When Eight Bells Toll

When Eight Bells Toll

In a vein similar to Bond movies, a British agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland.

In a vein similar to Bond movies, a British agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ryan w (nl) wrote: Bad moms had a whole lot of potential. Unfortunately, when you have an all female lead cast reciting a script written by men...and trust me you can tell when this is happening, it just makes you feel disconnected. Such a talented cast that I felt could have done a lot more improv. Cliche endings are expected in this type of plot pattern, but something could have been added to make it more interesting. Overall there are laughs, but in the end it's disposable.

Braden J (fr) wrote: way better than the oroginal. makes no effort to pretend that it's not a bad movie. little longer than it should be, 1 hour 39 min. lost interest around the 20 min before the end. Worth a laugh though.

Coltin L (gb) wrote: This movie so stupid and horrible. I don't even know how they messed it up so bad. The first Cars was funny, this one is disgusting.

Pratick R (gb) wrote: very very long movie, it works great if u watch it as two parts. few parts that pissed me off other were better than i expected overall met my expectation. can anyone recommend me any other good Bollyhood movies something with priyanka chopra and salman khan

Teresa L (mx) wrote: haven't seen, Meat Loaf rocks at anything he does.

Joshua W (jp) wrote: What made me love Bully was it's graphic depictions because they were so senseless. Obvious times throughout the film they say that they don't know what/why, and in a few cases who they were even murdering. The book illustrates the materialistic sides of these teens better than the film: snobby, stupid, bored rich kids. The sex? Two of the girls were prostitutes so the movie was probably tamer than it could've been. It isn't smut because there's importance behind the story and it's accurately portrayed. If Larry Clark wasn't the director, I bet it would be more popular.

Matthew R (it) wrote: Started off on a good note but the predictable and total mood of the film near the end kind of spoiled it for me.

Alex r (au) wrote: Wagons East is an entertaining and underrated film that was the last feature starring John Candy, who died on the set of the film. The film does boast some flaws, but is nonetheless fun, humorous and well acted. Although not as great as other Western comedies, this is a film that still manages to overcome its flaws due to Candy's usually memorable screen presence. Wagons East is not as great as Blazing Saddles, but it manages to be a whimsical comedy that doesn't deserve the flack it has received. Although not the best John Candy film, this is not a bad movie either. In terms of a comedy, this is a humorous picture that definitely should be seen. The cast here are good and aside from John Candy, John C. McGinley is one of the standout aspects of the film as homosexual bookseller Julian. I thought he was very funny in his performance, and I always enjoy McGinley's work no matter what he does. Watching Wagons East, I don't understand all the hatred that the film has garnered upon its release and it definitely is an underrated movie that brings on a few good laughs, an interesting story and a few standout performances. Although it had its fair share of flaws, I quite enjoyed this comedy yarn and it doesn't deserve all the negative reviews it has received. Wagons East is no Blazing Saddles, but it makes a pretty mindless hour and a half of comedic fun that isn't that bad. This is one of those films that are underrated for what it is, and though it is far from the best Western comedy, it's not the worst. If you enjoy John Candy, give this one a shot. Unfortunately this was his final film, but at least he managed to make me laugh one last time with this one.

Kelly P (us) wrote: Gotta see it for Rio.

Brian P (br) wrote: The little kid from "Family Ties" as a killer? Too funny!

Orlok W (ca) wrote: A first rate war movie that has just about something for everyone--The essence of naive heroism, unspoilt!!

Cris B (kr) wrote: I grew up loving this film, forgot about it (although I seemed to remember Samantha the Goose), and then stumbled upon it again while going through a Gary Cooper marathon-of-sorts. I'd forgotten how funny this one is (watch what Coop does with women's garters! The horse-racing scenes! The "silent prayer" comment! And let's not forget those man-hungry sisters!) For a film with serious connotations (Civil War; religious beliefs; ethics and moral values), this is a pleasure to watch. It's a generally simple film, but the suggestions inherent in the themes transcend the plot line. The performances feel genuine and familial; of particular note is a young Anthony Perkins in a sensitive and thoughtful performance.

Sherry M (gb) wrote: Clever take off on fairy tales. Maybe not as funny as I thought it would be.Good, but I liked Monsters Inc more. Shrek more sarcastic. What can you expect with Eddie Murphy in it? Mike Meyers surprisingly good as voice of Shrek. Sounded Scottish. Couldn't recognize Austin Powers at all - thank God.

Helena M (us) wrote: Very average, Meryl Streep and Roy Scheider performed reasonably well, but the story was week.