What's the Matter with Kansas?

What's the Matter with Kansas?

In 'What's the Matter with Kansas?' a politically active Kansas megachurch splinters, moves to an amusement park, and when that fails, a Best Western motel. Meanwhile, an idealistic farmer revives Kansas' progressive tradition, taking his message all the way to Washington, D.C.

In 'What's the Matter with Kansas?' a politically active Kansas megachurch splinters, moves to an amusement park, and when that fails, a Best Western motel. Meanwhile, an idealistic farmer ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric N (mx) wrote: Maximum beautiful images. Darius Khondji was the perfect and only choice to replace Christopher Doyle in a Wong Kar Wai film. Critics didn't buy Norah Jones as the lead, but I see the genius of this casting -- she's an inexperienced actress playing an unworldy young girl -- of course it had to be someone like her. And she has Faye Wong's eyes and soft face. This is like Fallen Angels done a decade later except the opposite soul behind it - light instead of dark. It's his most at-peace work since Chungking Express. But forget that stuff. This is a contemplative adventure film for those of us who like philosophy and the exploration of ourselves and the fleeting connections we make with others.

Robbie R (us) wrote: I'll call it a John Waters meets John Hughes tribute and say "Stop Bulling!

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James R (fr) wrote: I'm not quite sure what I saw, or it was too obvious. I would have liked to see a bit more technicolor shots. And what happened to the White Christmas cover that was put out as a promo song for this?? Very different than what I was expecting from the early screen shots, etc. Will watch again eventually. The sound effects and music was simply wonderful.

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Justin B (us) wrote: A Good cast and a good premise but not enough laughs or wit.

Carl R (kr) wrote: So much slapstick humor and funny acting on the part of the main character.

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Kris W (ag) wrote: "Mark Hamill who you loved in "Star Wars".... Annie Potts who you'll never forget...And he thought fast cars were a thrill..." "The eternal triangle ... A boy, a girl and a car." "A Fiberglass Romance." "The hot one is coming!" Ken (Mark Hamill, in his 1st role after Star Wars A New Hope) loves to design and build exotic cars. When the High School shop class project car, a fully tricked out dream Corvette, is stolen, he begins searching for it. His search leads him to Las Vegas, where Vanessa (Annie Potts), a teenaged prostitute wannabe, helps him try to track it down. Also features Eugene Roche (Foul Play), Kim Milford (laserblast), Philip Burns (Seinfeld), Dany Bonaduce, TK Carter (Punky Brewster), Brion James (Bladerunner), Dick Miller (Gremlins), and a somewhat young Ian McKellan. Ed McGrath: It's a commodity, to be bought and sold like anything on this earth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanessa: This one's on me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: I'll never forget what I saw in there. You were making a dirty movie! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ed McGrath: I've been around automobiles all my life. They're mechanical devices. They always let ya down. Ya buy 'em, ya drive 'em, ya break 'em, ya fix 'em, ya sell 'em. Goods in the market place. Don't get too attached to this car. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: Mr. McGrath? You a dance moniter? You look like somethin' off the Lawrence Welk Show. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: I want my car - Kootz - ya little shit, ya lost it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: 'Scuse me, uh, seventeen miles an hour? Tico: Fifteen. Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: On the in'erstate. What are ya doin', lookin' for a contact lens? Tico: You patties crack me up. Still doin' your speed number, huh? Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: Well what are you into, miles per gallon? Tico: Class...we're into class. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanessa: Ya wanna hitchike, ya gotta stick somethin' out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Lucky: I tell ya what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna pass my lucky streak on to ya. Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: A two dollar bill? Mr. Lucky: Hey, that's what I started with. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanessa: Hey, know what I got on under here? Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: Paper towels? Vanessa: Nothin'. My streaker suit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gil: I have just seen your first needy motorist. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanessa: It's not even your car. Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: So what, I built it. Look, can we discuss this later after we catch 'em? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanessa: Hey, hey - I got an idea. Why don't you write a letter to the car? Dear car, [sobbing] Vanessa: I miss you so much. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanessa: Whatta you drink, motor oil? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: I drive my first car at nine. I overhaul my first transmission at ten. At thirteen I turn the quarter mile in under 12 seconds...and I wait till now to get laid? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ed McGrath: Everyone has to ask the question, am I a sucker or what. I mean we all play the game, but who makes up the rules? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanessa: Where did all this money come from, Mr. Dantley? You didn't pay for this with a two dollar bill? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Principal Bacon: You, young lady, do you have an explanation to offer? Vanessa: Sure don't, jack. Principal Bacon: Well who does? Vanessa: Ask Bozo.

Dougal S (ca) wrote: Made at the arse end of the Hammer era this is a bizarre film that sees a return to a period setting whilst trying to marry it with an odd psycho-sexual plotline straight out of the Seventies.Robert Hardy (off of All Creatures Great and Small) is a Bavarian baron who keeps his two adult children drugged up and locked up in his castle, convinced they are suffering from mental disease, and treats it by regularly 'bleeding' them. He sends for a physician from Austria who turns out to be a quack, intent on curing them through wierd contraptions and mumbo jumbo.Meanwhile the two 'children' keep escaping and undrtaking a very odd incestuous relationship whilst the boy does a good sideline in murdering girls from the local village which the father and his manservant keep covering up.The whole thing descends into a surreal climax as the cast descend into insanity and murder whilst the villagers advance on the castle with burning torches, urged on by a deranged priest.This really is odd stuff - the cinematography and period details are quality but the whole plot is off the wall and non-sensical. The cast seem intent on outdoing each other in the over-acting stakes, taking it in turns to chew up the scenery with great gusto. As Hammer were now trying to compete with the new wave of US horror this comes with added blood and violence with several arterial spraying mutilations as the film progresses but they do little to lift it.The whole thing is either complete hokum or an amusing diversion depending on your point of view. I'd probably never have watched it if it hadn't been included on the Hammer box set I've been ploughing through and I managed to fall asleep during it... twice...

