When Borat Came to Town

When Borat Came to Town

A look at what happened after Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was filmed in the Romanian village of Glod. It follows the life of one girl who longs to escape the poverty as foreign lawyers arrive with the promise of suing 20th Century Fox for millions of dollars.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Romanian,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gypsy,   poverty,   lawyer,  

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When Borat Came to Town torrent reviews

Lora N (fr) wrote: Intriguing subject matter.

Gaspar O (de) wrote: I waited a long time to watch this because I had read somewhere long ago that it sucked. Wow, what a pleasant surprise, and whoever wrote that it sucked...you suck! I don't know if this was Woody's very best performance, but it's definitely right up there. Too bad there aren't a million more real heroes battling Captain Industry. Oh, and Elias Koteas should give Robert De Niro his face back.

Rob B (es) wrote: this film got slumped into the worst of '96 category which i think is very unfair considering how charming the movie is. yes it's not hilarious enough to be a gut-busting bill murray movie, but it was still a nice film. bill plays a motivational speaker who discovers that his father was a clown and had an elephant named vera. bill gets stuck with this elephant as his inheritance and journeys across america to make it to california where vera will be transported overseas for breeding purposes and to begin a new life. the trek across the usa with the elephant was actually entertaining enough as a movie.

m f (ag) wrote: i tried to watch this with an open mind, maybe i lack patience but the story didn't seem to move along, i never bothered to finish watching this movie.

Michael D (ca) wrote: if it weren't nichols' film with meryl and jack (and kevin spacey in his first role), i would probably not like this. but they make it enjoybale even though you don't learn a single new thing from it...

Johnathon W (ag) wrote: Creepy debut picture by Lynch that established his disturbing and sometimes incomprehensible filmmaking. The cast does their job, with the lead actor, Jack Nance, bringing the right mix of strangeness & bewilderment to what is going on. The real star, of course, is writer/director David Lynch, who makes a remarkable but weird debut, feeling the screen with some many strange images, from an alien baby to a woman living in a radiator, you never really know what is going on but will be mesmerized (it helps Lynch keeps the length at 90 minutes). It can often be frustrating, as Lynch never spells out what it all means (a popular theory it is a man's nightmare of becoming a parent) but it is interesting to watch. Like all Lynch films, an acquired taste but for Lynch fans, a great opening meal to his larger career.

Mara B (ca) wrote: Not quite as good as A & C Meet Frankenstein, but still worth watching. The snake charming sequences are a hoot!

Andrew K (us) wrote: this film is long and centimental and about family and friendship

Metaflix I (au) wrote: It's a shame that the phrase 'tour de force' has been used so frequently--and frivolously--with regard to movie reviews, because that's undoubtedly the best way to characterize Quentin Tarantino's second feature film. Few other movies in recent history have been so bold, so provocative, and so compelling. It's a true masterpiece in which Tarantino absolutely demolishes the auspices of a sophomore slump.