When a Stranger Calls Back

When a Stranger Calls Back

Julia is babysitting two young kids while a doctor and his wife are out. During the evening, a stranger knocks on the door asking Julia if she can call the auto club so he can get a tow. The phone line is dead though. This is all part of the act as he has made his way inside and abducted the two children.

A young babysitter, all alone in the house with two children asleep above, is bothered by a stranger. Unfortunately, the phone's dead... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacks A (ca) wrote: the end made up4the whole movie

George K (it) wrote: The funniest and most entertaining of the series.

Kyle B (ag) wrote: An interesting unexpected thriller with great performances from Richard Gere, Brit Marling, and Susan Sarandon

Samreen R (fr) wrote: STUPID MOVIE BUT I LIKE IT

Melanie F (fr) wrote: Can't be taken too seriously but is very amusing and fun to watch. A nice "romantic comedy".

Dustin D (mx) wrote: City of God is intense and infuriating. It is a virtuoso work and one of the best gangster films of all time. It's also a film with a message, but never beats you over the head with it. Powerful and enjoyable.

Andhika B (au) wrote: more Morris, Pleaasee

Joel H (fr) wrote: Steve Zahn is the reason I wanted to see this movie - and I felt that there wasn't enough of him, and too much of other characters and plot lines that I didn't care about. Funny in parts, but it was a letdown overall.

Justin A (fr) wrote: One of those movies where the concept was funnier than the execution. None of the bits really worked for me.

Dave A (nl) wrote: Amusing little seen romantic comedy stars Belushi in a role emulating Spencer Tracy. Belushi is a hard nosed Chicago journalist with his thumb on the pulse of corrupt politicians. When his work gets a little too close for comfort and he gets attacked, he's sent off on an assignment to the Rocky Mountains to do a piece on a reclusive bird specialist. Romantic comedy pretty much has all the makings of typical romantic comedies, although with a little more finesse here. Despite dying at too young an age, Belushi proved that he was a solid actor when the time called for it.

Allan C (kr) wrote: "The Bad News Bears" meets "The Dirty Dozen." Rock Hudson is a WWII commando in Italy who, without his unit, teams up with a group of orphaned children to take on the local occupying Nazi forces to blow up a dam. The film is done with all seriousness, though it seems too silly and pulpy to be taken seriously. However, it's reasonably entertaining and you also get a fine Ennio Morricone score.

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Luis G (de) wrote: I barely remember this (telling in itself, eh?); i remember fragments / beautiful images; still the Cocteau I love is a writer - not a director

Hawk (fr) wrote: A lot of critics, I don't think. quite knew what to make of this film: it is hyper over the top. is incredibly dark, yet also steals elements from the video game Mario Kart, and tries to send a message about the private prisons at the same time. It's an interesting matchup, one of which the medium of movies was, I'd argue. tailor made for.. There are some not so great elements at play too including a rather annoying shaky cam, but I could overlook them easily enough.

Graydon B (fr) wrote: A good comedy, memorable cast, story, special effects, quotes, etc! I actually highly recommend this if you haven't seen it!

Emelyn W (gb) wrote: I cannot believe I finished this. Maybe it's because the cable TV only pumped out shit movies like this one (it still does and all good movies have cut scenes!) and there was nothing left to watch. Well at least we know how NOT to punish the kids. It was better to ground them. And if you still decide to make someone babysit, you should really get them insurance in case a madman decides to call and kill everyone at the house. I was wondering, WHY DON'T HE JUST KILL THE DUMB GIRL ALREADY?! STOP RACKING UP YOUR OWN BILLS! And they thought using brunettes as the main will make her less dumb. It makes me jizzed, not afraid to answer the phone now.

Mark C (kr) wrote: Love Daft Punk, but their story just does not make for a terribly interesting documentary.