What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

Celebrated ladies' man, Tyree Jackson, thinks his only job is to sneak women in and out of his apartment while his live-in girlfriend, Desirae Baxter, is at work. Tired of his philandering ...

Celebrated ladies' man, Tyree Jackson, thinks his only job is to sneak women in and out of his apartment while his live-in girlfriend, Desirae Baxter, is at work. Tired of his philandering ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart M (ca) wrote: Better than I thought it was going to be. Palins comedies can be a bit crap, but this is funny, with a great cast. Just like a long 'ripping yarn'. I Loved Michael Hordens character

Dave D (es) wrote: Pretty good. Worth a look if you have any interest in some nice Thai visuals, creative (slightly overdone) cinematography, Asian culture, musical talent, etc.It was kind of confusing how it jumped between time periods so often. Pay attention in the beginning so you'll know when it's doing this.Some parts of this remind me of Karate Kid, but the competition is xylophone rather than Karate.

Eric J (us) wrote: RATING (0 to ****): *** Many films, as we know, want us to watch them over and over again; the most audacious ones will deliberately confuse the viewer, and oftentimes such films just end up being tedious with an air of audience contempt. Much to my surprise, this was not the case for the all-but-forgotten indie "November", which stars Courtney Cox. Evaluating continually the events circling a convenience store robbery (in which the boyfriend of Cox's character was murdered) and eventually using the tried-and-true trick of repeating just about everything three times, "November" is also incredibly stylish and very much non-linear. It all goes by so fast, however, that it's also a lot of fun to rearrange the puzzle pieces and find out what goes where. Within a runtime of 68 minutes- which I will assure you does not feel too short- the groundwork is laid out for us: our character visits a psychiatrist whose office has a quirky elevator, thanks to a variety of psychological problems that require tons of medication, she had an affair that she's guilty about, and she teaches a photography class whose slide projector actually displays photos of that convenience store. Each of these things stack up and become revealed in ways we really don't expect them to be. In fact, I think the only part of the film you'd be able to predict correctly is the ending, but its sketchy timeline could tell you a different story. Exhilarating from start to finish, "November" is that movie that you just might want to rent again with a notepad in hand. MPAA: R (violence and some language) Runtime: 1 hour, 18 minutes (68 minutes of "real movie"; look out for the extra-slow ending credits)

VJ B (ca) wrote: Eric and Julia Roberts have strikingly similar speech patterns.

Benita S (ag) wrote: "i'm good enogh, smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me!"

vanessa m (fr) wrote: I love this movie- sad to see they don't end up staying together

Missy M (it) wrote: Not a bad movie, you really have to watch this one to understand it.

Claudia G (kr) wrote: otro caso ms donde el poster es mejor que la pelcula.

David J (br) wrote: Michael Madsen inexplicably stars as an alcoholic that has a horse named peanut who gets born again (Madsen, not the horse) in this mess of a cautionary tale / religious tract.....still, some of the scenarios, even though acted poorly, seem a little too close to life to dismiss completely...

Alexander C (it) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Gregory M (gb) wrote: I had many issues with this movie. I guess mystery novels should remain books,because it's obvious most of the time they can't turn into satisfying movies. This is the case with "Murder on the Orient Express". It's one of the most satisfying and well written novels of Agatha Christie but it didn't translate successfully on the big screen. The cast was incedible though I had my issues with Finney's portrayal of Poirot, I thought his Poirot didn't match the original Belgian detective's character. Overall I think the movie managed to kill much of the mystery while feeling quite long and dragging.

Ryan G (nl) wrote: Wow, C-Rate acting and characters you just in the end really don't care what happens to them.

John R (ru) wrote: Wow thought this was ridiculously lame and corny. Not sure what the masses are talking about here. Story line average, acting average, action was good, jokes were corny as all hell. Call me a deadpool hater a I guess lol.