What Women Want

What Women Want

Advertising executive Nick Marshall is as cocky as they come, but what happens to a chauvinistic guy when he can suddenly hear what women are thinking? Nick gets passed over for a promotion, but after an accident enables him to hear women's thoughts, he puts his newfound talent to work against Darcy, his new boss, who seems to be infatuated with him.

Nick Marshall gets a whole new outlook on life when a fluke accident gives him the ability to read women's minds. At first, it does not seem like a gift, but later, he figures out how to take advantages of this amazing ability. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maria Francesca D (nl) wrote: The dancing scenes with Bachan and the kid are soo ridicoulous! The only good thing of the movie is the couple SRK/Juhi back in a movie!!!

David B (es) wrote: its feels slightly dull and dated which may be on purpose cause it was only made in 07, but its a true story and an interesting one. (I mean he's a fuckin hang man) I heard he came out of retirement to hang someone in Ireland (which is where im from) the last ever man hung by the state in Ireland but im not a 100% on that. You know alot of people where hung and then cleared of there crimes some time later I believe its the reason they got rid of capitol punishment in the UK.

Nick D (fr) wrote: a mess from what could have been an epoch

Thomas B (ca) wrote: A little dull and very predictable. Ps: Kelly Brook is hot in this movie!

Calvin H (ru) wrote: didn't like the ending

Sara (kr) wrote: I must admit one star is simply for the joy Gael Garcia Bernal brings to my life lol

Tom B (ca) wrote: So bad it borders brilliance. Please watch it.

James C (mx) wrote: 11111111111111111111111

Andruw F (br) wrote: Showed a lot of potential, but didn't live up to it. The best things I can say are the kills, and the cube itself looks dope! Pretty bad and annoying characters, awful performances and writing, and way too long.

Lucas Y (kr) wrote: A mindless 90's romantic comedy that's nothing new or special but also completely harmless. Perry & Hayek have surprisingly good chemistry. It's funny most of the time. And if you're a sucker for happy ending like I am, you'll like this. Altogether pretty forgettable though. I probably laughed harder than I should have when Perry introduced himself as Luke Skywalker to Chuy.

Bentley L (nl) wrote: Terribly acted, the action is badly choreographed, and the dance scene...IT JUST SUCKS!!! I don't know why this is PG-13 and why I own it. I don't plan on watching the rest of the series in the future due to this pile of crap.

Kyle K (us) wrote: I am working on the prequel, "First Action Hero", where Arnold kills baby in real life and in the movies.

Joel A (ca) wrote: like itz predesser it is the most meaningful type of film but hey itz a bit of fun...you need films like this now and again!!!

Charlie D (kr) wrote: Good till the en, not that gory, not that scary but it was kinda what I expected

Steve H (us) wrote: Not a bad war film from a man who specialized in crime stories.

Frost M (mx) wrote: Great British action movie. Very entertaining. Fassbender was my favorite part of the movie

cornelius t (de) wrote: fantastic movie the soundtrack is also amazing.

Amanda H (gb) wrote: I have no problem with films about faith and religion, but this one just starts off on the completely wrong foot. If you want to lead someone to your religion, the best way to do that is probably not through an attempt to scare them into it. I sat through 15 minutes of this and turned it off.