Wheels On Meals

Wheels On Meals

Cousins Thomas and David, owners of a mobile restaurant, team up with their friend Moby, a bumbling private detective, to save the beautiful Sylvia, a pickpocket.

van in Barcelonateam up with their friend Moby, a bumbling private detective, to locate and save the beautiful Sylvia, a pickpocket. Action and humor abound in the streets of Barcelona, culminating with a battle in the castle hideout of the evil gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle S (br) wrote: Loved it. Margo Martindale is the acting powerhouse that keeps it all together. Krasinski and Kendrick are lovely and realistic. Jenkins and Copley are a joy.

Adam Z (br) wrote: Better than the first one.

Curt D (ru) wrote: It is awful. It begins with what may nearly be historical footage but then all Germans are speaking _English_ as well as all of the resistance fighters seeming to be Americans. I had hoped for something like Resident Evil, or Underworld. Poor script, poor acting, it seems very collegiate at best, so if the intent was to vastly underwhelm or to please 12 year olds, then perhaps it is a success.

Josh S (it) wrote: Steve Carell at his best!

Trinity C (ca) wrote: *laughs her ass off and falls off her chair*

Adrian B (nl) wrote: Highly strange documentary that displays the life of Robert Crumb, a comic writer who has a super deranged mind. It seems that Crumb is obsessed with sex with strange creatures, and so he feels that he is obliged to display graphic and disturbing images of nudity in his strips. Interestingly, he has a huge following with his underground comics, even with the women. Such a fascinating documentary, but one perhaps that is memorable for all the wrong reasons, which is of course the intent. Crumb is so peculiar, so creepy, that is it hard to understand how he has a wife and daughter based on his mind. He also comes from such a tragic family, composed of one brother who lived with his family in Los Angeles (and tragically killed himself after the documentary was made); and another brother who was heavily on drugs in San Francisco. He also had sisters who declined to be interviewed for the film. Definitely worth a viewing, even for those who like lesser graphic and more famous comics such as Peanuts or Garfield.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: A wacky vampire tale. One of, if not the first time I saw things like wooden bullets and using synthetic blood and suntan lotion to be out in the sun. Plus Bruce Campbell and David Carradine, how can you go wrong?

Joel A (nl) wrote: The infamous singing gangster musical staring only children & I believe no one in the whole film was over 16 it was truly a 'kids' film.The story of Bugsy Malone's growth in the 20's in NYC but I found it a little dull after a while & I began to feel like it was just musical number after musical number.Jodie makes a screen presence at 13 & is the shifty dame, choreographed well but I felt dragged & a little boring towards the end.

Rae L (au) wrote: Bring some wine, it's a bit cheesy but its fun to watch with a group.We had fun calling out what was going happen next!

Chris G (au) wrote: Brilliant outlet for William's comedy style while also showing the horrors of vietnam.

Isadore H (nl) wrote: The Drop stars Tom Hardy as a quiet, reserved barkeeper at his cousins bar that is being controlled by the local Chechen gang. I really enjoyed the setting of The Drop, rural Boston I think it was, but the film really hit home just how rough and shitty of a place it is to live there. The plot was pretty interesting to me, I was curious to how everything would play out, and the acting by the whole cast was superb. I love Tom Hardy on screen, and he delivered once again a very good performance. I absolutely loved the ending and I have to say, The Drop is a film definitely worth seeing

Olivia O (nl) wrote: I love everything about this movie, except Kathryn Grayson. I'm not sure exactly what it is about her, but I just really don't like her acting and especially her singing.