When in Rome

When in Rome

After fishing out coins from a water fountain in Italy, cynical New Yorker Beth Harper finds herself being wooed by several ardent suitors. As she deals with the attention, Beth tries to figure out whether a charming reporter really loves her.

Disillusioned with romance, Beth, an ambitious New Yorker (Kristen Bell), travels to Rome, where she plucks magic coins from a special fountain, and is then aggressively pursued by a band of suitors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amina A (mx) wrote: original, voire spcial.. j'aime bcp l'ide de l'intro ainsi que du narrateur..l'histoire (ou absence d'histoire) est sans importane, c'est le jeu des acteurs, les dialogues et les clins d'oeil aux spectateurs qui font la force de ce film.

Wrik S (de) wrote: Disconnected Latin American trash

Zaenal A (ag) wrote: kayak keluarga beneran.

Richard H (gb) wrote: Ok this film is beautiful infact so beautiful my thoughts about my graphics teacher stopped momentarily, damn now im thinking about him again I guess hes just as beautiful aswell.

Sandra D (ru) wrote: Bertolucci je pokazao zanimljivu intrigu ljudskih emocija i zamrsenih problema.Kvalitetna muzika, emocionalna napetost, divni kadrovi Rima i atmosfere usamlejnosti i ocaja. Najbolja scena kada Shandurai ocajno place dok joj odvode muza...Vredi pogledati.

Jimmy K (gb) wrote: Two words: Annoying and fantastic. Another Mike Leigh moment.

Ken M (kr) wrote: This movie is unwatchable. It is HORRIBLE!! If you have the option of watching paint dry or watching this movie...choose the paint.

Blake P (mx) wrote: I love Mario Bava. I feel the need to say it, considering how much I didn't like "5 Bambole per la luna d'agosto." He's one of the best horror directors of all time-- no other director of the genre has been able to capture the feel and mood he portrayed. "Black Sunday" and "Kill, Baby, Kill" are among my favorite horror films. So what went wrong here? It's surprisingly easy to see why. Bava has always been said to hugely dislike the film as a whole: after all, the project pretty much was thrown at him, and he thought the script was terrible. In the end, while the film has eye-catching cinematography, and a set of costumes and furniture that remind us why the '60s are such a loved decade, "5 Bambole per la luna d'agosto" fails in part to the writing, most of the acting, and the godawful soundtrack that desperately needs help from Ennio Morricone. Most of all, it's easy to tell that Bava isn't as eager to create a melodic picture, like always. The film revolves around a group of people getting together on an island, to get a full view of Professor Fritz Farrel's (William Berger) new chemical process, that may up being revolutionary. The men that arrive, who include ruthless businessman George Stark (Teodoro Corr), the chic Nick Chaney (Maurice Poli), and playboy Jack Davison (Howard Ross) all hope to get their paws on Farrel's discovery. Yet, considering this is [supposedly] Italian horror, it's the women that are much more interesting. Perhaps the most is attractive sexpot Marie (Edwige Fenech) who is the wife of Nick, Jill (Edith Meloni), George's abused spouse, Peggy (Helena Ronee), Jack's bimbo wife, Trudy (Ira von Furstenberg), Fritz' cold spouse, who had an affair with Jill in the past, and the enigmatic Isabel (Ely Galleani), who has a connection to no one. What starts as a fun little vacation of a get-together turns into a blood bath, as each of the guests are mysterious picked off one by one. It's hard not suspect nearly everyone, as they all have motive. "5 Bambole per la luna d'agosto" is put in the giallo category, but it's hard to say so. Where's the black-gloved killer? The graphic deaths? It's all basically PG compared to most of the films in the category. It could only be considered a member of the sub-genre thanks to Fenech's presence, or the fact that it's a murder mystery. But most likely, it's because it's the debut of Fenech, who would later become known as the "queen of giallo" due to her many collaborations with Sergio Martino. But let's face it-- this film is no "Bird with the Crystal Plumage", and Fenech isn't given enough screen-time to do anything flashy. In the meantime, it's hard to root for these characters, not just because they're selfish, but they seem to not care about who lives or who dies-- if they appear to, it's nearly an act. They stick the corpses in a freezer as if it's no big deal, not willing to mourn because it wastes their time. "5 Bambole per la luna d'agosto" is supposed to be a riff on Agatha Christie's charming whodunit, "And Then There Were None," but this film isn't charming and not much of an exciting whodunit. The final twist isn't as shocking as it should be, and that's a disappointment. Well actually, the whole film is.

Justin J (us) wrote: C+Don't hate me but I actually enjoyed this raunchy girls night out comedy.