When Boys Fly

When Boys Fly

Non-fiction account of three men as they find their place in the Circuit Party Scene.

Non-fiction account of three men as they find their place in the Circuit Party Scene. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sharon K (kr) wrote: Saw this for free and still wanted my money back! One of the most excruciatingly awful movies I have ever seen.

Kris K (kr) wrote: This is a noteworthy piece of British cinema that is too often neglected, perhaps because Gilliat is more renowned for his work as a screenwriter, working beside directorial giants such as Htichcock. While Green for Danger obviously exploits the British public's still very real anxieties after WWII, it does so in a comedic fashion; the comedy, though, differs tremendously from how Gilliat's own comedic touches permeated such Hitchcock narratives like The Lady Vanishes or Lifeboat. In his own adaptation, Gilliat is less successful in fusing the suspenseful, whodunit genre with a social commentary on blitz-ridden Britain, with comedic touches that belie the seriousness not only of his characters' psychological reasonings, but also of his audience's suspension of disbelief. Still, this proves Gilliat's skill at narrative, although his directorial efforts are hardly up to par with the Master. A pretty great whodunit, in all events, that seems a bit dated for its blitz setting, and also a bit too overly nuanced with Alastair Sim's caricature of an aging and self-recriminating detective.

Philip G (us) wrote: Dream team of Rathbone/Bruce make up for the silly WWII propaganda plot. Lionel Atwill's Moriarty was a lot of fun, very much a Bond villain (Fleming's Casino Royale was published a decade later).

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