What Is It?

What Is It?

What Is It? is the name of a 2005 experimental film written, starring, funded and directed by Crispin Glover. As of 2008, the film has only been shown at independent theaters, typically accompanied by a question and answer session, slideshow and meet-and-greet/autograph signing with Glover.

What Is It? is a bewildering, unnerving, surreal, blackly comic film from the visionary mind of Crispin Glover that tells the inner and outer struggles of a young man facing villains and demons on multiple planes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ag) wrote: This is a pretty ridiculous rom-com, but still not a complete waste of time for fans of the genre.

Vedran S (us) wrote: Another typical Hollywood film with bad actors, an atrocious script with cheap laughs and what's with the over the top consecutiveness of explicit language by these un intelligent characters?

Patrick D (ru) wrote: Slow, and for the first half hour or so, I found myself wondering why on earth I'd handed over good money to watch a film about shepherds wandering around Montana. It's strangely hypnotic, though and gives a good idea of just how hard a life it is - and why they come to hate their flock. (By the by, why 'last cowboys'? surely they're 'sheepboys'?)

Jehangir A (fr) wrote: This movie is an absolute downer. Frikin sickening..

Adrian B (mx) wrote: It's official truly one of the worst movies I've ever had the unpleasantries of enduring

Joey S (us) wrote: stretched out, slow in the middle but has a good ending. Watch for the Tyrenea bike shirt in the movie.

Henning R (us) wrote: Entertaining and tense French thriller, with the beautiful Sophie Marceau dominating every scene she's in. There's a nice twist at the end, which isn't quite in line with the earlier moments of the movie and is somewhat predictable. Still, it is well made. And did I mention Sophie Marceau is in it?

Skyler B (jp) wrote: Charmingly funny movie that me really sad a few times. This is the only time, really, that I've liked Jason Schwartzman in a movie. I suggest at least one viewing.

David T (de) wrote: The events in this are stuff out of nightmares, that only Rob Zombie could dream up.

John D (fr) wrote: It is fantastic. This is one of those films that you will be in an awe by just watching great performances. Brilliant performances by the well known German actors. It's not your typical World War II film or a war film in general. But a very well made drama about the last days of Adolf Hitler. From the movie title itself, "Downfall". The war is coming to an end, and the Nazis are on the verge of losing. It is a story of betrayal and loyalty. On how Adolf Hitler manages his own people to trust him. The second half of this film started to be drastically dramatic. It shows devastation, and disturbing images, which mostly the scenes were almost shocking, but very powerful in terms of execution. Adolf Hitler becomes this poor and sad old man thinking he was a powerful dictator. He's becoming very humane. His soft side as a human being, you kinda feel for the guy actually. Just brilliant acting by Bruno Ganz as Hitler. This is one of those performances that deserves a lot of credit. Everything feels surreal, from the cinematography to its characters. I mean hands down to Oliver Hirschbiegel. He did a tremendous job on how this War epic film done in a right way. I'm not into history nor politics, but I was pretty amused by how the story is told. Well made film, great story development, with amazing performances in an unforgettable war film. 5/5

Jackson C (fr) wrote: Not to sound like an old-timer, but they really don't make it like this anymore. One of the most romantic movie I've ever seen, and Meg Ryan is absolutely gorgeous in the film. The film is full of references to old films and the music score is similarly nostalgic. Every single characters from the film is so memorable and vibrant with life. Not a movie with a great deal of depth, but that doesn't diminish its beauty.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Like a lot of DePalma movies, it's a bit amateurish-seeming at times, but it has really stuck in my mind all these years. Sean Penn was effectively scary and Michael J. Fox was surprisingly believable. I think it's so memorable, because it's essentially all about personal honour and respect for human life.

Maddie M (jp) wrote: great depiction of a great musical

Timothy S (it) wrote: There were no shortage of movies like "My Tutor" in the '80's, and many of them had the same common theme of young men being seduced by older and willing women to placate young men's fantasies everywhere. This one ups the ante some by having the woman in question be a teacher, something that was illegal and immoral at the time of its release but would be tolerated even less today considering how many times that has happened in current events. The film is considerably less vulgar than a lot that came out at the time, even though it does throw in a lengthy and completely unnecessary backstory about Matt Lattanzi and his buddy trying to lose their virginity. That was obviously meant to please fans of these types of comedies. The essential story involved Lattanzi falling for his French tutor, played by Caren Kaye, and despite the tawdry nature of the story it is handled with a surprising amount of sophistication and tact. That makes the whole thing a little easier to swallow. In fact, the film is a lot more a love story than a typical teen sex comedy, but in the same respect it never aspires to be anything more than drive-in fodder. The boy's crazy, sex-starved antics aren't funny, and the one amusing thing in the movie that I did enjoy was the hired help pandering to Lattanzi's mother even though they speak perfect English and are making plans to attend college. That could have been played up more. As it stands, "My Tutor" doesn't rank with the worst of them, but it doesn't rank much higher. It only has its mind in the gutter about half the time.

Derrick C (nl) wrote: I thought it was pretty fun for a completely unapologetic spaghetti western. No one is of the right ethnic decent, and people are more content with slapping each other around rather than get anything really done. While it is Bava, it doesn't look or feel like one of his movies at all. It was fun and I'll leave it at that.

bloody w (mx) wrote: its van damne in a martial arts film about a underground hong Kong kick boxing tournament called the kumite. very nice fights I like the guy that became van damnes friend in this movie he was a likeable guy the blonde chick with green eyes. was pretty hot but a rough actress and a pointless character we didn't even see her booty. rip off. any way typical 80s score. pretty poor script. a few pointless scenes that should have been edited out some garbage that goes no where. overall just a decent one watch its enjoyable enough but this film is so lame there is so many other martial arts films to watch don't settle for this lame movie

Lilia P (it) wrote: witty, great soundtrack

Autumn R (nl) wrote: A great start of the series! Loved it!