What Love Is

What Love Is

It's Valentine's Day and Tomhas big plans. He's about to get engaged and has a surprise party planned to share the good news with friends. But things take a turn for the worse. Tom returns home only to discover his girlfriend has packed up and left him. Now, instead of a surprise party, the surprise is on Tom. Fortunately, his friends are there to help him make sense of it all.

When Tom comes home on Valentine's Day to a "Dear John" Letter from his girlfriend, he spends the rest of the night talking to his four best friends about woman, sex & love until five women show up and the battle of the sexes begins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicolette H (br) wrote: Found this enjoyable. It was funny and I thought the cast did a great job. It was a cool watch but I don't think I will own this.

Michael S (ca) wrote: I don't say this often but I think The Howling is one horror movie that while good, wouldn't be a bad basis for a remake. With some upgraded special effects and a few plot tweaks I think it could be something pretty cool nowadays. On it's own, The Howling is a pretty good werewolf movie, mostly it suffers from not having aged well.

Brett P (mx) wrote: A jagged and non-sensical plot paired with weak acting leads to an hour-and-half long motorcycle stunt compilation that garners minimal laughs.

David H (kr) wrote: It was not a terrible movie, don't let anyone say so. There are points where it does feel a little overbearing, though. The drama is a bit overplayed in certain parts - especially in one moment from Lauren Bacall, surprisingly. Though, looking at the movie as a whole, and the fantastic cast that was picked, everyone did their best with the material. That's really where the film's flaw is: the writing. I felt all the actors gave very realistic, convincing roles given what they had: Dina Eastwood, Alfred Molina, and Hayden Panettiere especially. Josh Hutcherson shows a real natural talent, too, much like his character. Spoilers to follow. I just thought it was weird that the norm of this town was breaking into people's places and snooping around or what-have-you. First, I thought it was just Joshua's thing, but soon everyone's doing it! In a couple of places, the sequence of events feels forced - like Molina's character appearing out of nowhere to chat with Joshua, and Panettiere's brother forcing Joshua to make up with her - there just to get things moving. But, most awkward for me, was how Joshua felt like he had to keep the painting hidden from Everly throughout the whole last third of the film...if he was just going to screw him over anyway. Obviously, he had put Dennis in place long before he finished the piece, so why not let Everly keep the painting and enjoy a boosted confidence? It made Everly's search for Joshua not at all exciting or dangerous. Also, putting Dennis the Menace in the painting was genius, why didn't we get a very clear shot of that? I only just barely saw it when they're scanning the painting. And, I admire Ann-Marie "coming out" to everyone at the end, but from a story-teller's perspective, it made the film clunky at the end...when her purpose for coming out was already taken care of by Joshua's planning. She felt inconsequential and silly, whereas she could've admitted what she did to Joshua, privately, at the end when he decided to join her anyway (since he already knew she had done forgeries before). Would have made it more personal, and more redeeming for both of their characters. In the end, I did enjoy it, but mainly for watching a group of actors I seriously enjoy work their craft.

Jaime G (fr) wrote: En DVD. Transgresora, atrevida y divertida y mucho mas en su version no censurada, Raspberry Reich es una pelicula fuera de lo comun con una estetica pop, kitch, postmoderna y pornografica. Tal vez aqui radique su punto de inflexion en lo que se ve y lo que cuenta. Es como un ultimo grito revolucionario, transnochado si se quiere, cuya arma es el sexo como mazo y por el cual se filtra la ideologia de la nueva generacion de activistas que hacen frente al capitalismo. Me parece que es una apuesta muy arriesgada en cuanto a forma pero con un fondo que lanza, cual golpe acerrimo, muchas verdades y criticas a nuestro sistema occidental donde el sexo es la ultima frontera y desde la cual se lanza este ataque subversivo aunque utopico por unos militantes nihilistas y alienados a una sociedad descreida y consumista.

Gene D (ca) wrote: good movie, but too weird (not the killing, watch the movie and you'll see)

Nicoara T (kr) wrote: am vazut ghost in the shell cel nou initial, dar acesta nu a fost asa de intens. am vazut primele 40 min. universul cypherpunk e misto. filmul de anul asta arata insa mai bine experienta ei prin universul software al altor roboti.

Andr D (br) wrote: Zed (tal vez el mismo personaje de Lance en "Pulp Fiction", interpretado por ric Stoltz), se encuentra con su amigo Eric (un ultra-visceral Jean-Hughes Anglade) quien lo invita a planear un robo a un banco en Paris. El problema es que Zoe (una prostituta interpretada por Julie Delpy de la que Zed se enamora) es tambien una cajera del banco. Roger Avary, el co-guionista de "Pulp Fiction" nos entrega una cinta negrisima, hiper-violenta, nihilista y perversa, digna representante del genero "Heist" y que lo tendra al borde de su silla de principio a fin.

Matt R (ca) wrote: A film a little too well-crafted for B-movie camp, and too ridiculous for real horror. The titular antagonist is a wicked treat, but everything else is a surprising dud.

Jaime L (kr) wrote: Another solid film that kept me entertained throughout even if it may have felt more like a typical action film sometimes than a Bond flick. Still, these two Dalton films are miles ahead of some of the previous Roger Moore outings. I quite like the darker tone as well, prelude to what will come later when Daniel Craig takes over.

Denise G (it) wrote: Funny movie. Drew steals the movie!

Greg W (kr) wrote: good drama and the last pic directed by john huston to see now i've seen all his movies

Jens R (ru) wrote: Another excellent Franco film, featuring the gorgeous & mysterious Soledad Miranda. Super groovy OST from Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab (Vampyros Lesbos/ she killed in ecstasy)

Steve W (jp) wrote: An excellent western with the themes of vengeance and redemption. Young Max Sands' parents are killed, and he goes after them. He learns some gunfighting skills, and one by one he tracks them down.This movie is different from your usual action revenge movie. Instead of just action, Max undergoes a transformation from young man to killer. He then realizes what he is becoming until the final act.Karl Malden was especially good as the main villain. The scene where he baits Nevada Smith with conversation is just incredible. A different western with lots more.

Dara K (ru) wrote: I really should watch this with my finance. The old man just steals the show! She is of such a part of History, Ann Frank even had her picture posted on her wall as they hid during WWII. They need her other movies on here! Such as Lady on a Train.

Brad F (br) wrote: one of the worst films ive ever seen