What on Earth?

What on Earth?

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"What on Earth?" chronicles Suzanne Taylor's interactions with a lively community of visionary artists, scientists, philosophers, geometers, educators and farmers who have been profoundly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


What on Earth? torrent reviews

Naario C (us) wrote: Gran pelcula. Aunque no se por que razon Flixster la elimino de la lista hasta de mi collecion.

Joe A (it) wrote: Not that good. The editing was horrible, the one thing about Asian films is that transitions are usually pretty bad, but this was amateurish. Script should have never been approved. And there were so many blatant product placement that the film became off putting.

Holly C (kr) wrote: it's cute but a little cheesey. then again it is a kids film lol so I guess for a kids film it is a good watch

Sophie C (it) wrote: Trs bonne ralisation d'Erik Canuel. Photographie incroyable. Acteurs solides. Mais histoire fort simple.

Benjamin W (au) wrote: Definitely glad that I've never been fired. I just . . . stop working, I suppose. I guess I never realized how many documentaries I own until this movie. Probably quite a few more than normal people . . .

Carlos M (gb) wrote: From Uruguay for you!

Clayton C (au) wrote: A great western that I loved when I was a teenager and still love today! Bert (Brett) Maverick makes his way across the old west to a half million dollar poker tournament on a river boat. I found out from Susan that James garner who plays mavericks dad actually played maverick in the original TV series back in the 60s. Who knew? (Susan apparently) she also sang the theme song. I gave that a 5 out of 5.

Carrie m (kr) wrote: Nothing Like A Good Old Flick

Nathaniel R (jp) wrote: Surprising depth and performances all around, especially that of Carrell who stretches his range here. The plot is nothing new but the script is still inventive enough to accentuate its characters and provide a fresh feel.