Whatever Lola Wants

Whatever Lola Wants

A Brooklyn postal worker follows her Egyptian boyfriend to Cairo where she takes belly-dancing lessons from a legendary but disgraced Egyptian dancer.

A New York postal worker travels to Egypt to take belly dancing lessons from a legendary instructor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mubari S (ru) wrote: What was the point of making this into a movie?? Kim Nguyen apparently spent 10 years researching the subject of child soldiers in Africa. He'd have been better off making a documentary. Extremely slow and boring though heartbreaking...

Emily P (de) wrote: The best documentary I've ever seen, and ever will see again. The two worlds of the genocide and astronomy come together in a remarkable way.

Swetha A (kr) wrote: Mindless madcap comedy!! An ideal watch after a hard day's work. Its Govinda all the way!!!

kira v (jp) wrote: poor Jess, always gets a bad rap...she's a good actress.

Dayna N (jp) wrote: Dead in 3 days is one of the most beautifully shot slasher films I have seen, somewhat in the arena of "Cold Prey" but a much better film. The scenery is gorgeous as well.That's not why we watch slasher films but it was nice to watch one that was stylishly done with inventive and effective lighting techniques .The story is original although there are those Cliches' we live for..Such as the victims calling for one another in the dark saying things like "is That you" "OK this isn't funny anymore" " and such lines as "you don't have to do this" "this place gives me the creeps" and so forth..but it's a formula that has been used in the genre since day one and I personally wouldn't want it to change..The effects were very realistic but not overdone ,there was enough gore to satisfy myself and I'm a gore hound.The character development was good as well as the acting.Water plays a big part in the film so it's everywhere,be it symbolic or not.The twist was good and the ending satisfying.

Debbie H (gb) wrote: jake & reese forever

Stephen W (nl) wrote: love this movie. it's taking something stereotypical about the gay community and turning it into a huge problem. and it's cute in the end. and omg. i LOVE COCO!!!!GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS ROCKS!!!

Lauren B (it) wrote: This movie is hysterical and highly entertaining. It was well made and the acting was done well, it is one that everyone should see at some point in their lives, especially if they work with, or know a lot about mild, mental illness and phycology. This movie has a way of approaching that in a very fun, comical way. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Sam P (gb) wrote: Before I ever was introduced to sex, I got to see this eye-opening movie about a beautiful couple spending a summer in Greece. Peter Gallagher is great as the Greek-American who begins to realize that he has been missing out on something with his girlfriend, while Daryl Hannah is just okay as the repressed girlfriend who begins to break out her shell (seeing a young nude Hannah was worth price of admission btw). However, the movie is very flawed and even the shocking lifestyle (which was shocking to me when I saw it when I was in like grade 9 and didn't know anybetter) is almost normal (with Hollywood portraying lesbian sex as the new norm nowadays). Overall, it is a curio to see two stars before they were popular and the best line of the movie is when Daryl Hannah's character Cathy tell her boyfriend that she dreamt that she was a mermaid, which is a precursor to her role in Splash two years later.

anders k (mx) wrote: Hilarious although really cheesy and stupid at some points

ChillinDylan G (kr) wrote: Please, God...make it stop!!!Grade = 0.5/10

Charles P (us) wrote: If Gods of Egypt had any life or passion, it may have been amusingly bad, rather than the godawful orgy of mythology, special effects, and cleavage that it is.