When a Stranger Calls

When a Stranger Calls

A psychopathic killer terrorizes a babysitter, then returns seven years later to menace her again.

High school student Jill Johnson is traumatized over an evening of babysitting by a caller who repeatedly asks, "Have you checked the children lately?" After notifying the police, Jill is told that the calls are coming from inside the house... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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When a Stranger Calls torrent reviews

Gerardo S (nl) wrote: A dumb movie with a dumb plot and a dumb ending, nothing its ever explained you just need to go with it...

Iain S (jp) wrote: Only on for half an hour but really funny and looks great

Thulio F (it) wrote: Filme no diz para qu veio e trilha sonora atrapalha mais que ajuda

paul k (kr) wrote: Devon Gearhart did such a phenomenal job in "Canvas", I purchased this film when it finally made it to video sight unseen. It is an unusual film. The plot or point of the story is unclear, as it is impossible to tell where this film is going. It seems like a whimsical dreamy like family film, but turns out to be much darker, with a religious twist, and a very moving fantasy moment just before the end. Disappointed on first viewing, I have come to really like the movie on repeated viewings. I just wish the script was a little more revealing and focused. Recommended for the arthouse crowd, of which I am proudly a fan. Devon Gearhart is fine as is his best friend in the film, and of course Will Patton is good as usual.

Kay Y (de) wrote: very good! This film is worth watching for the second times

Alexey F (br) wrote: A passing film on a rewarding topic: a relationship between a homosexual confectioner, who survived the Holocaust, and a beautiful young woman. The woman is beautiful, the confectioner is old and homosexual and has devastating memories, and the story does not need much more than that to push this film up to a film of the month in a European theatre (in fact, it does have slightly more).And it features many cakes.

Joshua O (us) wrote: This seems like one of those movies I

Ola G (kr) wrote: Stefen "Stef" Djordjevic (Tom Cruise) is a high school defensive back who is both gifted in sports and academics seeking a college football scholarship to escape the economically depressed small western Pennsylvania town of Ampipe and a dead-end job and life working at the mill like his father and brother Greg. Ampipe is a company town whose economy is dominated by the town's main employer, American Pipe & Steel, a steel mill struggling through the downturn of the early 1980s recession. The Ampipe football team will by the end of the season meet the undefeated Walnut Heights High School. Ampipe appears headed to win the game, when a fumbled handoff in the closing seconds-as well as Stefen's pass interference penalty earlier in the game-leads to a Walnut Heights victory. Following the game, Coach Nickerson (Craig T. Nelson) lambastes the fumbler in the locker room, telling him he "quit". When Stefen retorts that the coach himself quit, the coach kicks him off the team. In the aftermath, disgruntled Ampipe fans vandalize Coach Nickerson's house and yard. Stefen is present and is a reluctant participant, but is nonetheless seen by Nickerson as the vandals flee. From there, Stefen deals with personal battles, including dealing with the coach blacklisting him among colleges because of his attitude and participation in the desecration of Nickerson's yard and house..."All The Right Moves" is amongst Tom Cruises first movies and he is convincing as Stefen "Stef" Djordjevic who thrives to be a scholar and get out of the grey, small steel mill town he comes from and become something else than his steelworker dad and brother. The coming of age feeling/vibe and the wish to get the hell out of your birth place is easy to relate to, which gives the movie a great sense of realness. I woundt say that this is one of the best 80s high school movies, but theres still a lot of good adolescence drama and everything that comes with it. Even if it feels like they tried to fill in as many boxes as possible. And the ending is quite expected. Craig T. Nelson is good as Coach Nickerson and the same goes for a young and radiant Lea Thompson.

Eric B (nl) wrote: In its own modest way, this is a delightful film. While hardly a cornerstone of Luis Bunuel's amazing catalog, this little-discussed work does display some of the director's hallmarks. As with "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" and "The Exterminating Angel," the lead characters find themselves frustratingly stuck in a loop. There's a tacky staging of a Garden of Eden play that betrays Bunuel's usual cynicism about religion. Similar jabs are taken at capitalism and the Red Scare. And there's another cold, beautiful woman who toys with men's hearts.Two friends, Caireles and Tarrajas, work for a streetcar company. After the management is perturbed that a car is repaired too promptly (it was supposed to be out of commission for a week, you see, so now it must be scrapped altogether to preserve the schedule), the irritated twosome share a drunken night to let off steam. Amid their woozy delirium, they decide to take the contested streetcar ("Number 133") on a joyride.The trouble is, the neighborhood peasants see the car and don't realize it's running unofficially. So they keep demanding rides, and the two pranksters are too good-hearted to ignore the requests. (Seeing the peasants hang cuts of raw meat from the ceiling is another unmistakable Bunuel touch.) The car rumbles along this late-night, makeshift route until Caireles and Tarrajas finally clear the passengers. The two awake among the seats the next morning and, fearful of being charged with theft, immediately drive the car back to its garage. But there's a traffic snarl at the entrance, and they have no choice but to take a second spin around town. Which just brings more passengers. They switch the bus's destination banner to "SPECIAL," hoping this will discourage riders. But this only attracts a teacher awaiting transportation for a class field trip.Such complications persist in a low-key, farcical fashion. Meanwhile, Caireles also strains to conquer the dangerous curves of Tarrajas's sister Lupita, and a retired busybody discovers the hijack and intends to blow the whistle.Despite its cheap production values, "Illusion Travels by Streetcar" has several laugh-out-loud moments (the best: when the car sets course for "SLAUGHTERHOUSE") and is never dull. It's miles better to Bunuel's earlier "Ascent to Heaven" (a structurally similar movie about a bus ride) and deserves more respect. I'll always smile to recall the company bureaucrat's warning: "Too much of anything is detrimental. Even efficiency."

Rosario G (jp) wrote: This film is hard... hard to the core. It is gritty, seedy, subversive, untainted by cinematic stylization, gut wrenching and above all genuine. The highlight of the film, of which not even the hardest of heads can discount, is Harvey Keitel's astounding, balls to the wall no bars hold performance as the "Bad Lieutenant." A man who not only has no name in the film, but is equally as empty inside, degenerative and amoralistic to where one finds it hard pressed whether to hate him or feel immense pity and sorrow--not just for his character, but for the archetype he represents in our society.Another thematic element that brings Bad Lieutenant beyond a character study of a disturbed individual is the element of redemption (particularly of the Christian faith, but an abstraction which spreads to humanity), find salvation in the midst of corruption, turning "bitter semen into fertile sperm" as the raped nun appropriately phrases.Keitel's character piques at the end when he has a most memorable melt down in front of an unflinching image of Jesus Christ. This Christ turns out to be a hallucination which in turn helps him find personal redemption, but whether it is enough to cure his emptiness is highly questionable.Justice is ultimately served on all ends. The film concludes appropriately on a grim note. Director Abel Ferrara outdid himself as did all other cast and crew in this seminal film, arguably one of the darkest gems of the 90's and one of the great cult films of all time.Some are bound to be turned away by its NC-17 amoralistic content and decadence, but accepting this in tandem with the underlying themes of redemption and resolution is what makes this a classic.

Robert B (nl) wrote: I'm getting to old for this shit. LoL, classic

Chris F (us) wrote: Poor pacing and thin plot. The movie seems to gloss over details and barrel through with the thinnest of plot points, like it's checking off a mandatory box so that it can get to the next point.

Charles J (nl) wrote: How many zombie movies can there be?

Greg W (ca) wrote: another of the 'angry young men' series