, he is a pirate after all. Pure action, some funny scenes, great sword fights.

DOCTOR P (nl) wrote: Number 5 of the Compilation Era Animation is top notch. The shorts are actually all great and while not the most memorable will still stay longer then most of the shorts of the era. Next up: Mr. Toad vs. The Headless Horsemen

Thomas S (nl) wrote: can't get bored of it !

Greg R (br) wrote: Fucking brilliant! A beautiful movie. So so authentic!