Christian del Piero L (mx) wrote: Ms interesante, ms entretenida y ms sorprendente. Luego del clsico viene una pelcula que supera su expectativa enormemente.TEMA: La versin instrumental que aparece es algo cautivante pero no muy memorable y se muestra con las primeras siluetas femeninas en crditos de 007, que a pesar de que la vuelven algo desordenada y confusa de leer, resulta atractivo y de gua para las que vendran despus.AGENTE 007: En esta pelcula consigue mucha ms escena como hombre de accin que en la anterior, al ofrecernos ms y mejores secuencias de accin, asombrosos momentos de suspenso y sensacin de peligro que generan empata en l y una postura distinguida muy bien conservada. Aqu Connery se luce como 007 en todos los sentidos.CHICA BOND: Daniela Bianchi es de las mujeres ms hermosas que ha tenido Bond, pero aqu no es ms que eso como personaje. Aunque daba luz de ser atractiva y cautivante termino representando solo una carga para el agente.VILLANO: Rosa Klebb, rostro representativo de SPECTRE en esta pelcula, se ve como alguien algo desafiante pero al final no logra llegar al rango de representar un enemigo intimidante o respetable para Bond. Por otra parte el asesino Donal Grant es un rival al nivel de James Bond, idntico a l en casi todo representa una verdadera amenaza para el agente, como debe ser un buen asesino de la serie, y su pelea final es de los mejores puntos en accin que ha tenido la saga.Esta pelcula es un gran avance en todos los aspectos y asombra con muchas buenas escenas de accin y tensin que no tuvo la primera y que quedan precisas en la trama. Es una excelente prueba de la calidad de la saga con un protagonista aun ms admirable y ms representativo. Un gran paso adelante en una pelcula que no slo es disfrutable, sino tambin sorprendente en cmo pudo superarse a un enorme nivel.From Russia with love (1963) Calificacin: 8.6/10

Blake P (mx) wrote: Soon-to-be nun Viridiana (Pinal) is finally ready to take her vows, but that dream is soon interrupted when it seems her uncle, Don Jaime (Rey) wants her to come visit for a few days. After Mother Superior insists it's a good idea, Viridiana goes. To Don Jaime's shock, she now looks almost exactly like his wife that recently died. Determined to corrupt her, one weird night he requests the girl dress up in his late wife's wedding dress, and then he asks for her hand in marriage. Shocked by her uncle's strange offer, Viridiana's last night leaves on a negative note-- but when Don Jaime attempts to rape her, he lies the next day, saying she can't go to the convent because he took her virginity. A few days later, he kills himself. Deeply disturbed, Viridiana tries to repair the family, help the poor and become a different person-- but when her cousin (Rabal) comes to take the house, it seems he wants her too. "Viridiana" was made when Buuel was at the top of his game-- this was the film that marked the beginning of the decade for which he's most famous for, and it's hard to admit this isn't one of his best movies. At first, the film seems like a simple film-- with a unique plot and good characters. But as the film goes on, the film, at one time so small, turns into madness, whether it be surreal images or plot twists, but the film gets really crazy when the obvious satirization on religion goes as far as mocking "The Last Supper". Well, that touch caused the film to be banned in Mexico, but it also made one of the most daring scenes ever filmed. It's so perfect-- this film really has the Buuel touch, but none of his movies have ever been this absurd, interesting and complex as this. It has such a satirical bite to it too, and because of how shocking and controversial it is, that's exactly why the film still lasts. "Viridiana" is near perfect-- it isn't afraid to have an opinion, and it just works in every direction it takes. Recommended.

Buggy B (it) wrote: This was a surprise hit for me because it started out really weird, low budget art-housie even but developed into a unique and thought-provoking dystopian romance. I only bothered with this initially because I saw Ewan McGregor's name attached, but I'm glad I persevered, he and Eva Green do an excellent job together with the material -which I would think would require some serious trust in your director as they lose each of their 5 senses and eat lipstick, mustard, soap and whole raw fish between moments of violence, sadness and several love scenes. (Yeah that happens). Oh and how fun was it to see McGregor on screen with Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting) again.Anyways, McGregor plays a likable chef who enters into a relationship with a scientist just as a global disorder begins to rob the masses of their senses. The first to go is smell, then taste, touch, sound and finally sight. Each deficit is presaged by some kind of emotional breakdown. Eva's character provides insight through narration as chaos ensues and authorities try to maintain order in a changed world. The ending of this is just...wow. I've been thinking about it for days now, well that and the binge eating frenzy. So yeah, not a fantastic movie but worth checking out for originality, decent acting and an ending that will leave you considering. 11/8/14

Randy Y (fr) wrote: Simple story, but typical Rocky pace and energy. A nice close (almost) to the franchise.