What's the Matador?

What's the Matador?

The stooges are actors traveling to perform at a fiesta in Mexico. After they accidentally switch suitcases with that of Dolores, a lovely senorita they met on trip down, they must sneak into her house to retrieve their suitcase. When they are confronted by her jealous husband he vows to kill them if he sees them again. At the fiesta where they are performing a comedy bullfight (Curly is the matador, Moe and Larry are in a bull costume) the husband bribes the attendants to let a real bull into the ring. Curly knocks the bull out with a head butt and becomes a hero.

The stooges are actors traveling to perform at a fiesta in Mexico. After they accidentally switch suitcases with that of Dolores, a lovely senorita they met on trip down, they must sneak ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clint G (nl) wrote: Interesting premise, but not done very well.

EJ H (ag) wrote: Divergent Review I liked this movie because it had lots of great detail on the set and in the special effects. If you are looking for a PG-13 movie and you like a thrilling adventure that makes you want to jump out of your chair Divergent is the movie for you. It has so many good detail that the book tells about Tris or Shailene Woodley and about the places she went and what she did jumped of and into.This movie uses the book very well and adds more things to make it even better. This is definitely a nine out of ten performance because all of the great performances from the actor chooses and the actors themselves like four (Theo James),Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet), Caleb (Ansel Elgort),Eric (jai courtney) and of course Tris (Shailene Woodley). People that would enjoy this movie would be people that are lively and believe that you should do what you want to do. The world of divergent is separated into factions from what you are. So if you are brave and fearless and believe that you should be yourself then this is the movie you should watch. This movie teaches you a lesson like all movies that you should be yourself and not force yourself to be what you're not.This movie portrays the book very well it uses all the major parts in the movie and adds things onto it and makes it better.they put lots of detail from the capture the flag and the initiation or the jumping of things.The details where perfect from the building and the chasm to the .There were lots of minor changes like the aptitude testing and the fear simulators. If you liked the book you will love the movie.This movie had a lot of great detail and special effects. It had a lot of great characters and a great story behind it. This movie is definitely high on my recommendation list and i'm sure it will be on yours to after you see how good this is.Hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did. :)

bill s (jp) wrote: Well this just doesn't work on any level other than a waste of an hour and a half.

Terry M (gb) wrote: Yes...It's sad but true...there is a lot of really BAD gay themed cinema out there...but this movie takes BAD to a whole new level!! My 8 year old niece could make a better film than this with her eyes closed! This film is proof that I will watch ANYTHING at least once!

The Real Rob S (nl) wrote: A supernatural thriller with a twsit that just might fool you.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: Light comic fun as two women from different sides of the track team up in Old Mexico to rob banks. Dwight Yoakum is fun as the moustache twirling bad guy, Steve Zahn the ever underappreciated good guy, but the highly watchable leads, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek are the buddy team and heart of this Besson produced light entertainment buggy ride.

l i n d (nl) wrote: It's sad, but oh so charming!

Bill G (br) wrote: I occasionally like sports films, but not often. I'm not a sports nut. But, I did have high hopes when I heard Sylvester Stallone was going to write and star in an arm wrestling movie backed by '80s director-producer super-duo Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. There have been movies about all kinds of sports, ranging from boxing to football to cycling to hockey. But do any of those sports really contain the intense drama and nonstop, high-octane action required to sustain a two-hour film? I don't think so. But arm wrestling. There! I thought, was the winner. What could possibly be more viscerally compelling and completely engaging than two solid hours of arm wrestling? Well, it turns out, quite a bit. I was deeply disappointed in this Stallone vehicle. I honestly don't understand what went wrong with this perfectly conceived film. Stallone clearly must have done months of research before getting into character. Maybe it was the sub-plot about Sly being a trucker. I just didn't buy that. I mean, could YOU imagine Sylvester Stallone driving an 18-wheeler for a living? I also felt there was something missing from the depiction of life as a trucker, namely multiple discreet after-Midnight visits to rest stop men's rooms. I think if Golan-Globus would have just cut the whole trucking thing and focused every second of film on the thrill-a-minute, pell-mell world of arm wrestling, "Over The Top" would have lived up to its title. (One end note: Perhaps a different title would have helped. When I first heard the title of this film, I thought it was a Liberace biopic.)

Chris Q (gb) wrote: For a while I wasn't completely enjoying this, I liked it but wasn't that into it and kinda thought it was just a Rear Window rip off. But man was I wrong, this really started to get great around the last 40 min. Overall I would call it really good but I might consider the whole movie great if I watch it again, rather than just the last 40ish minutes.

Vincent B (us) wrote: Tourneur transcende un mlo semi-policier en un vritable jeu de faux semblant. Intressant.

Francisco F (ru) wrote: Grand petit film. Perfection de la mise en scene. Subtilite de l'interpretation. Vive Mann !

Jonathan B (jp) wrote: Sensibly this fly-on-the-wall documentary doesn't try to bombard the viewer with the theories of sub-atomic particles. Rather, it focuses on the drama surrounding the initial operation of the LHC at Cern up to the moment in 2012, when the discovery of the Higgs boson was announced. There is just enough background information to make the basic theories that this gigantic machine was built to uncover accessible. The documentary follows just a small handful of the scientists who are working on the project and paints them as dedicated, passionate and, above all, ordinary. They speak with a real love of their work and the way in which they approach what can seem to be terribly esoteric problems is both grounded and practical. The filmmakers manage to inject a genuine feeling of tension as we await the outcome of the press conference at which the discovery is announced and it is lovely to see Peter Higgs himself moved to tears as his theory is proven. These wonderful people who are so dedicated and brilliant are refreshingly modest and approachable. Their work is so interesting and vital to our understanding of the universe. They are making the idea of God and religion an unnecessary, irrelevant and divisive superstition and showing how people, from all over the world and every background, can work together and do incredible things.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good rom-com college pic