What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come

Chris Neilson dies to find himself in a heaven more amazing than he could have ever dreamed of. There is one thing missing: his wife. After he dies, his wife, Annie killed herself and went to hell. Chris decides to risk eternity in hades for the small chance that he will be able to bring her back to heaven.

Film revolves around the tragedy of couple Chris and Annie who have been married for many years and have two wonderful children. Unfortunately, the tragedy occurrs when they loose each other in an automobile accident. Years later, Chris dies of another accident. Chris discovers that paradise is not like he imagines. And Annie buries her life in misery and despair. Chris is desperately jumped into the pit of hell to save his wife';s soul from damnation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua S (de) wrote: What a great movie. Amazing

Henrik G (au) wrote: dont see it.. its just a same old comedy about some guys in the hood who break and enters.. saw it with a friend who like Jay-Z.. Jay-Z is in the movie in 3 sec..

Stephen M (mx) wrote: i dnt know but this one but the first will always be a classic

Tad S (nl) wrote: judy davis is great as cigarette smoking, trouser wearing romancer of a 1800 French women! George Sands was very interesting figure.

Calvin C (it) wrote: The movie itself is okat, but the great performances from Oscar winner William Hurt and Raul Julia is really what makes it. Grade: B+

Danny R (it) wrote: Terry Gilliam's delightfully quirky outrageously funny fantasy motion picture. It concerns the adventures of a young British schoolboy named Kevin, nicely played by Craig Warnock, who joins up with a band of bandit dwarfs, wonderfully played by the late David Rappaport, Kenny Baker, Jack Purvis, Malcolm Dixon, Mike Edmonds and Tiny Ross, they all appear one day in his bedroom, and are being pursued through time and space by the Supreme Being, played amusingly by the late great Sir Ralph Richardson, who wants his time-traveling map they have stolen from him back. This cheerful cinematic gem features sensational supporting performances by an all-star cast which includes Sir Sean Connery as the brave King Agamemnon, Ian Holm as a neurotic Napolean, John Cleese as a dim-witted Robin Hood, and a hilarious Peter Vaughan & Katherine Helmond as Mr. & Mrs. Ogre, with a terrific turn by David Warner as Evil. Great practical visual effects and an impressive production design. A brilliantly witty screenplay by Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin makes this film a delectably entertaining fantasy classic. Highly Recommended.

Alex H (ag) wrote: Bizarre pseudo-true story of a conspiracy by an ambitious Catholic cardinal to bring the town of Loudun into the fold of an expanding ecclesiastic empire, and the downfall of the town's charismatic, lascivious, heroically reasonable protector, Father Grandier. This is a grand, fun story told with stagey, over the top sets and costumes, high melodrama, abrupt shifts in tone, and a good helping of weird humor and insanity. It kinda feels like a Terry Gilliam epic. Oliver Reed is fantastic as Grandier and steals the show even with the abundance of memorable personalities. It's significantly uneven in almost every aspect, but it's never not captivating and befuddling. +1 for Ken Russell

Martin T (de) wrote: The turn of events is quite well plotted out and develops in interesting directions. The film also has a French New Wave aura to it at times, with the quick flashbacks and characters pretending to be something else... I definitely felt a Band of Outsiders meets Shoot the Piano Player vibe. Weld and Perkins are playing much younger than their actual ages, and it shows, but otherwise their performances are solid. Very intriguing little cult film.

Amanda O (es) wrote: I never really thought "Before Sunrise" needed a sequel, but I'm glad they made one. "Before Sunset" was wonderful. It was so nice getting to revisit these characters. I thought it was beautifully written and acted. Julie Delpy brought just enough bitterness into the now older Celine. And Ethan Hawke brought just enough sadness and torn emotion into his now older Jesse. Loved the cinematography too. My only complaint was that it was way too short! It wasn't even an hour and a half long. It left me wanting more.