When in Rome

When in Rome

Teenage sisters Charli and Lola are on the verge of an experience beyond their wildest dreams! Pack your bags and jet off to Rome as the girls start their summer internship working for the legendary Derek Hanson - the totally cool international tycoon whose empire reaches from airlines to cutting-edge fashion. Amid the fabulous sights of this exciting city, the girls do their best to impress their boss, while still finding time to design their own line of very hip clothing, meet some very cute guys and turn their summer abroad into one awesome adventure they - and you - will never forget!

Leila and Charli Hunter are in Rome to participate in a Summer Intern Program. After they begin their jobs, they are immediately fired due to careless mishaps. But Derek Hammond, who owns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


When in Rome torrent reviews

KnightFall H (ca) wrote: Es ms una pelcula sicologica que thriller de miedo.... un poco desconcertante

Peter M (es) wrote: Poor plot, poor acting and downright boring.

JC E (au) wrote: I like Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness). I think he's got charisma and a movie star quality. However, he sometimes picks features that don't let him shine the way he does in 'Star Trek' or even the much-maligned 'This Means War'. This is one of those features. It's probably best that it flew under the radar, despite having Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters) and multi-nominee John Hawkes (The Sessions) amongst the co-stars. It really just plays out like a soap-opera set in some redneck part of Tennessee. I was looking forward to him singing, since he'll be appearing in 'Into the Woods' next year, but there wasn't much to judge his talent on besides one song and a lot of introspective strumming of his guitar. He shows inklings of talent, but is hamstrung by a sappy, but not entirely unlikeable story.

April M (de) wrote: aweh... take it or leave it

Taylorcom (jp) wrote: For a low budget movie, this was pretty well done. I liked the concept but the beginning was a little slow.

Michael H (it) wrote: A movie I'm surprised I haven't heard of, this flick still had an odd sense of justification at some points and a rousing sense of selflessness in others. The dynamic between Ford and Down is, at times, almost laughable; yet somehow, they just barely pulled it off.

Justin T (fr) wrote: A strange mix of love and conman movies. Some laughs are to be had and some tears to be shed.